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10 Crafts to Make With Book Covers

Bring your favorite books back to life by revamping their covers. And if you don't have books but love the ideas, head out to your local thrift store or yard sale for some.

1. Headboard

Glue (prefer hot glue) all the covers together and get creative with your design.
If you don't like the colors of the ones you have, simply paint them.

2. Secret Shelf

Using a small box that fits into your shelf, glue book spines on box sides, leaving open side uncovered. Great place to hide your valuables, or your "piece" of mind.

3. Cell Phone or Tablet Holder

Add elastics to hold down the corners of your phone or tablet or glue down a pocket from fabric like from an old pair of jeans. You won't be able to see the screen this way but if will protect it.

4. Framed Cover

Great idea for a child's room or if you have a beautiful book cover you love, just frame it like you would any picture. Place it under glass.

TIP: It doesn't have to be a hard cover book. You may have a really cool and colorful book you love in paperback, which is even easier to use.

5. Photo Frame

Please follow instructions on the picture. It will be tricky to cut out the square if you use an X-ACTO. You'll have to keep cutting away depending on the thickness of the cover.

6. Purse

You'll need to buy a handle unless you have an old purse you don't like you can take handles off. Glue a pocket on the inside.

TIP: Embellish with rhinestones or lace, ribbons, flowers, etc. Personalize it.

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7. For our router or cable box

Great idea for hiding the boxes. It will look like a book and those annoying flashing lights won't show.

8. Book Safe

Cut away all the pages of the book using your X-ACTo, leaving only the cover, then hot glue some fabric or cardboard on the inside to keep the pages together. Then paint the inside.

9. Canvas

You can use the outside cover or the inside. Either way, book covers make great canvas for painters. If you cut them in half, you have two pieces to work on and a great size to ship too. Attach a hook to the back for hanging or place under glass and frame.


Cut off the spine, attach tassels or ribbon and you have a unique bookmark Remember you can use paperbacks as well. If you know the persons' favorite book, this would be a cool gift for the reader in your family.



Rosana Modugno (author) from USA on December 15, 2012:

Thanks again. I used books for painting when I was younger...cheaper than canvas.

carol stanley from Arizona on December 15, 2012:

Some clever ideas here with bookcovers. Going to bookmark this for future use. Thanks for sharing all this.

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