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Waco the Wonder Dog - Best Great Pyrenees Ever


My first Great Pyrenees truly was a Wonder Dog

Waco is my first Great Pyrenees dog and he's a gorgeous 130 pound house-dog who easily stretches out into a giant soft body pillow. His coat is white and remains that way no matter the weather. A few good shakes and the dirt is gone. When I glance out the kitchen window and see him standing among the bushes and trees, I have to pause and stare. The image is so striking with the contrast of his brilliant white against the greenery.

Great Pyrenees are known to have a bark now and then and Waco does his share of talking to the wind but as a rule he's pretty quiet. A sweet-tempered boy who is happy to have a home, he loves playing with the rest of the pack--all five of them.

Waco Wearing his Wonder Dog Cape

Waco Wearing his Wonder Dog Cape ~
RIP Sweet Waco - July 29, 2012

Waco Wearing his Wonder Dog Cape ~ RIP Sweet Waco - July 29, 2012


Waco's Story: Rescued from a Hoarder

Imagine a large dog stuffed in a small house with 50+ dogs and cats

Waco the Wonder Dog came into my life by way of The Texas Great Pyrennes Rescue (TGPYR) chapter in College Station. So you could say he's an Aggie by way of his adoption by his foster parents-you'll notice they made an Aggie maroon cape for him. Animal control in Dallas had pulled him out of an animal hoarding situation. He was then further rescued by the TGPYR Dallas chapter.

At some point Waco earned his stellar name Waco the Wonder Dog. Someone told me it was for "whacko" but no one knows for sure. He then traveled the Texas highways from Dallas to Amarillo to Houston and finally College Station. When he acquired his cape with the giant "W" it ensured his Wonder Dog status forever. As a closet Superman fan, how could I resist? I had to meet this big white dog.

Vikk Simmons - Great Pyrenees, Waco the Wonder Dog

Vikk Simmons - Great Pyrenees, Waco the Wonder Dog

How Waco and I Met In the Land of A&M

The Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue Group played matchmaker

In 2007 I lost my beloved lab, Beau, a striking Labrador Retriever who was a prince among dogs. Beau was one of those deep golden Labs with a huge chest and perfectly-formed head. Even better, Beau had a personality and attitude that endeared him to everyone. His death left a gaping hole in my heart. Enter Waco.

The emptiness left by Beau left me trolling the Internet in search of a big dog. I had Riley and Teddy and Freddie but I still longed for a LARGE dog that I could wrap my arms around. One day I stumbled across a breeder's site that featured Great Pyrenees. I'd never heard of them. The more I read, the more I wanted to actually see one. I began an online search and eventually found Waco. He had just been transferred to College Station, Texas outside of Houston.

I called and went through the approval process. Then I was allowed to meet him. It was December 2, 2007. We met at a dog park in the Woodlands outside of Houston. He had his reindeer antlers on and was charming everyone. I swear he smiled at me when we met. :) I took him home that day.

Take the time to get to know your rescue dog - Great help for building a a bond with any dog, not just rescue or shelter dogs.

Waco's Early Days After Adoption

Working to ease the impact of having lived with a hoarder

Great Pyrenees are working dogs and often guard livestock. After the adoption, we stopped at a local pet store and I bought him his own fleece stuffed lamb. His foster parents had said he didn't seem to have a Pyr's guardian instinct but I figured what the heck. He could play with the little lamb. That night I gave him a long body massage and a good raking to calm him down. With three other dogs in the house, I wanted to make sure he was relaxed and felt comfortable.Each dog was introduced individually to Waco with me making it obvious that they were under my protection and "mine" and he was "mine, now too" to the them.

At the vet's Waco passed his new dog exam with flying colors. The vet said he was about 2 years old. and commented on his huge feet. However, none of the vets he's seen think he will ever grow into a full-sized Great Pyrenees because of the malnutrition he suffered from the hoarding situation. So I guess he's a bit like a Great Pyrenees but pony size. I love my big "compact" Pyr. He had and continues to have a sweet tempermentt and just wants to be loved. It's no wonder after his earlier life. He'd literally been starved of any human attention and affection and lived in a space crowded with other animals. In spite of his early life history, Waco eased into our family life without any major issues. .


Waco's singing "It's a Wonderful Life"

Waco is guardian but not to sheep. Check out his pack.

Today Waco's life is full of love. He's been with us three years and there's no end to the magic he brings to all who meet him. He's readily taken the new dogs under his giant paws and he and little Charlie the Pug have a special big brother-little brother relationship.

Charlie follows Waco everywhere. If Waco goes out, Charlie runs after him. It's easy to find the Pug. Look for the big white mass moving through the yard. Charlie's that little dark shadow trailing behind.

oppossum, midnight intruder

oppossum, midnight intruder

Dog Walking and Training in the Neighborhood

Many have never seen the Great Pyrenees breed before

Cars slow down, heads turn when Waco and I walk the neighborhood streets. It's not because of me. Waco is a gorgeous dog. Think of a giant puff of snow moving elegantly down the street. He's a striking dog, all 130 pounds, and his coat glistens in the sun. We love to walk.

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While we walk, we practice our training. I run him through his paces. By the time we're through we've both had our exercise. Sometimes Charlie the Pug or one of the other dogs tags along.Every now and then I take the group out together. Now that's a sight.

Of all the dogs, Waco is the least excitable--unless you count those incidents with a couple of local opossums or the stray cats. Then he might have a few things to say. Of course, I'm not sure the opossums have seen anything like Waco, either.

Waco's Favorite Dog Chews - Good for Teeth - Every big dog should have a bedtime snack

Waco loves these dog chews. Every night when he goes to bed he gets a dog chew, ice cubes, and biscuits. (Naturally he loves to go to bed.) If I forget the chew, he stands at the bedroom gate and waits. He won't go to his crate or relax until I've given him one. It's his one active domineering act. .

Waco the Wonder Dog Loves the FURminator - A big dog's delight is having his owner use a good shedding tool

These are the BEST the market has to offer when it comes to getting rid of all that hair--and believe me I should know. I tried any number of grooming tools before a friend who works for a groomer told me about the FURminators and how they rely on them. These are wonderful and Waco likes nothing better than to stretch out on the floor and have a full-body comb-out. From his state of bliss, I'd say he's in heaven.

Every Dog Needs A Den of His Own - These Midwest dog crates are safe, tough, and easy to clean.

Waco is happy to go to his crate and take a time out from the rest of the crew. In the evening he has free access to his crate and goes in and out as he pleases.

Waco lounges on his favorite mat with HoneyBunn

Waco lounges on his favorite mat with HoneyBunn

Waco lounges on his favorite mat with HoneyBunn

Waco Enjoys His New Pad - A pet pad or mat is perfect for resting, training, and time-outs

I picked up a couple of these a few months ago and Waco fell in love with this one--even though it's not the one suggested for his size. He loves to curl up. Sometimes he rolls and plays on it. We also practice "mat" training and it's worked out perfectly. The pad can be used in a crate but Waco likes his out in the middle of the den where he can keep a watchful eye over his siblings. As it turns out, the little dogs pile onto it and often sleep together--sometimes even tucked next to Waco.

Waco wants to hear from you. Love Pyrs? - So do I.

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