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Pugs - Lovable, Huggable, Puggable!


Pugs - A Lot of Dog in a Little Space!

This lens is all about pugs; those sweet, adorable, smart (?!), funny little dogs that will likely one day rule the whole dog universe. Oh, you don't think so? Then you've probably never been loved by a pug!

The example dog for this lens was, primarily, my 10+ year old pug, Caesar*, who was definitely the king of the realm around here. Certainly though, pugs in general have been taken into consideration for each breed information section below.

All pug lovers and their pug dog companions are welcome to join in the fun. As with pugs; the more, the merrier!

*Unfortunately, due to advanced age and multiple health problems, Caesar was humanely put down in late July of 2015. It tore our hearts out to do it and we miss him terribly.


A Face Only A Mother Could Love? What's Not to Love?

Don't You Just Want to Kiss that Sweet, Wrinkled, Feed-Me-Now Face?

Caesar was born in March of 2006. We got him in May of '06 after he was weaned. Quite frankly, we don't remember life before him. In March of 2015, we celebrated his tenth birthday. Though he's showing some gray on his chin now, he's still a constant source of amazement, befuddlement, and just pure joy in our household!

If you've ever had a pug then you're aware that pugs are "people" dogs. They were bred to be companions to humans and they take this job very seriously. In fact, it's one of the only things they take seriously (see the discussion about food for the "other" thing). If you've thought about getting a pug but the thought of having a constant companion - a tag if you will - is not appealing to you, DON'T get one of these dogs. If you do want a dog that will be with you every minute that you are in reachable range then a pug will bring you great joy. He or she will be entirely devoted to you...unless you're not in the kitchen and someone else is!

What About Pugs With Children?

Pugs are great dogs for families with children. Young pugs (up to age 4 or 5 in human years) LOVE to play. They're gentle and loving dogs who can "roughhouse" without getting too rough and who thrive on the attention. Once your youngsters are past the tail pulling stage, they and your pug will be great friends.

All of that said, a pug is still going to gravitate toward the adults in its life. Just the act of an adult entering the room will usually distract a pug from any game with a child!

The Thinking Pug

The Thinking Pug

Pugs: Are They Smart or Not So Smart?

We've heard both sides of the debate on the pug intelligence issue. Many say the pug is a smart dog breed. Others say the pug is "less intelligent" than the average dog. Anyone care to comment?

So, where do "we" stand on the question of their itelligence? Well, lets just say that pugs are as smart as they need to be and what they lack in brain power they make up for in stubborness and sheer force of will. Caesar, for example, knows everything he needs to know about food; finding it, knowing where it's kept, begging for it, eating it and so on. He's been a little less interested in learning common obedience commands. He has learned them. Can all pugs learn them? Yeah, sure they can, however pugs are a breed known to take 4 times as long to learn something (averaging 80 repetitions as opposed to 20 or less) to learn a command that they will then only perform - on command - 20% of the time.

If you want an always obedient dog or some sort of a working dog, then a pug probably isn't the dog for you! If, on the other hand, you want a dog that will "help" you empty a box of treats during a training session you'll be in luck with the pug breed!

Do You Think Pugs are Smart Dogs?

Food, Glorious Food!

A pug, ANY pug, lives to eat. Period. These dogs can hear the refrigerator door opening from any room in the house. The top of the cookie jar rattling will wake them from a rip snorting/snoring slumber. Just head for the kitchen and your pug will be right there with you.

Pugs can eat and 5 minutes later, as you eat something yourself, they can look so pitifully like they've never had a meal that you'll wonder how they can be so brazen. BE VERY CAREFUL. These dogs pack on weight very easily and it's hard for them to take it off. C-man, like most pugs, loves to be outside but, also like most pugs, heavy exertion lasts 3-5 minutes and then it's down in the grass to rest and chew something (a toy, a stick...). They're a short nosed breed that gets to the panting stage quickly and, thus, can overexert themselves easily.

Once your pug puts on the pounds it's awful hard to get them slim again. Of course, the hardest part is your own will to ignore the begging and the whining that are sure to accompany every bite put into your own mouth. Remember, they never leave your side. Be prepared for this.

You mean this one isn't the toy?

You mean this one isn't the toy?

You mean this one isn't the toy?


Snoring and Snorting and Other Pug Oddities

Snore? Snort? YOU BETCHA!

If you don't find snoring endearing, you probably will be a very tired pug owner. This snub nosed breed snores - a lot - all the time. When a pug isn't eating or playing he or she is sleeping. With sleep comes snoring. Sometimes they snore softly but, mostly, they snore loudly.

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Some vets will recommend surgery to open the nasel passages up a bit more for pugs. You'll have to judge the need for this by the individual pug. So far, we've opted not to go this route with Caesar. Yes, he snores, but he breaths well and he functions normally otherwise.

Caesar prefers to sleep in a dog bed with our mutt puppy who does not mind his snoring at all. For a few years, he slept with my son. There are many pug owners who extol the virtues of the crate for sleeping. That worked for us while he was still a pup but as he got older, he lost interest in the crate and preferred human (my son) or other dog contact at night. We don't have an issue with this. We recommend you examine your own opinions on this closely before acquiring a pug. Please remember, they are companion dogs.

What's This About Snorting?

Is it a pug or a pig? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Pugs are great sniffers. They smell everything. Because they are so short of snout, they get right up close and personal with the things they are sniffing. That means that they suck in all manner of dust, dirt, and debris. Then, they begin to snort. Shortly after the snorting phase starts the "reverse sneeze" phase often follows. This horrific sound will make you think your pug is about to gasp his or her last breath. Don't be alarmed. It's quite common and very normal...for a pug.

The most common time to hear the infamous pug snort is during mealtime - at least we mean meals other than dog food. Set a little plate of anything that's not the ordinary kibble down in front of a pug and you'll begin to think you've acquired a pot bellied pig for a pet instead. Let the snorting begin! And then, watch the plate of "whatever" disappear in less than a minute! Please note: We don't recommend you do this often with your pug. Please refer back to the discussion on pugs and food.


Pugs are Lovers Not Fighters

Pugs are lovers. They'll stand in a bull dog like stance (it's really very cute coming from a toy sized dog) and growl at all the neighborhood cats and, they'll very occasionally bark, but, there's little to no bite to them. If they ever catch that cat, they're more likely to try to sniff it to death and get swatted for their trouble than to cause it any harm.

A pug will go totally crazy whenever anyone comes to the door, friend or foe. Unknowns will be jumped all over immeadiatly (they might have food!). Friends will get to see the whole back end wagging in greeting since the tail is too tightly curled naturally (especially on a pug with a double curl tail like Caesar) to wag! This is an adorable and endearing trait of this breed. Everyone should be so lucky as to be greeted on arrival at home by an enthusiastic pug. Mind you: you only have to be gone 5-10 minutes that your pug knows you're gone to be worthy of this royal treatment!

Pug Hair Shedding

A lot...All The Time

Like with snoring, pugs shed A LOT, all the time, everywhere. Summer or winter, it does not matter. The so called experts will say that "out of season" shedding is a sign of a poor canine diet. This is just not so with pugs. They're a very short haired breed that grows and loses hair continuously.

If you really want a pug, get a really good vacum cleaner! It will be your best friend. We have one of those cleaners with the canister that you can see right into. I stow it in a closet out of sight because it's always full of pug hair. I used to, pre-pug, have to empty it maybe once per month...maybe. I do it weekly now and probably should do it more often. Yes, ONE PUG sheds that much!

The More The Merrier...

C-Man Looking Like He's Never Had A Meal!

C-Man Looking Like He's Never Had A Meal!

C-Man Looking Like He's Never Had A Meal!

My Pug Loves Monday!

C-Man in his Fall Sweater

C-Man in his Fall Sweater

C-man has loved Monday mornings since he was a pup and he still does! Why?

We get the morning sun at the front of the house starting around 9:00 AM. I'll open the front door, then latch the screen door. He'll lay down on the mat, bask in the sun, and wait for the succession of white trucks...the mail truck, the recycle truck and the garbage truck all typically come between 9:00 and 10:00. He loves this little parade! He gets great exercise jumping up and down and running loops around the house when he can hear the next truck coming but he can't yet see it.

2014 update: Caesar is nine now. We moved an hour away from our former home in late 2013. Now our trash gets picked up on Fridays so those are good days for watching outside events but he's replaced his Monday vigil with watching and reporting the comings and goings at the Pizza shop up the road and reporting on every Amish buggy that trots by.

Who would have ever thought watching out the window could be so much fun?! What's your pugs favorite thing to do (besides eat)?


Pug Rescue - Because all Pugs Deserve a Loving Home

We got Caesar as a pup from a reputable dog breeder. Not all pugs are quite so lucky. Here in Central Ohio we have a great Pug Rescue group. Their link is here. Nationally, there are many wonderful groups that rescue and care for these amazing creatures. We've linked to Pug Rescue, a site that has links to all of these great organizations.

Ohio Pug Rescue

Pug Rescue

Pug Video's From You Tube - Awww...that's so cute!

We don't have much video of C-man. He has always stopped what he was doing whenever he has seen a camera and then he just stares at the camera. We've tried to work on being more stealthy but it's hard because, remember, a pug is always right where you are! We've gotten some great laughs from these videos though! Hopefully the head tilt videos continue to rank well on YouTube...they are so quintessentially pug that every pug lover who watches them will smile with immediate recognition.

In Puggable Conclusion...

So, we've given you some of the pros and some of the cons of being owned by a lovable pug. Have we convinced you that the pros outweigh the cons? Are you ready to bring a pug into your life? Are you ready to love a "dog" so much that it will become an important part of your life? We do! Please join us!

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us what you think about our little lens dedication to all things pug. Tell us about your pugs! Let the pugs roll...

Isn't This Lens Puggable?

LynetteBell from Christchurch, New Zealand on October 12, 2012:

They do look cute:) Don't let my daxie hear that!

Michelle (author) from Central Ohio, USA on August 03, 2012:

@ae dc: Pugs are sensitive to heat. If you're home is air conditioned and/or can be well ventilated, a pug would be fine. He or she won't want to spend any more time outside though than what is necessary to "conduct business".

ae dc on August 02, 2012:

pugs are really so cute! they're so full of character. I have 2 labs but also want to get a pug. but i'm just afraid the climate here (in the Philippines) might.. harm them :-(

Michelle (author) from Central Ohio, USA on July 24, 2012:

@anonymous: Well, maybe just a little but we also had a black lab for awhile and now we have an American bulldog that I've done a lens about too. I just love dogs!

anonymous on July 23, 2012:

Never had a Pug, but from your description it would seem that they are the "perfect" canine. Could it be that you are a little prejudice? No matter I think you've done a great job of letting non owners of Pugs know what to expect. Thanks for the great lens.

IMKZRNU2 from Pacific Northwest on July 18, 2012:

I love out Pug, Holly. I got her from a co-worker that could not keep her any more at the age of 4. She is the same age as our French Bulldog, Gus, and they are hilarious when they get the "zoomies" and race around the house snorting at each other! I made a lens that is about French Bulldogs and how they compare to Pugs....yea Pugs are definitely little piggies with the food!

rallo-smith on June 27, 2012:

Pugs are adorable. I rescued one and had no trouble finding it a home. Obie is now known as Logan and is the love of his new families life. Nice lens I really enjoyed.

JoshK47 on June 10, 2012:

Such funny look creatures, they are - and I mean that in the most adoring way possible. :) Blessing the pugs and this lens!

Rose Jones on May 22, 2012:

Pugs are adorable that is for sure. Pinned to my dogs board.

mariajackson25 on April 07, 2012:

Beautiful photographs of your wonderful dogs

annaadri on March 31, 2012:

So cute I am a big doggy fan!! nice lens

Frischy from Kentucky, USA on March 17, 2012:

Great description of pugs! I need to do a lens about my pug, Libby. She's something else! I enjoyed this lens a lot!

LisaDH on February 22, 2012:

Great pictures. My son has been wanting a pug because they're so darn cute.

fotolady49 lm on January 09, 2012:

Very nice lens! Thanks for the informative lens on Pugs. I love dogs but never owned a pug. Presently I have a Husky-Collie mix. She is a rescue.

anonymous on July 03, 2009:

I have 2 young pugs (under 2 years old) and they are the sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever known. Not a mean bone in their little bodies, they are in love with the world and everything in it. Even a trip to the vet is fun for them because they love people and other animals so much. I am absolutely crazy about my doggies and consider them my kids. The shedding is a nonissue for me because they are so worth the extra vacuuming. I don't remember life without them.

anonymous on January 24, 2009:

Pugs are truly the best dog to have. They are playful, sweet, never bite unless playing, cuddly, cute (even though my mother says there so ugly their cute) but I think their just cute in general. And they are really hyper, but after they play for a while they get tierd and like watch TV with you or just sit with you. If your looking for a dog you should totally get a pug, oh but not from like the pound or a pet store not a puppy mill. Puppy mills are horrible Its soooo sad how they treat the dogs!!!! So Pet store or Pound. NAWT puppy mill... THX. =D

Michelle (author) from Central Ohio, USA on November 14, 2008:

[in reply to mallory]

You bring up a very good point...the stubborn streak. My pug can absolutely have a one track mind when he is trying to do something and, heaven forbid, you try and convince him to do something else. He won't give up until you trick him or until he falls asleep...whichever comes first!

anonymous on November 14, 2008:

I have a 7 month old Pug. Her name is Sadie and she is not an ordinary Pug. Sure she loves people and it attached to my hip 24/7 (which I LOVE) but she has tons of energy. She can run around and chase other dogs for hours!! She has these long legs and they are getting very muscular from her running and jumping about like a jack rabbit. Unless she slows down after she is spayed, I doubt she'll get very chunky. I'll love her no matter what though. Stubborn streak and all!! :)

Michelle (author) from Central Ohio, USA on September 04, 2008:

Thank you for your comments. Pugs can be very high energy in short bursts...think 10-15 minutes. They, because of their breathing issues, tire and need to rest pretty quickly. Their such companion dogs though if you are up and around, they are up and around with you and will be right by your side all day. They absolutely won't lie down and sleep until their "chosen one" stops moving about. Then, they crash hard and snore for long stretches!

Dog Time on September 03, 2008:

Very well written! It really shows that you love your pug a whole lot. I have never owned a pug, but I have met many in dog parks and obedience class, and they are always so great with people. How would you rate their energy level? They seem a lot less hyper compared to many other breeds.

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