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The Min Pin Breed - Mini Doberman or Miniature Pinscher?

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My favorite small breed dog - the miniature pinscher

A year ago I adopted the sweetest min pin I've ever come across. His name is Hooch and he's a rescue dog. He's brought so much joy into my life and he is a wonderful part of my family.

The min pin breed is smart, energetic, gentle, loving and yes, adorable!

I'd like to tell Hooch's story and let the world know how wonderful this breed is. Also, I'd like to address some misconceptions about the breed (is it a mini doberman or what?) and give you some insights into being a min pin owner.

I'll also highlight some great books and gifts for min pin owners! And I'll help you find some great min pin rescue organizations in your area if you'd like to adopt a new mini best friend. I am a huge advocate of dog adoption from rescue groups and/or shelters. I do not support puppy mills - I encourage you to adopt and not buy.

So lets talk some min pin. I love this breed and I think you will too!

Meet Hooch - my sweet 'lil min pin!


I adopted Hooch from a local rescue organization. He was rescued from very bad conditions in a neglected puppy mill. He was abused and kept in a very loud, chaotic environment. He therefore suffers from issues common to many rescue dogs like separation anxiety, skittishness and fear.

Luckily, him being in a loving home has helped him tremendously over the past year. He has changed a great deal and is a perfectly wonderful min pin. He only occasionally gets scared now - usually when there's loud noises.

This is a huge improvement from when I first got him: he was scared of everyone and everything. Poor 'lil guy! I just feel blessed to be able to care for him now and give him a loving home.

And I think he's very happy now.

What is a min pin anyway? - Test your dog breed knowledge! This photo is of a doberman...

Hooch is helping me write this page!


The min pin is NOT a mini doberman! - (kinda hard to believe right?)


In the photo above you see Hooch (the min pin), on the left, with his best friend Ares (the German pinscher) on the right. Adorable right?!

When I'm walking Hooch I have people asking me constantly..."What type of dog is that? He looks like a doberman....but mini!"

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Well it's a very common misconception that the min pin is related to the doberman - I mean come on - they look so similar!

But the miniature pinscher (or min pin) is actually related to the German pinscher. The origin of the min pin breed started in Germany where the German pinscher was bred with Italian greyhounds and dachshunds.

A great introduction to the min pin breed...

The video is so right - min pins love to burrow!

The video is so right - min pins love to burrow!

The video is so right - min pins love to burrow!

Holidays with a Min Pin!


Would you like to adopt a proud min pin like this? - (Hooch loves to watch what's going on outside the window)


Where to adopt a min pin...

I'm a huge supporter of rescue organizations and would always suggest you adopt a min pin from a non-profit organization instead of buying a puppy from a pet store.

If you adopt you are opening your heart to a dog that needs a loving home so badly. You need to keep in mind though that many dogs from rescue organizations and shelters have sad pasts. They may have been abused or neglected and therefore may have some emotional issues that you will need to work with them on.

When I adopted Hooch he was very timid and now, after some training and him getting used to his new environment and family, he is so playful and approachable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you adopt from a rescue or shelter you will probably not get papers or proof of the min pin being purebred. But I always say - who cares! Unless you are planning on showing your dog, it really doesn't matter.

Give a sweet min pin a loving home! You can find some local rescue organizations by using the following resources...

  • PetFinder
    PetFinder is an awesome resource for find local pets for adoption. You can search by state and breed (as well as a ton of other factors like sex, age etc). After you do a search you'll see all the dogs available for adoption in your area and you can

Time for Hooch's bedtime. Bye for now...

Time for Hooch's bedtime. Bye for now...

Time for Hooch's bedtime. Bye for now...

Do you have a min pin? Or are you thinking of adopting one? - I want to know!

Abe on January 10, 2015:

One of the most beautiful, enhniricg, inspiring and warm hearted thoughts I've ever read. Thank you Jackie .and I too believe in miracles. When we truly have faith and believe, anything is possible. God bless you my friend.

Lorena on December 28, 2014:

The little hand is so picuroes. I hope that the weather has calmed down by you, today we are supposed to have a little storm which will be intense while it is passing through but will melt by the weekend. Our weather has been weird and the job situation has been equally weird. Are you still excited by your work, I hope that you are, it is always nice to be able to look forward to something. Thinking of you Jackie, have a wonderful day.

norma-holt on June 16, 2013:

Well, he has certainly got the best home now and it looks like he has you twisted around his little paw. Nice lens :)

siskiyoucowgirl on June 16, 2013:

What a great lens! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it. I especially liked all your photos and descriptions about your dog. Great job! :)

~Siskiyoucowgirl, A Rocket-Squid Greeter

Elsie Hagley from New Zealand on June 13, 2013:

Very nice, I love animals and these dogs melt my heart. Thanks for sharing.

flycatcherrr on June 04, 2013:

Kudos to you for going with a rescue dog and giving the fabulous Hooch a good home. You're obviously very good for each other. :)

L Olson from Northern Arizona on June 03, 2013:

How sweet! That guy is so lucky that you adopted him. If I were looking for a dog I would definitely consider this breed from your article. However, with 3 cats....

Ana on June 03, 2013:

Hooch definitely won my heart:) He is adorable:) Amazing lens:)

Dabdab on June 03, 2013:

Beautiful photos

PaigSr from State of Confusion on June 03, 2013:

I am not a dog person. But the pictures remind me of a friends dog. Thanks for posting them. Especially the one of the two dogs together.

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