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About Wood Burning Pens

Pyrography Pens, A Wide Price Range

The truth is wood burning pens are available in a very wide range of prices. This means almost anyone can afford to purchase one of these tools. However there is a great distinction between the quality of the tools as the price increases. This should not be a discouragement for anyone wishing to learn the craft of pyrography.


A Comparison of Pyrography Pen Styles

All wood burning pens available today have elemental thoughts to consider. The most important one being your comfort zone. A good pen should feel right in your hand. The hand grips on different pens are different in size. they are also insulated different. The insulation is a factor to consider along with your comfort.

I purchased a very inexpensive pen many years ago because I had little cash. I can be honest in saying I bought a very cheap pen and it was a very poor quality. The insulator was a piece of cork that got dry and brittle. Another ceramic insulator near the tip cracked within a few months and before long the heat from the tool caused the crack to get worse and it eventually broke. This pen was dangerous to say the least.

$20. Will Buy A Starter Pen

Think about where you are going with the craft before you purchase a pen. The less expensive models are best suited to the novice pyrographer. I suggest this for two reasons. The first being a matter of frugality. It is best to decide if you are going to enjoy this craft before spending a bunch of money on equipment. It is better to start out investing a small amount of money and advancing to a more costly pen model when you know you need it.

A decent pen with a point that has an interchanging tip head can be found for $20. at almost any good craft store. Extra points cost just a couple bucks depending on a single purchase or a variety pack. These pens have a screw in head. All you need is a pair of pliers to change the point. This kind of pen is the most popular pen available. The difference in the low end pen and a more expensive one is the temperature. The $20. model only has one temperature.

Advanced Wood Burning Pens

The higher end pyrographer pens have heat controls. This is probably the biggest difference in the expensive model and the cheaper pens. This changes the speed in which a project can be finished. You will not be waiting on the pen to burn dark enough before moving the point.

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The ability to turn the tool to high gives the pen much more power to burn deep, fast. It also allows the artist to turn the temperature down very low when needed. This makes a more expensive pen a highly versatile tool.


Laura on April 04, 2015:

I purchased a wood burning pen freon Walmart in December 2014. It was $13 and came with 6 different tips. I absolutely love it. It was a great tool to start with. I've made around 10 cutting boards for family and friends. My next purchase is going to be a pen with an adjustable heat source. Can't wait!

mdlawyer on April 08, 2011:

Wood burning pens! Interesting.

83entrepreneur on April 05, 2011:

I didn't know they made wood burning pens, I had a kit from walmart when i was young and I did good, didn't have a pen though. Got to give them a try.

Luis E Gonzalez from Miami, Florida on April 05, 2011:

This brought back memories. My parents gave me one many years ago,and I remembered how much I enjoyed using it. I will probably get one and try it again.


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