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20 How to draw trees instructions for kids - Step by step

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After pretty good success of my previous article 25 how to draw instructions for kids using letters i have come up with easy step by step drawing tutorial of trees for children. Whenever we think of a drawing of landscape or scenery or even a city scene drawing or garden scene drawing or it is just a house drawing we always draw trees. In schools also topics live save earth, save environment, earth day topics are mostly given during art competitions. So kids must learn how to draw various types of trees which they can easily use in their compositions. I have tried to make simple compositions also using these trees which will help kids more in finally applying the trees onto the scenery.

How to draw simple geometrical shape trees using triangle

Using triangle as the base shape -

1. Level - very easy, for small kids.

Draw a big size triangle or a thin triangle,

Draw the trunk, draw small trunk for big triangle and long trunk for thin triangle.

2. Level - easy - for small kids,

Draw 3 same size triangles as seen in the image.

Rub the in between sleeping lines.

Add the trunk part.

Draw some simple compositions as seen in the image to practice these trees.

How to draw a Christmas Trees

There are 2- 3 ways for different age groups to draw Christmas trees-

Draw a big triangle as we did earlier,

Draw a small trunk beneath,

Draw zig zag lines on both the right and left sides and also on the bottom sleeping line of the triangle, zig zag here needs to be a little slanted,

Rub off the triangle lines,

Decorate it by drawing ribbons, balloons, toffees, bells etc,

See the second image for 2 more variations on how to draw Christmas trees.

How to draw simple tree using circle shape

1 way -Draw a circle, color it green and add trunk color it brown,see the image,

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2nd way - Draw a circle, draw bushes around this circle, draw trunk, add grass. see image.

3rd way -Draw a circle,

Draw 2 small circles down and on both the sides of this big circle,

Draw bushes over the circle lines, rub off extra lines, clean the drawing,

Add wide trunk with branches, follow the image to learn how to add branches.

Draw simple compositions using these same trees.

How to draw banana tree

Understanding the leaves of banana tree is a must for this tree drawing.

See the image of how to draw a leaf of banana tree,

Here draw the trunk part first, trunk will be drawn in 4-6 section, small to big size,

Draw 5- 6 curve lines coming out of the tree trunk, this will be center line of the leaves,

Draw the leaves,

Draw banana bunch as seen in the image.

How to draw coconut trees

There 3-4 ways you can draw coconut trees. These are my favorites and i love to include this in most of the scenery, the change you can do is on the leaves and trunk part.

Draw the trunk part first by making two slightly curve lines,

Add spider kind of 5-6 lines for the stems,

Add leaves to each stem, draw them as if they are falling down,

Add few coconuts on the tree and may be few on the surface.

Tree trunk can be drawn like criss cross or long and short lines or leave it plain.

Leaves can also be shown either each one separate or just the boundary with small cuts in between as seen in the images.

The second goes well for small kids who find it difficult to draw leaves separately.

How to draw a banyan tree

Banyan tree has long roots with big size trunk and bushy on the top, but quite easy to draw.

Draw two lines at an appropriate distance and keep you lines a little shaky,

Complete the extended roots at the floor,

Show 2-3 branches going left and right,

Draw one bid oval at the top with a very light pencil,

Now draw shaky line all around the oval and add some in between,

Draw some roots falling down the tree.


How to draw a dry tree

Well this one looks very good in paintings, but i have to keep it simple for children.

Draw two lines like a middle branch extended till the trunk ends.

Add 5 more branches as seen in the image,

Further add single stems on previously drawn branches.

The second image shows a much complicated dry tree with lots of branches added to it.

How to draw a bamboo tree

To draw a bamboo tree,

Draw 4 parallel lines,

Draw small cuts in between,

Draw 3-4 leaves in groups coming out of the stems,

Draw few lines inside each section of bamboo.

How to draw a tree with detailed leaves

To draw this,

First draw the trunk and lots of branches added to it , just like a dry tree,

These branches must be cleanly drawn,

Now draw small leaves of each branch,

Draw these leaves in the same direction as the branch is moving or falling.

How to draw a simple tree - Hand shaped branches

To draw the trunk part just look at your hand, and draw the trunk part resembling your hand, see the image,

Tree trunk will be little wide here as in the banyan tree,

Draw four circles at the top, make each of the circle bushy and erase all the unwanted circle lines.

How to draw a pine tree

Draw a long trunk and dry branches,

Draw a triangle around the branches,

Add leafy bushes all around each branch.

How to draw straight trees

Very easy to draw as it can be seen in the image,

Just draw a trunk and an eye shape for the bushes,

Convert the bushes lines into cloud shape.

Draw a nice simple perspective using these trees.


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