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10 Neon Aesthetic Images, Inspiration and Ideas To Inspire You: The Ultimate List


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Looking for neon aesthetic inspiration? In this list, we're going to take a look at some of the most stunning neon aesthetic imagery, ideas and inspiration there is! Hopefully it'll help inspire you for your crafting, bullet journaling, or just in general, for no matter what!

The neon aesthetic is perhaps one of the most beautiful aesthetics there is, featuring hazy light, kaleidiscopic color, and smoke-filled cityscapes. It can also include neon lights, LED-lit rooms and so much more. We're going to take a look at some beautiful ideas to help you make use of this imagery, so let's get started! Whether you're looking to decorate your walls, or want to create some neon aesthetic bullet journal layouts, you're sure to gain some inspiration here hopefully!


What You Can Do With Neon Aesthetic Images

There are so many possibilities when it comes to neon aesthetic imagery, and we're going to cover some of these here.

  • Add photos to your wall: For some bedroom decoration, nothing beats decorating your walls with cute photos! I'm a huge fan of this! Of course, you can also add washi tape for this, for extra effect.
  • Bullet journaling: The neon aesthetic would look amazing in a bullet journal! You could add imagery to your bullet journal or create a whole theme or layout inspired by this amazing aesthetic!
  • Add an image to your phone's lockscreen: Motivational neon signs and other neon imagery would look amazing for your phone's lockscreen!

1. Neon Cityscape As A Polaroid

Neon cityscapes are a huge part of the neon aesthetic; they've really risen in popularity over the last few years online, and are usually edited with glitch effects to enhance the coolness factor.

The neon cityscape shown below embodies the neon aesthetic so perfectly; with its hazy lights, glowing skyscrapers and vehicles in the distance, it has all the hallmarks of a stunner.

You could make use of the image above by creating a cool polaroid and adding it to your bullet journal or wall! You could print several of these, all with different effects and filters, in order to recreate a haunting neon aesthetic effect! Walls won't look the same with neon aesthetic polaroids added to them, that's for sure!

Nothing beats a polaroid with a neon aesthetic image!

Nothing beats a polaroid with a neon aesthetic image!

2. Try Combining Washi Tape With Images To Enhance The Neon Aesthetic

When decorating your walls, scrapbooks or bullet journals, another great crafting tip is to add some washi tape to images in order to enhance the aesthetic overall. Geometric patterns such as polka dot washi tape and so forth work very well! I would recommend adding pastel aesthetic washi tape too; these usually comprise of geometric patterns with a pastel color, or solid pastel colors. Combined with the neon imagery, the pastel tones would combine beautifully!

You'll find an example which demonstrates this, the subtle pink and beige tones look beautiful in combination with the neon imagery provided. Of course, you could also try out so many other combinations, so make sure to experiment and get as creative as you can!


3. Neon Blue

If you're also a fan of the blue aesthetic, which features ... you guessed it, blue colors and shades of the mysterious color, then this image provides just that! It combines both the blue and neon aesthetic to recreate a hauntingly stunning effect.

With neon signs displayed in a vertical manner, the words are ice blue in their appearance, and so truly beautiful to look at!


4. Neon Icecream

This neon icecream would look great for crafting, bullet journaling, or adding to your wall! There are so many places which could be in need of this super cute image, that's for sure!

I absolutely adore the sleek, neon design as well as the lovely glow this neon sign emits. With it's almost delicate ambience, the glow is certainly nothing short of stunning!

You could print a polaroid of this to add to your bedroom wall, or even search for neon ice cream signs to add to your walls too!


5. Try Combining Gradients with Neon Images

For an artistic and cool touch, try combining gradients along with neon aesthetic imagery. It'll definitely increase the coolness factor by quite a significant amount, that I can say!

Identify the main colors in the images you're hoping to add to your bullet journal or wall, and then create gradients using those colors. Or you could generate gradients using Inixia's gradient generator and then add these to your collages.

In the example below, you'll see a combination between warm gradients and the neon imagery added. The orange and pink gradients are almost reminiscient of a golden sunset, and give an incredibly retro feel to the design. Combine this with the neon aesthetic images and you're in for an amazing design!

You could print out your own gradients and add them to your bullet journals. Or you could purchase gradient washi tape, which features one color seeping into another hue, would definitely recommend trying those washi tapes out if you're interested in recreating this effect!


6. Rainbow Effect

You could combine rainbows and other light dispersion effects with your imagery for an amazing atmosphere also! Combining the neon aesthetic along with cityscapes, neon sign imagery and smoke-filled ambience photos can really look amazing, and I'd encourage you to try it out!

For example, during bullet journaling, you could print out some imagery and create your own polaroids, then fasten these polaroids to your layouts with washi tape!

Several popular photo editors for Android and iOS also offer glitch effects, and also add cool rainbow effects to images too, so make sure to try out glitch effects with your default photo editor, and you'll get some interesting and kaleidiscopic results!


7. A Collage To Inspire You!

If you're looking for ideas, sometimes creating collages can be a great way to do so! Grouping images of a similar theme together can help bring out the best qualities from each image, and overall, help you recreate cool and interesting combinations. You might notice particular colors which stand out more, or ambiences that work well together.

In the collage below, I've compiled some free imagery which contains beautiful elements of the neon aesthetic. I'd definitely recommend you try creating some collages in your crafting and bullet journaling too!

For your journaling, you could combine mini images together in a layout. Or try creating a collage which features many neon aesthetic images. You could try combining neon cityscapes, hazy light art photos and glitchy city photos together, for example!

A neon aesthetic collage to inspire you!

A neon aesthetic collage to inspire you!

8. Pastel Highlighters Work Great

If you're hoping to combine pastel highlighters with neon images, this would also work fantastically too! You can usually find pastel highlighters in supermarkets and art supplies stores, since they're hugely popular these days! However, if you can't seem to find any, then you're definitely sure to find sets online, so make sure to take a look on Amazon for pastel highlighters.

You could try adding gentle orange, lemon yellow and macaron pink shades to your bullet journaling through pastel highlighters.

In short, the neon aesthetic and pastel highlighters work beautifully together, and I'd definitely recommend combining them for a super cool effect!


9. Focus On Color Schemes

When incorporating the neon aesthetic into your bullet journals and scrapboooking, or as wall decorations, you'll need to ensure that you focus on color schemes to create an effective collection. The best way to avoid images clashing is by adding images that artistically look well together. For example, images of the blue aesthetic would look beautiful together, and there's an example of this shown in the next image below.

You could also combine purple aesthetic images together to create a lovely, almost cosmic ambience. Nothing beats a violet and cosmic ambience in a room!

You'll find another example in the tenth and final tip, where images from the pink aesthetic are grouped together. Combined with some geometric washi tape, they look great together I must say!

The images as a group look beautiful together, since they all embody the blue aesthetic!

The images as a group look beautiful together, since they all embody the blue aesthetic!

10. Spread Some Positivity

Neon aesthetic images also spread infectious positivity with their feel-good messaging and motivational words.

The signs below embody so much optimism and positivity, the words featured on the signs are infectious in their feel-good factor. You could use images like this for bullet journaling, scrapbooking and so much more! Or, you could decorate your walls with this fabulous image. If you want to motivate yourself further, you could also add it as your phone's lockscreen background too, why not? I've always been a fan of adding motivational imagery to my lockscreen, it helps me start my day better!

Some feel-good neon signs if I ever saw any!

Some feel-good neon signs if I ever saw any!

Thanks for reading!

I hope that you've found some great inspiration in this guide to help you recreate the neon aesthetic in your crafts, or bullet journaling, or just to inspire you in general! The neon aesthetic is truly one of my favourite aesthetics there is, filled with hazy lights, neon ambience and beautiful, kaleidiscopic color, there's nothing quite like it!

If you have any comments or suggestions, make sure to let me know in the comments section below, I'd be truly delighted to hear your thoughts!

What are your favourite types of neon aesthetic imagery? Do make sure to let me know in the comments section below, as I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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