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Raising a Vizsla


Here Comes Trouble!

Owning and raising a Vizsla can be exhausting and rewarding. These hyperactive puppies are a handful. Love to play, chew, jump and run...indoor and outdoors. Here are some of my stories about raising my puppy Morgan (now 7 months old).

No, my hands are not chew toys

Rule One: Always make sure your puppy Vizsla has plenty of chew toys. These little pups need to be constantly busy. Morgan is no exception. Being our second Vizsla we thought it would be easier. Boy, were we wrong. We forgot the fact that we were now older raising our second Vizsla. Vizslas can be a handful and Morgan is definitely no exception. At age three months Morgan thought my right hand was a chew toy. I always had to be ready with a toy to stick in his mouth. Puppy teeth hurt! But, he was just being a puppy; normal and happy.

Keep Your Puppy Busy - Great Finds



Private Training 101

He "Flunked"

On the advice of our veterinarian, we hired a private trainer who came to our home. I don't know who became more frustrated, the trainer or me. Morgan truly has a mind of his own and wants to do whatever he desires. Turning your back on him at this stage gave him the opportunity to nip you in the buttocks. As I said, puppy teeth hurt. After a couple of weeks of training a few pair of torn jeans, she gave up. The mistake was you should hire someone who is familiar with Vizslas.



Trouble in a Dog Suit

Got to Love Him Though

Morgan is now 7 months old. Our Vet calls him "Trouble in a Dog Suit." By accident, while walking around Pet Smart with Morgan (who was trying to open every bag of food), we bumped into a couple with a very calm Vizsla. They told us that their Vizsla was trained by a trainer at Pet Smart who is very familiar with Vizslas. Without hesitation, we signed up Morgan for one private class and eight group classes. What a blessing. We were told the correct food to feed him, how much exercise he should get and how to stop him from nipping (playful) now that he has full grown teeth. The trainer is wonderful. Morgan at first was shy with the other puppies but now just loves class (and day camp).



Crate Training

He Loves His Crate

One of the easiest things to do is crate train your Vizsla. It took one day. We started with a small crate (which our grandsons loved to stay in) and then moved onto a large crate as Morgan grew. As soon as we go to the cookie (biscuit) jar with a Kong in our hand, he runs into his crate. He has chew toys and tug toys in his crate so it feels like home. There are times we have to coax him out of his crate. I highly recommend crate training (try to keep the grandchildren out of the crate).



Actually, it is my crate.




Socializing Your Vizsla Puppy

A Member of the Family

It is very important to socialize your Vizsla as soon as possible. Walking him/her, taking your Vizsla to stores that allow pets and having family and friends visit (especially children). Morgan is no exception. He loves playing with other dogs and having company. As a "child" himself, he loves playing with children. Vizslas are very good pets for families with children. Although known as hunting dogs, they are very domestic and homebodies (velcro dogs). Our grandchildren love running and playing with Morgan. He is so gentle with them. Again, socializing your Vizsla is a must.



Exercising Your Vizsla

Not Just Taking Walks!

Morgan loves to go on walks or as I call them, drag the master (?) around the block. He loves to run in the yard, play at the dog park and absolutely becomes excited beyond belief when he goes to doggy day camp. At first we were hesitant to send him, but now you cannot say the word doggy day camp without Morgan grabbing his leash and running to the garage door to get in the car. Once at day camp, he bolts into the playroom.

One other exercise Morgan truly loves is swimming. We have a nice pool in our yard with a child safety fence. Now it is called a Morgan safety fence. He would jump in the pool every day no matter what the weather is like. One of his favorite past-times after swimming is just relaxing on a float. Do you think he is a little spoiled?

One thing for certain, by the end of the day we are both tired and ready for bed.

Vizslas Loves to Swim - Enjoying a Swim with the Grandchildren



Group Training Week Four

Do Vizslas Remember?

Well, yesterday was week four of group dog training. Morgan is a perfect/model student...until he gets home. Like a child who behaves in everyone else's home or at school, Morgan lets his energy and craziness rip when he gets home. He now can sit and stay; responds to lay down and come now...but only at school. I even bought the treats the trainer uses but, no luck. He is as hyper as ever but as cute as ever. I think Vizsla's puppyhood lasts for about two years. Give me strength!

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Oh, and by the way, he helps himself to water at the vet's office...even turns on the water himself.


Group Training Week Six

Starting to Remember

We have just completed week six of training. Morgan is really starting to learn. He sits, stays, gives paws (one at a time of course) and spins. We are even working on rolling over. Apparently Morgan will do anything and remember if given a treat. However, he still hasn't mastered loose leash walking. That is when you train your dog not to pull you or jump on everyone. Morgan is very smart but he still gets very excited when he sees people walking. Our trainer did say he would outgrow it but not for more than a year. Vizsla puppies remain puppies for a very long time.

On a real positive note, my hands have healed and are no longer chew toys.



Group Training Week Seven

He's Getting There!

Well, Morgan did really well in his seventh group class. He has learned just about every command EXCEPT to not drag me with his leash. He loves school and is so excited when he gets in the car. He always thinks he is either going to school or to day camp (at the same location). You actually have to spell the words (like you would with a child) because he gets so excited and does not calm down until you put him in the car. Anyway, he is improving. He comes home exhausted and the new thing is that during the night he gets out of his bed and sneaks up on my bed, cuddling on top or next to me. Being a "Velcro Dog," he's a dead weight so he stays like that until he wakes up.

He is an absolute love.



Group Training Week Eight

Tonight is Graduation Night!

Well, Morgan is graduating from puppy school tonight. I will post more about it later this evening. He will be attending Intermediate School which should help even more, He absolutely loves his trainer Linda and EVERYONE knows Morgan. They have their own cute nicknames for him like "love," "terror," "wild one," "cutie pie" and his trainer's favorite nickname "fine young man."

So check back later to help celebrate Morgan receiving his diploma.



Morgan Wanted to Write About His Graduation

Well tonight was really special. I actually graduated from Beginner Education (sort of like Kindergarten). There were three in my graduation class. I don't think I was the Valedictorian but I know I graduated at least third in my class. I already miss my trainer Linda. She means the world to me. She just loves all of us and has such patience with me and I know my Mom an Dad truly appreciate it. In fact, in February she will be having an Intermediate Class (sort of like third grade) and I WILL be attending. I can't wait. Until then, I will try my best to practice what I have learned by "training" my Mom and Dad. They still need a little work. I know we will get there.

For now on, my Mom will keep you posted on how I'm doing. I'm exhausted from today's ceremonies and am going to bed. Good night, Love Morgan.


My Graduating Class and Their Parents

December 7, 2010


Morgan in His Own Words

Male Vizslas Beware!

All I wanted to do was play in day camp with the other puppies. Because of rules and regulations, I was not allowed "being a male dog." So, my Mom and Dad decided that if I wanted to have great "play dates" that an adjustment had to be made. Well it was. For a few days I looked like a television antenna. However, now I can go play with my friends whenever I want. Sometimes you have to "lose" something to "gain" something else.


Make Sure You Have a Comfortable Chair for Your Vizsla

Actually, We Can't Get Him Off the Recliner

After a long day or half day at day camp which Morgan goes to about every other day or so, he comes home exhausted. As his Mom I used to love to sit in the's no longer mine. Morgan has taken it over. With a face like his, how can I say no. Maybe it is not the "proper" training thing to do to allow your pet on the furniture, but he is just so happy and relaxed. At eight months old, what more can you ask for !


Morgan's First Christmas

Santa Loves Vizslas!

Morgan had his first visit with Santa Claus today. Santa said he was a very good dog, mischievous (which is consistent with his age), but good. Morgan was so happy because he thought he was getting coal (which he would probably eat) but instead he will be getting some new toys. He is now on his best behavior at least until Christmas. Hopefully it lasts!

One thing, because of Morgan's chewing and knocking down antics, I am not putting up a Christmas tree this year (I have a very expensive ornament collection). Plus, he would probably rip the paper off the packages. The rest of the "unreachable" areas are decorated.

From Morgan's home to your home, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Morgan's First Birthday

His Gift? Cooking Classes of Course

Well, "trouble" just turned one. Since he absolutely LOVES to eat we decided to sign him up for cooking classes. One of his favorites, making pancakes for the family.

He is still getting into trouble, but of a different nature. He is fully trained, except for loving our stove, and makes us laugh all the time. Vizslas are energetic, hyperactive dogs and remain puppies for about two years. So be prepared, you must spend time, be paitent and most of all give your Vizsla plenty of exercise.

He is a little love...a terror, but a love!


Morgan and Doggie Day Camp

You Have to Whisper the Words "Day Camp"

At least once or twice a week, either for a full day or half day, we bring Morgan to day camp to play with the other dogs his age and release some of that tremendous energy he possesses. Well, the word day camp has to whispered because as soon as he hears it, he grabs his leash in the laundry room and cries at the garage door (which is through the laundry room). It is so funny to watch. He literally drags you into the door of Doggie Day Camp. He just loves playing with other dogs. He runs, tugs and just prances all day with the other dogs that the doggie day care people get such a kick out of watching him. He does get down type (nap and lunch), but is ready to go again after an hour.

I highly recommend ANYONE who has a puppy or dog that needs to expend some of his energy to take him or her to a reputable Doggie Day Camp once in a while. They enjoy it and when they return home, they're tired and YOU get to rest.

Morgan is a love and can be quite a hyperactive one year old but that was expected. As hyperactive as he is, how loving and affectionate he is. What a joy he has brought to our lives.


Velcro Dogs

Lap Dogs for Life?????

This photo was taken on Morgan's first birthday. Now that he is one, he still thinks he weighs five pounds (he is 60 pounds now). One of his favorite spots, my lap no matter where I am sitting, he climbs on. Unfortunately, I can't resist; he is just so loving.



Still Learning and Training

I will keep updating this lens as Morgan progresses and I learn more and more about puppy Vizslas. For now, Morgan and I say goodnight. See you soon.

Good Things to Have for Your Vizsla

Share Your Views With Me...Comments Welcome

anonymous on November 13, 2012:

My Vizsla Riley will be 2 Nov 30th. He went thru 3 training classes. In one which we quit the instructor wanted me to tranqilize him. They are fast learners. He did excellent. We have 20 acres in Northern Michigan so Riley gets lots of exercise. They are leaners and always want to be next to you. They are high energy and highly intelligent animals. He has calmed down a lot since nearing two. He also loves riding in the car.

anonymous on July 20, 2012:

Morgan is so handsome! I have a 2-month old female vizsla named Ruby and I had to laugh at your early stories of I am having the same expirience!

Today I took Ruby on her first walk just to get some energy out of her. I did a little bit of running and she followed along. Is this ok for a vizsla that is only 2 months old? Because she hasn't received her full vaccinations I always just run around with her in our yard and house.

I just want to make sure that I haven't cause permanent damage by walking/jogging her this young. I did carry her when she looked tired. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Joanmarie1214 (author) on May 16, 2012:

@anonymous: Shelby, your post appeared after I wrote the above reply. If you need any additional help, just send another comment. Good luck!

Joanmarie1214 (author) on May 16, 2012:

To the person who sent me a question about what to feed their Vizsla who has allergies. For some reason it did not post to my page. I had a lot of problems with my Vizsla in the beginning. I finally found that when buying dog food to make sure corn is not within the first four ingredients. Natural Choice has different varieties for all sorts of ailments. The less corn in the dog food is much healthier and easier for your dogs to digest. I hope this helps.

anonymous on May 15, 2012:

What kind of food do you feed your dog? My dog seems to have allergies.

Joanmarie1214 (author) on April 20, 2012:

@flycatcherrr: Dear flycatcher. Thank you for the lovely comment. Knowling how active Vizslas are, it is really good to know there are people like you out there. Morgan is now two and still thinks he is a puppy. He is almost 70 pounds and as active as ever. He is a love. I agree with you, Vizslas are very, very smart. Some of the things he does amaze me; you would think he was human. I will continue to post more of his antics and achievements. Again, thank you.

flycatcherrr on April 19, 2012:

I've finally had the privilege of training a Vizsla - not mine, a student's dog - and my goodness, what a roller-coaster ride! They're smart, smart, smart dogs and so quick in their movements, a trainer really does need to be on one's toes and half a step ahead of them with the lesson plan. Not to mention the energy level. :) A wonderful experience, and good training for this trainer, I must say.

Morgan is a handsome boy, and it made me smile just to see his photographs and read about his on-going education. I'll be hoping for an update!

asiliveandbreathe on December 04, 2011:

Your Vizsla is indeed a handful! I have linked this excellent page to my new lens about a British Inuit puppy who has also been a challenge to his owner - Kopek the Destroyer.

Joanmarie1214 (author) on July 14, 2011:

@Ruthi: Thank you for the nice comment. He is a handful but just so very loveable and exceptionally smart.

Ruthi on July 14, 2011:

I've never heard of the Vizsla breed of dog before, so glad I discovered your lens. What a handful your Morgan is, but I can see you love him!

mekon1971 on February 24, 2011:

I love learning about different breeds! Well done lens! If I were an angel, I'd bless you!

Joanmarie1214 (author) on December 12, 2010:

@anonymous: You are one of a kind Linda. Morgan, Tom and I are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

anonymous on December 12, 2010:

Morgan truly is a FINE YOUNG MAN! His enthusiasm for learning and boundless energy certainly make my job as a trainer that much more fun and rewarding. This young pup really has added so much love and laughter into my life...He has forever left his big pawprints on my heart! His parents inspire me with their patience, devotion, and sense of humor...all of which are necessary when raising a Vizsla!

Linda Hoxie from Idaho on November 21, 2010:

Morgan is so cute, I love that photo of him drinking from the faucet, cracked me up!

asiliveandbreathe on November 20, 2010:

Lovely photographs!

darciefrench lm on November 19, 2010:

Trouble in a dog suit- that is so cute. Loved meeting Vizla :)

RaintreeAnnie from UK on November 19, 2010:

Love this :) I really like Vizsla's though i have never had one. I love that you said they are "velcro dogs". Morgan looks adorable:) Lensrolling to our Goldies lens.

Joanmarie1214 (author) on October 26, 2010:

@delia-delia: Thank you d-artist. As I said, it is a work in progress. I love Vizslas too. Although they may be hyper when puppies, they are so affectionate and are often referred to as velcro dogs. Morgan is an absolute love. Keep checking my lens. There will be more information and photos. Again, thank you for your is appreciated.

Delia on October 26, 2010:

Hello from a Squidoo Greeter! I think Vizsla's are beautiful, we have a neighbor who has a couple of them...cute the kids in the crate!

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