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5 Ways Knitting Can Help with Pregnancy Discomfort

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Having a baby can be a great blessing. However, pregnancy can take a toll on a woman as she prepares to give birth to a precious baby boy or girl.

Pregnancy symptoms can be quite overwhelming and quite bothersome for some soon-to-be mothers. Finding ways to naturally relieve your discomfort is a positive alternative to beating your head against the wall! :)

Just keep the prize or rather the precious cargo in mind and you will know it is all worth it!

Ease your pregnancy discomfort by knitting!

It's important to find comfort during the rough spots of pregnancy!

It's important to find comfort during the rough spots of pregnancy!

Some women may experience little to no discomfort during their pregnancy. Of course, its possible to have zero symptoms of pregnancy or to experience little unpleasant side effects. That would be a true joy to many ladies!

In the past, hobbies that involved needlework were not considered to be hobbies but rather they were necessary jobs. Those who participated in these jobs made clothing, blankets and other needed items for the house.

Today, knitting and crocheting are usually done for the joy of the hobby. However, some have learned there are reasons other than pleasure to participate in the art of needlework.


For example, did you know that knitting and crocheting can have many positive health benefits? Taking up one of these hobbies may even help someone who is pregnant and suffering from a variety of unpleasant symptoms.

Some knitters have begun selling their finished projects or even the patterns they designed. Check out etsy if you don't believe me! It is basically full of beautiful homemade goodies! You can get caught up for hours and hours just exploring the gorgeous art on there.

Free Online Knitting Patterns

Ready to start knitting? You can find thousands of free knitting patterns, how-to videos, stitches (which you can put together to make your own patterns), and so much more.

There is even a HUGE knitting community - in person at MEETUPS at a location near you, on hundreds of specific forums and other group, and on Ravelry, the most popular knitting and crocheting community online.


All About Ravelry

Ravelry has even more than just the most popular needlework community; it has thousands of free patterns, information about needles, hooks, yarn, and other accessories, profiles of the most famous knitting or crocheting gals, and well, you should check it out, because words don't do it justice!

Scared of giving them your email? Don't worry! It's free and they won't stuff your email. Just sign up with a username and password that you will remember. They probably just don't want a bunch of goof-offs playing around the site without at least going thru one step.

By the way, I don't get a commission or anything if you join; I just know it's a great site for knitters who are looking for specific patterns. They have an awesome search directory that helps you find the pattern you want by entering as much detail as you need.

Tell me about your experience with ravelry in the comments!

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Check out even MORE free knitting patterns!

Need some free baby patterns?

Of course, each woman varies in the pregnancy symptoms she experiences. Do you need help with any of these issues right now? If so, consider needlework, and read ahead about how it can help you.



On bed rest? Need a distraction besides Netflix? Try knitting! By keeping your hands and your attention busy you won’t have much room to focus on the discomforts of pregnancy.


When you have symptoms like nausea or gas that you cannot do anything about, knitting or crocheting can prove to be a great distraction.

Maybe you are complaining to yourself too much about something you can’t fix. If so, try making a game out of knitting. Tell yourself that you won’t complain about the irritating symptom until you are done knitting 10 more rows. Get creative and have fun with it!


Knitting can keep you busy as you must focus on making your project in the correct way. The nice thing about knitting is if you make a mistake you can just rip it out and start over. By staying busy you can avoid thinking about your discomfort.


Stay mellow by knitting. It’s important to not be engulfed with stress when you are pregnant. Knitting can help you focus your mind and your hands as you stitch your way into a beautiful little project. So, stay calm and give it a try! When you have a discomfort, try to relax and not think about it for a while.

Find stress relief during pregnancy.


Maybe your hormones are driving you crazy, or maybe you are just very annoyed by certain things. Do you have unwanted visitors all the time? Boy, that would be annoying! Whip out a knitting project you love and get to work.

Focus on that as they grill you with unwanted questions or banter. You can just unleash your annoyance on those knitting needles. Knitting is a great way to just calm down when you need to.


Having fun by knitting or crocheting can increase your endorphins which can make you happy.

It can be quite enjoyable to knit. It’s like meditation; you can get a rhythm going as you gain a momentum in the project you are working on.


The unexpected effects of knitting

Sense of Accomplishment

By learning a new skill like this and eventually even mastering it, you can gain a sense of accomplishment.

Don’t have anyone to brag to about your finished knitting project? Create baby clothes for your future bundle of joy! Who cares what people think?!? Seeing your baby in the clothes and accessories you made will surely give you that sense of accomplishment then! What an extraordinary model he or she will be!

Each time you finish a project or learn a new knitting or crocheting stitch you will gain that satisfaction.

Getting Started with the Knitting Basics

Things You Need to Learn in Order to Start Knitting

 Skill to Learn

Step 1

Tie a slip knot

Step 2

Cast on

Step 3

Knit (and Purl) stitch

Step 4

Bind off

Step 5

Weave in the ends

Lower your stress level by knitting!

While there is an endless supply of benefits that needlework can provide, these are just a few. It’s always best to seek your doctor’s advice before doing anything.

Pregnancy can take a toll, but it is well worth it in the end. Holding that beautiful bundle of joy will make all of the discomfort you experienced during your pregnancy well worth it.

For more knitting fun, check out my knitting blog...


Dianna Mendez on May 11, 2018:

I crochet and find it very relaxing and it does relieve stress. I agree this is a wonderful therapeutic activity for expectant mothers.

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