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Brittany Dog Breed Facts and Information


How the Brittany Dog Breed Came About

The Brittany, also known as the Brittany Spaniel is a breed of gundog that is believed to have either originated from the Argoat forests in the northwestern French province of Brittany or that Brittanies actually originated in Spain before they became a registered breed of dog. Some sources suggest that early Brittany dogs may have been the product from the selective breeding of English Red and White Setters with a former unregistered breed known as the Breton.
The Brittany was first professionally shown in Paris during the year 1900. Five years later Brittany dogs were officially registered in France. By the year 1932 Brittanies were accepted by the American Kennel Club.
Today the Brittany is particularly common in France, and is in fact the most popular purebred dog in all of France.

Brittany Dog Breed Appearance

The Brittany is a medium sized canine that usually measures within 17 to 20 inches at the withers. Full size Brittany dogs tend to weigh between 30 to 40 pounds. The Brittany Spaniel, who are technically smaller versions of the setter, come in coat varieties consisting of orange and white, liver and white, liver and white with roan patterns, tricolor, and in the UK black and white also qualifies as one variations of Brittany. Their coats are silky and wavy with feathering around numerous areas of their bodies, and they require routine brushing preferably twice a week.
These elegant animals have highly expressive faces and eyes. Brittany dogs have floppy ears that hang from their faces. They display the classic tapered muzzles common among the setter breeds. Brittanies have naturally long tails that feather, but they are often seen with docked tails due to human interference. Their eyes commonly come in gold, copper, hazel, blue, green, and brown.
Brittanies have an excellent sense of smell and are impressively agile dogs that require regular exercise. They perform well in field trials, and Brittany dogs are still currently used for retrieving fowl such as woodcock.

Brittany Temperament and Brittany Dog Breed Requirements

Brittanies are specifically known for having fun and positively hyperactive personalities that are both sweet and bold. Without a doubt Brittanies literally need persistently active exercise. Otherwise these dogs can begin to display highly neurotic and undesirable destructive behaviors if left to their own devices while suffering from boredom. Under stimulated Brittanies can develop obsessions such as excessive barking. They aren't a breed meant to be confined to small spaces for long periods of time. Brittanies are very social dogs that adore positive human companionship. Brittany Spaniels are sensitive dogs that require gentle handling. When their attention and hyperactivity are directed correctly Brittanies are highly trainable dogs that are eager please and learn new things with dedicated enthusiasm.

Healthy Brittanies generally live between 12 to 15 years of age. Has a genetic tendency for developing hip dysplasia. One study, although dated shows that almost 15% of Brittanies develop hip dysplasia in their lifetimes.

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