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5 ways to Paper Flower Crafting

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Clockwise from top left: Classic rose-1, hydrangeas, cabbage rose and classic rose-2.

Clockwise from top left: Classic rose-1, hydrangeas, cabbage rose and classic rose-2.

I started having this flowery craft passion after seeing all the beautiful scrapbooking layouts done by others. Of course, we could take the easier option of buying ready-made flowers, but they are not cheap and might not be in the pattern paper or colour we want. There are many flower tutorials on the website but I decide to go for the 3-Dimensional Flower class organised by scrap-n-crop on the 26th December 2011 because I fell in love with the card and layout samples displayed on the website.

In this class, I learnt how to make the classic rose, cabbage rose and hydrangeas. These flowers were made using die-cut machines and punchers. My teacher is an enthusiastic Malaysian card and wedding guest book crafter who has been featured in a local newspaper.

Classic rose -1

Classic rose -1

Classic rose -2

Classic rose -2

Cabbage rose

Cabbage rose

1. Die-cut machines

This is the most expensive way to craft flowers but is also the most versatile and efficient way of making flowers. It is expensive because firstly, you need to buy die-cut machine, then you need to buy the dies which is quite expensive as well. With this said, you may want flowers with different petals, leaves with different shapes. No doubt however, you would get the flowers and leaves cut-off perfectly.

This machine is versatile because it not only can be used to cut paper, but it can cut through felt and chipboards as well. It would definitely save time too, as you would not need to cut the flowers out one-by-one.

Investing in a die-cut machine for flower making will be worth the money if you are someone who does a lot of flower crafting and will be using only specific dies. However, for someone like myself, whom have some many craft ideas which I want to try, I might only use the machine on a few times and it would be so wasteful having it sit around the house redundant. My advice to someone new to crafting is to try the other techniques first, when you decide to be a serious flower crafter, you could consider investing in this.


2. Punchers

There are cheap and expensive punchers, but being me, I go for the cheap ones because they seem to function exactly the same as the more expensive one. You will be amazed by how 1 puncher can create a few types of flower. You could get yourself 2 punchers, 1 small and 1 big to create flower layering. It can be very time consuming and more difficult cutting those little flower with scissors, hence, investing in a puncher would be worth it.


3. Free online templates

Buying something expensive, you will get your heart broken and a hole in your pocket. Buy something you want at a reasonable price, you will feel satisfied, Buying something on discount or sale, you will feel happy and crazy at the same time. But getting it free, this is the best feeling. There are free templates all over the internet, all we need to do is search for it and it is as easy as a click of a button. The only extra step from the first 2 techniques is, you need to cut your own flower shapes.

As my printer is not able to print on thick papers, I will cut out the flower shape and stick it onto a thick paper, then cut out the flower shape again. The flower shape I cut out will be used as a mould. It could be then traced onto any paper I want to use on in future.


4. Tracing from flower shape items

You might already have a flower shaped box, container or cookie cutter, you could use them and trace onto the paper you want to use. You could also do the same as the third technique by have a paper mould for future use.

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5. Free-hand cutting

All you need from this is a paper and a scissors. You could get yourself the scissors which you can cut wavy and curvy lines, this would give your flower more shape. All you need to do is to cut a circle, then cut it spiral towards the center, leaving a circular face to place the flower. The thickness does not need to be precise, just a rough estimate will do.


lilingz (author) from Malaysia on February 02, 2012:

Making a butterfly mini album for her end of this month :)

lulu on February 02, 2012:

I think there cute paper flowers that you could make for your mom.

natures47friend from Sunny Art Deco Napier, New Zealand. on February 02, 2012:

Very creative, thank you for sharing this idea. Up and interesting!

lilingz (author) from Malaysia on January 31, 2012:

That would make them behave too :)

Brett C from Asia on January 30, 2012:

Cheap and fun crafts, would be great for entertaining kids too!

Thanks for SHARING.

lilingz (author) from Malaysia on January 30, 2012:

Happy to be of help.

worksmart18 on January 30, 2012:

thanks for the instruction. It will be useful for school art and craft project.

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