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7 Principles of Design

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art principles of design

There are 7 principles of design that are the language of creating, defining & understanding art.

  7. UNITY

The 7 Elements of Art are the language of art, while the 7 Principles of Design are the fundamental facets of art composition. Knowing and appreciating the Principles of design are essential for the creation of successful visual expression. By utilizing the Elements and Principles, an artist can accurately portray the intended visual concept. It also gives one the ability to accurately discuss an artwork by identifying those structural elements that were used in the creation of the artwork.


The Principles of Design are the building blocks of artwork. Much like the construction of a building, you first have a foundation, then you add walls, windows, doors - PIECES PARTS. For example, to add emphasis, variety and unity to an artwork, you can add pattern, rhythm, contrast, etc. to create a cohesive and successful piece of art. Knowing and comprehending these principles, one can more easily have an informed and interpretive discussion about other artwork.


ms crif on September 15, 2014:

i a;so do agree having kids daw as much as hey can in thee free time

DCgrafx (author) from Monetta, SC, USA on October 16, 2011:

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I agree - I encourage all of my students to draw every day! The ability to draw IS the most crucial ability every artist requires. Thank you for the comments... And congrats on finding a job doing what you love!

Scarlet davis on October 16, 2011:

Mawmaw this web-site is amazing!!!! i love you!!! :* :)

mr.natural1976 from three rivers,CA on October 14, 2011:

great post...i majored in visual communications and you reiterated what is absolutely crucial in visual development with the exception of one key element...drawing.sound draftsmanship and an eye for unusual design will land you that next job...i landed a gig just by sketching people in a coffee bar randomly and impressed a client with my ability to draw that he offered me some work on the,eugene.

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