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why you should have a dog


Why you should have a dog

Congratulations! You've decided to get a dog. Dogs are so cute and funny that they're some of the most popular pets in the world. If there's more to life than dogs, please tell everyone but it's only at day 3 of owning a puppy that most brand new dog owners begin asking themselves just what on earth have got into their muddled head?

Puppies are so cute and funny

Puppies are so cute and funny that they get our attention instantly, from day one. I bet we all had the same puppy as an infant, and just like that they were cute as can be, and had a little "motor" for a change. It wasn't until the time we got them home that the true responsibilities of having a dog for a pet began.There are many Puppies breed The following are the top 8 weeks of why you should have a dog:

We all love our children, or at least we should love them, and that includes puppy love. When a puppy is brought home, the family must come up with a very effective method to teach the puppy that it is not acceptable to chew on things, even if those things are plastic plates, and even if they are on the floor, then it must be the child's responsibility to take the puppy outside. One way this can be accomplished is by having the puppy sit in a harness that has the leash connected to it. As the puppy sits, the trainer must gently push on the leash, telling the puppy in a firm, yet comforting voice that he or she needs to sit and that if they move, the leash will be yanked tight and they will have to stop

Remember the little toddler who could stop an hour ago? Well, you should have a dog as the toddler starts training too. These are attention spans that will start fading away very quickly if you have a dog as a companion for the first year. If you do not start training your new puppy immediately, then chances are good that by the time your puppy is one-year-old, you will have forgotten what it was like to not have a dog. Dogs are not always as well behaved as we want them to be, but most dogs are.

Dog training is easy. There is no reason why you should not be able to train your dog to be friendly to all new people, old people, and animals, and to be obedient to their master. Dogs were meant to be man's best friend. They were our protector, guide, and care taker, so why would we not want to teach them those things too? There are some great training methods out there, you just have to know what you are looking for.

Some great methods that work great for both you and your dog include: positive reinforcement, praise, and treats. Positive reinforcement works great for both people and dogs because it keeps the behavior that you are trying to correct in check. Using treats is highly recommended when dealing with aggressive behavior or any uncontrollable behavior because it reinforces the dog's positive behavior and keeps it from being distracted by negative reinforcement (getting yelled at). You can even teach your dog to talk by using the same method. Either way, your new best friend will thank you for the gift of life and watch you in the future.

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