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Toads of Louisiana

Yvonne writes about and photographs flora and fauna of Louisiana, sharing the knowledge she learned through study and personal experience.


Amphibian: Bufo, Scaphiopus and Gastrophrene species

Oh lowly and much maligned toad. Old wives' tales claimed that toads cause warts on human skin. Witches use them in potions so they became a symbol of Halloween. Little boys love to keep them as pets and they are great to have in the garden because they eat many insects.

Like frogs, Toads are amphibians, but do not require as much moisture as frogs, so they spend more time on land. They burrow under rocks, flowerpots or into other cool places during the day, then at night, they become bug eating machines.

Toads may look creepy to some, but they can be friendly little creatures and are almost cute. If you'd like to learn more about the different species of Louisiana toads and also a little about toad folklore and quotes, then keep reading.

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Why do toads get such a bad rap? Why are grown women and big girls afraid of poor, defenseless little toads?

Toad Species of Louisiana

Toad in Southeastern Louisiana copyright Y.L. Bordelon

Toad in Southeastern Louisiana copyright Y.L. Bordelon

Louisiana has many native species of toads. They include members of the Bufo, Scaphiopus and Gastrophrene genus. The Bufo species are called "true toads".

Bufo Species

Fowler's Toad, Bufo fowleri

Southern Toad, Bufo terrestris

Coastal Plain Toad, Bufo nebulifer

Oak Toad, Bufo quercicus

Scaphiopus Species

Eastern Spadefoot Toad, Scaphiopus holbrookii

Hurter's Spadefoot Toad, Scaphiopus hurterii

Only in Northwestern Louisiana, Western Arkansas, Eastern Texas and Oklahoma.

Gastrophryne Species

Eastern Narrowmouth Toad, Gastrophryne carolinensis

I bet you never dreamed that there were so many different kinds of toads, and that's just in Louisiana!

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Eastern Narrowmouth Toad, Gastrophryne carolinensis

Eastern Narrow Mouth Toad copyright Y.L. Bordelon

Eastern Narrow Mouth Toad copyright Y.L. Bordelon

The Eastern Narrow Mouth Toad is commonly seen in our habitat in southeastern Louisiana. It is a very unusual looking toad that likes to burrow in cool places around the house.

We disturbed this one when we were renovating the house and screening and adding to the back porch. They seem to like the cool moist areas around the spigots.

Invite a Toad into the Garden

Use a chipped clay flower pot to provide a day time shelter. All you need to do is enlarge the chip a little and turn the pot upside down under a bush in a shady spot. Or you can purchase a ready made toad house like the creative one of a tree spirit.

Frogs and Toads of the Southeast

One of the best books about the large number of different species of frogs and toads that inhabit the southeastern United States. This is one of the excellent Wormsloe Foundation series of nature books.


Toad Frogs Mating with Eggs

Toad Frogs Mating with Eggs

Frogs and Toads of North America

Toads Mating photograph Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

Notice the long strands of eggs.

Toads mate and lay their eggs in water as do frogs, but unlike frogs, the eggs are enclosed in long, necklace like strands of a gelatinous substance.

The eggs hatch in from 2 days to a week and the small, dark, round tadpoles begin to grow appendages in from 1-2 months, depending on the species.

Often after a heavy spring or summer rain in our habitat, the woods are alive with the calls of toads and frogs as they gather in large numbers to mate and lay their eggs in the shallow water that collects in the road and low areas in our woods.

Sometimes, if we have a dry year, the water begins to dry up before the tadpoles can develop into toad frogs. We have been known to launch rescue missions to relocate them to safer waters.

Toad, Frog, Pollywog Kids Song

Toad Quotes Poll

There are many quotes about Toads. Here are some of my favorites.

Frog and Toad Video

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What do we feed him? on September 08, 2017:

My eight year old daughter collects things 1st it was tadpoles then a baby lizard now a toad. What do we put in his aquarium to eat?

Misty Bradford on April 19, 2016:

I really love frogs and toads of every kind. I love watching them and catching them in my yard. Everyone thinks I'm so weird because I am a 40 year old woman that loves frogs. I would love having a job messing with frogs.

suepogson on July 10, 2013:

I love hearing the song of the toads (with the descant provided by the cicadas) building in intensity as the rains are coming - I'm listening to it now! I don't know what type they are, but thee's an awful lot of them around my duck pond.

Anthony Altorenna from Connecticut on January 22, 2012:

Toads are an invaluable element in nature's ecosystem, and we enjoy seeing them in our gardens. Nicely done!

wayne_luvinlife on July 22, 2011:

Very entertaining lens, my daughter loves frogs and so does her grandmother, green tree frog is one of their favorite.

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