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The Joy of Raising Dachshund Puppies

Dachshunds dogs have been a part of my life all growing up. They are fun-loving, loyal dogs. A lot of personality comes with them.

Piebald Dapple in Cream and Tan

This little guy is about 1 year old in this pic.  He is a cream dapple and piebald combo

This little guy is about 1 year old in this pic. He is a cream dapple and piebald combo

Dachshund Puppies - Whelping & Starting off Indoors

I have been raising dachshund pups for a while now and the very BEST part of raising them is getting to love and enjoy whole litters at one time. I bring the mama dog into the house to have her pups in the utility room and she stays until the pups are adopted out. When I walk in there I am greeted by loads of brown eyes and wagging tails. Having them indoors in a small playpen area gives much more ease of access. The mama dogs adjust to the change in the environment in the several weeks before they are due by my brining them in. When whelping time comes the mama dog is comfortable and relaxed and ready to focus on her puppies.

Right now I have a litter of 4 female dachshunds. They were born in the playpen in my home and are growing quickly. They are ADORABLE. Having them inside and close to me throughout the day enables me to not only care for them, but prepare them for the loving homes that they will be adopted into. They amuse me & my family by their antics. They are so calm and cuddly looking as they sleep and then so hyper and boisterous when they are playing. Each time I check on them throughout the day, I pet the mama dog, and make sure all is well. The familiar noises of the home and caring touches of myself and my family help them to grow to be amazing 4 legged family members.

Any puppy, dachshund or otherwise, is a guaranteed smile. I know that the joy of raising them brings a happy note to my home. Knowing that I am raising future loving family members for other wonderful homes makes it all worthwhile.

Colors of a Litter - Piebald, Red, Black & Tan, Chocolate, Cream, Wild Boar, Blue......

3 Beauties - Black & Tan, Red, Piebald

3 Beauties - Black & Tan, Red, Piebald

There is a rainbow of dachshunds in the world. I primarily have Red, Chocolate, Black & Tan & Piebald. My favorite is the piebald. The amazing thing about a dachshund litter is - You NEVER know what you are going to get.

The litter of 4 girls that I have now is a black & tan, a wild boar (red with black tips on the hairs), chocolate & tan, piebald with freckling. Four girls all different!!! It is exciting as they are whelping to see what the litter holds as far as colors. The parents of this litter are a red female and a red male. This definitely proves that 2 reds don't necessarily make 4 reds. It completely relies on the colors in the genes. This litter carried over colors from the parents, and grandparents.

I have had litters in the past a red female and a piebald male that yielded only red dapples! Very unusual! The variations make raising the adorable dachshund puppies very interesting.

A dog may be man's best friend, but a child's best friend is a puppy

— Unknown

Piebald mama and her litter

This is a newborn litter of puppies.  Mama Iris is a piebald though she only had brindles and reds in her litter.

This is a newborn litter of puppies. Mama Iris is a piebald though she only had brindles and reds in her litter.

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Growth of a Litter

Changes as they grow....

The puppies are born with their eyes and ears sealed shut. They will open around 2 weeks old. Finally, at the 2 week mark they can see and hear the world around them. Prior to the 2 weeks, they rely on scent and touch. They swing their heads from side to side trying to find their mom. When you pick up a newborn they will start smelling around and moving their heads looking for that warm milk.

At 3-4 weeks they begin getting their teeth. At this time you can begin softening puppy food for them to start nibbling on when the mama dog is out on bathroom breaks. All that is needed is to take hard puppy food and soak it in just enough water to soften it. You can then mash it with a fork to allow them to easily lap it up.

At 5 weeks they can begin to eat hard food. They should be running around playing and having a blast. Now is the time that they should be beginning to be weaned.

By six weeks they are ready to find their forever homes. They will whine and require lots of attention as they are leaving their siblings and mommy. This is the best time to show them the love that their new family has for them.

All pics by me.

The Colors of Dachshunds - So many choices....

What to expect during whelping

Every litter and every mama dog are unique

I have found that every Mama Dog has there own unique birthing style. Once you help one mama once, the next litters of hers will birth much the same. Some births are quick and some much longer. Most of my experience, the puppies come within an hour or two, though I have one that went much longer between.

Puppies are born breech about half of the time and many times will require assistance. When I see that my mama dog is beginning to nest (sort her towels and whine and fidget) I will set aside the day to focus on her. For dachshunds the first puppy born is often the toughest as the mama dog can barely reach to aide the puppy delivery. I will help in gently pulling the puppy out if it appears to be having a difficult time. Also, I will usually cut the umbilical cord because otherwise the mama sometimes will chew way too close to the puppies tummy, damaging it. It is a team effort, but well worth the time to make sure mama and the puppies are fine.

A Cream and White Piebald

This little guy is about 2 years old.  He is a cream and white piebald dachshund.

This little guy is about 2 years old. He is a cream and white piebald dachshund.

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