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A Pandemic Idea: Coconut Shell Made Into a Facemask, a Unique Way of Maximizing Availability of Materials

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Cynthia is an Elementary grade teacher up to the present. As part of her activity is to write articles that interest her.


Ordinary people finds the cheapest way to be protected from corona virus.

Poor old man wears coconut shell as face mask to protect himself.

Protective face mask are on high demand due to covid-19/ corona virus pandemic. Variety of face mask are available from simple bandana face mask to N95 mask. Over the past few months, many people are already using alcohol, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and face masks to protect themselves against corona virus disease, which is spreading all around the world. But to some specially those who are less fortunate cannot afford to buy one. According to some Doctors coconut shell mask maybe helpful but face masks is still be recommended.

But the idea of making coconut shell into face mask can be unique in its value. Imagine yourself being separated from the rest of the modern world and experiences hand to mouth living and you have no other choices because of the pandemic, how could you manage to survive? Besides being artistic and imaginative in nature as human, it takes every opportunity and availability to take the move. Saving one's life is a priority. Survival in today;s world is the essence of living. Being creative is an initiative. Be the worst or be the best to survive.

As of taking into consideration the worst among the worst, wearing a ,lets say, 'non-acceptable " material like the coconut shell as protection against the virus, would it be alright? Would it be discriminated? Would I have a common sense to do it ?

The idea of turning coconut shell into face mask from this less fortunate person ,is not bad at all, I may say. It could be a possible way to keep himself from the virus which is rapidly increasing in their community, or taking advantage of what is readily available. or at least he is applying creativeness in the best way he can to be different form the rest.

Aside from being initiative , he is trying hard to consciously follow the strict protocol for protection and survival, not knowing the risk of it. His only idea was to protect himself. His way of survival spotted when someone considers it unique in nature.And uniqueness could be safe one or it could be risky.

What is the importance of coconut tree?

The coconut palm is one of the most beautiful and useful trees in the world. It supplies food,drink and shelter and also supplies raw materials to number of industries intimately connected with domestic as well as economic life.

Coconut shell is an agricultural waste and is available in plentiful quantities throughout tropical countries worldwide. This agricultural waste is used for purification and for making charcoal.

The coconut has a thick fibrous husk surrounding a single-seeded nut. A hard shell encloses the insignificant embryo with its abundant endosperm, composed of both ‘meat’ and liquid.

Coconut is very important for the people who live in the tropical areas because of its various uses. The people like to take the coconut water because of its delicate taste.

What are Coconut Shells are good for?

The coconut shell has uses too, and finding ways to re-purpose coconut shells you've got left over can prove an Eco-friendly way to create a few things for around the house that help you out.

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1. Coconut shells are good for containers. Small items like trinkets and treasures can be kept inside.

2. Plant holder. You can grow a small plant in the coconut shell.

3. Bird feeder. Turn into a hanging bird feeder by drilling some holes at even spaces

4. Children;s crafts. Children can use their imagination to turn coconut shell into heads, faces, toys, decorations or anything that takes their fancy.

5. Basket. Just add heavy string or light rope to form a hanging handle.

6. Natural candle holder.

7. Bowl. As a bowl, the shell can hold anything you like.

8. A face mask. You can use your own fancy by being creative.

Can you eat coconut shell?

You can find the shell of the coconut inside the fibrous husk. It is brown and hard and holds the coconut meat and the water. However,the coconut shell is inedible and cannot be eaten . It can be used for charcoal, jewelry and trinkets.

As of today's ideal way to escape from the pandemic is taking care of one;s health standard. Being clean in every aspect. Health awareness and strictly follow heath standards and protocol could be a saving step for oneself ,for ones's family and for the rest of humanity that encounters today's pandemic.

© 2020 Cynthia


CG on September 19, 2020:

Nice article .it is indeed a great idea for this pandemic.

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