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Researching A Dog Breeder Online

The Newfoundland Club of America—responsible for the preservation, protection and welfare of the Newfoundland Dog in America since 1930.


Put the Internet to Work for You

Learn to use the vast amounts of data stored online to research claims from dog breeder websites. Learn to read past the slick marketing and find verifiable information about the health and pedigree of the dogs advertised.


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Health Testing Results

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is the primary registry for canine health information in the United States. You can search using just the kennel name of the breeder, which allows you to see many of the dogs the breeder has screened for genetic disorders. (The kennel name must be the first word in the registered name.) The OFA results also show health clearances for parents, siblings, half-siblings and offspring. While health clearances on parents and relatives are not a guarantee of a healthy puppy, they are an important part of the picture. You can also verify health testing through the NCA Database.

NCA Database

Title, Health and Pedigree Data

Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) Database is a useful tool. This tool allows users to search using all or part of a dog’s registered name. The NCA database contains 3 and 5 generation pedigrees for Newfoundlands who have earned AKC (conformation, obedience, rally, agility, tracking) or NCA  (water, draft) titles, along with any health clearances that the dog has had listed in a public database. These searches can be used to verify many claims made on a breeder’s website. There is also a searchable database supported by the German Newfoundland Club that contains many dogs with American and International backgrounds.


American Kennel Club

The Purebred Dog Registry for the United States

The American Kennel Club (AKC) also has a very powerful search engine that allows users to search all of the AKC minutes. Searching by a breeder's name will give results for any infractions either in animal care or record keeping under the name of the breeder. You can also search USDA licensed breeders online through APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service). Here's how to access the federal inspection reports: go to the APHIS homepage and click on FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Reading Room, in the right-hand portion of the screen. The inspection reports will be available under the Animal Welfare heading in the Reading Room. Choose the type of licensee or registrant you are interested in, and then choose the state. Once you choose the state, you will be able to scroll through the alphabetical list of licensee or registrant names and make your selection. Keep in mind that most reputable breeders will not have the numbers of breeding stock qualifying them for USDA licensing.


Referrals: The Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) and its 25 Regional Clubs have members all over the country and around the globe. If you are researching a breeder, a club is a great place to get referrals and recommendations. You can contact the NCA both via phone (1-866-NCA NEWFS – toll free anywhere in the US) and email, and all Regional Clubs can be reached online. A responsible breeder will be asking you for referrals from your veterinarian and others, you should be doing the same.


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