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What kind of Pets Can Wear Diapers?

I've traveled my whole life. Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia, but I chose to write about a temple that tells of Macau's beginnings instead.

Date of issue where this article was published

Date of issue where this article was published

I have three dogs, but only two of them wear diapers. This is because I can clean after one dog – not three.

Winniechurchill, our oldest dog, practically toilet trained herself. As a pup she was very sensitive and would crouch guiltily if my husband Ed shouted, THIS DOG PEED IN THE BEDROOM.

As a result, every morning Winnie would whine, sometimes for 30 minutes, begging for one of us to wake up. Usually it was Ed who awoke first, and he would bring her to the yard. That’s when she learned where to poo and pee, and she does it every morning of the day.


Ashly Belle Pumpernickel Adjusts to Diapers

When we got Ashley Pumpernickel, our second dog, we noticed that she LIKED to pee on beds and sofas. That’s when I decided to put her on diapers. Here’s a tip: It’s cheaper to buy baby diapers and cut a hole through it than to buy real diapers.

Ashley and Winnie have to exchange their schedules when indoors and outdoors, because they tend to fight with each other. Initially, when I would put Ashley on her diaper she’d bite it and tear it off. I’d yell at her and eventually she learned to keep it on.

She also learned that if she peed right in front of me on the bed, within my range of vision, I would immediately change her diaper. And, she learned that if she pooed, all she’d have to do is find me, position herself so that the diaper is right in front of my nose, and voila, instant diaper change.

Ashley and Mocha Sleep Back to Back With Their Diapers

They sleep in their diapers.

They sleep in their diapers.

But Generally, Ashly Hates the Camera

Ashley hides fro camera

Ashley hides fro camera

Mocha's Peaceful Revolution

If I am outdoors for the day, when I come home to the two dogs in diapers, (Mocha wears diapers in the afternoon with Ashley), I notice that they immediately do their mess. They trained themselves to discover a practical way to do their mess with their diapers in a way that would guarantee an instant, clean diaper change.

Mocha Barney used to sleep outdoors with Ashley at night, until one morning we found her limping. From then on, Mocha became the full house dog. In the morning she pees outdoors with Winniechurchill and in the afternoon, she pees on her diaper like Ashley.

Recently Mocha went democratic on us. We installed a new screen door that she can easily open with her nose. So she tears off a perfectly clean diaper and does her mess outdoors even in the afternoon. This was going on for quite a while. One day she ruined five perfectly clean diapers. We got the message, so she only wears one diaper a day now, when it’s time to sleep. (Update: Now, Mocha doesn’t even wear diapers when sleeping. She is a trained, totally diaper free dog).

My article got a 2-page spread

My article got a 2-page spread



  1. You can’t train grown dogs to use diapers. They’ll bite at it until you have clumps of torn diaper all around the floor of your room and hall. Dogs have to be trained from the time they are puppies.
  2. You may need to use diapers on old, sick dogs. By that time, it will most likely work out fine, and the dog won’t rebel. She will understand that the diaper is needed. Also, old dogs tend to mellow down.
Always happens. My byline is misspelled with an "S" instead of a "Z". Ah, well...

Always happens. My byline is misspelled with an "S" instead of a "Z". Ah, well...

  • 3. When you use baby diapers DON’T cut the hole in the middle of the diaper. That is the best way to find leaks of pee and pieces of turds here and there on the floor. For a leak-free diaper, look for the side OPPOSITE where the stickers are (that are attached to seal the diaper). The, go to the side of the diaper where there is NO THICKNESS. Cut a straight line as close to the thickness as you can. The tail will be sideward and it may look weird, but I guarantee you there will be no leaks of turds or pee.
  • 4. Buy the proper diaper size for your dog. My biggest dog makes LOTS of pee, so we really get the largest size for her. Anything less will cause a leak whether you cut it properly or not.
TOC with my article on P. 70

TOC with my article on P. 70


  1. The above instructions will work on a male dog when it poos. The problem is when it pees.
  2. For male dog pee, you can build a belt with Velcro to make sure that the belt fits snugly around the dog’s waist.
  3. The belt should be the appropriate width of your dog’s, er, thing.
  4. Place a woman’s menstruation napkin on the area that will touch on your dog’s penis.
  5. Snugly keep the belt in place with the Velcro attached at the ends.
  6. (Update): I learned of another option when I saw two male dogs in a mall. The owner simply bought baby diapers for them, but wrapped the diapers like a belt around the dogs’ waists to cover their dogs’ er, things. The pets looked perfectly engaging.
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The best YouTube advice for dog diapers

I went through a lot of YouTube videos with advice on how to cut dog diapers. However, there was the constant problem of leaks and fallen turds. The best advice was: DON'T cut on the side of the diaper where the stickers are. Cut on the opposite.

I went through a lot of YouTube videos with advice on how to cut dog diapers. However, there was the constant problem of leaks and fallen turds. The best advice was: DON'T cut on the side of the diaper where the stickers are. Cut on the opposite.

Second, DON'T cut where there is thickness. slice a small hole to the side, The dog's tail will be sideways but I guarantee you, no leaks or fallen turds.

Second, DON'T cut where there is thickness. slice a small hole to the side, The dog's tail will be sideways but I guarantee you, no leaks or fallen turds.


People may think that diapers are inappropriate for pets, but there is a good side to it. A number of people are getting pet chickens. This has given them an understanding of how easy it is to bond with a chicken and eventually, they tend to be less likely to eat them.

My neighbor, who grew up in the city, retired in a rural area and bonded with a chicken. It made her laugh and when she and her husband would go out on walks, the chicken would follow them without a leash.

Bringing the chicken indoors makes you realize that these animals have lovable qualities. The good news is, there is a diaper for chickens. has a lot of diapers for chickens in different designs. Check out their gallery. Even better, chicken poop can be recycled back to the ground.

The same diaper can be used for a peacock or a duck. Here’s a hint: If you don’t wanna spend money on a chicken diaper it is outrageously easy to make one for yourself. You could make seven, one for each day.

How to Diaper a Chicken


In old Spain, the first paellas were cooked outdoors and any edible animal was used for the meal, including rabbits. Today, rabbits are commonly the victims of foxes.

As pets, rabbits are the cheapest pets to purchase in the Philippines, and they are incredibly cute when they are around the house. The problem is, when they’re little the poo is hardly a bother. When they’re big, the poo is ridiculous.

And yet, if you love having an organic garden, nothing beats rabbit poop. Also, rabbits are the easiest pets to diaper. You can simply buy any baby diaper on the market that’s appropriate to size, and put it carefully on the rabbit. You don’t even have to cut a hole on it for any tail.

When putting on the rabbit’s diaper, it’s best to keep your rabbit between your thighs, head facing you. Put it on carefully and gently. Make sure you don’t alarm the rabbit. If a rabbit feels threatened, the claws in their feet are large and they can claw so quickly you won’t know what hit you. We suggest you watch a teaching video before diapering a rabbit. Try this video which shows how a child puts on the rabbit’s diaper:

How to put a diaper on a rabbit


Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on July 09, 2020:

Hi SP, we decided to do this for practical reasons. We had three dogs at that time, and so it helped that they had diapers. But when they aged, they went democratic and removed their diapers by themselves.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on July 06, 2020:

I did not know that this was something that dog owners could do. This would be so handy for dog owners who live in apartment buildings whose dogs who don't have access to a garden to go potty.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on September 05, 2015:

Hi Stella, I have great respect for you. I don't toilet train my dogs, and am dependent on diapers because of this. My mother - in - law, on the other hand, raised 14 dachshunds that she toilet trained personally, and her home was always spotless and aromatic. I'm surely missing something in not toilet training my two diapered dogs. But on the upside, as you say, they need them when they're older, so maybe this is prepping them for that, hahahahaha.

stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on September 02, 2015:

Hi grand old lady, I have two dogs but have never used diapers on them. I never really have a problem until they get old. Interesting Hub, Stella

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 17, 2015:

Hello Besarian, I'm sorry for responding so late. I miss Hub pages!!! The story of your dog is so sad. But I must say, it really is more practical and cheaper to use baby diapers. 18 years is an incredibly long life for a dog. You must have loved Ma Cherie very much. Thank you for visiting:)

Besarien from South Florida on April 21, 2015:

When I was younger I had a very old girl, a mutt named Ma Cherie, who was incontinent for about the last year of her phenomenal 18 year life. She was very good about wearing her diaper. I just cut down the middle of a kids diaper about 1/3 of the way and used the slit to secure around her tail masking tape is the key here. She really did seem to prefer wearing it to making a mess. Old or young they are our babies! Great hub.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on November 17, 2014:

Vespawoolf, I am totally in agreement with everything you say, especially that though the diapers don't always fit, they do look cute.

Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on November 10, 2014:

I´ve never heard of using diapers on chickens and rabbits, although I have heard of using them on female dogs when in heat. As you mention, though, you need to get the dog used to diapers from puppyhood on up. Also, diapers don´t always fit the dog well but they do look cute!

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on July 03, 2014:

Hi Lady Fiddler, I know exactly where you're coming from. It's no fun cleaning after dongs EVEN with diapers, I must tell you. Well, you do what you gotta do, and every little bit helps:).

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on July 03, 2014:

LMBO! Dogs with diapers what a site lol, so it come like you've got a baby also its an expense to you, but i understand because i certainly do not like cleaning poop dog, cat or rat. I wanted a dog but when i think of the poo i resigned from that thought :)

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on June 10, 2014:

JayeWisdom, how wonderful to hear from you again. Your story about Puppy Girl made me laugh and feel sad for such a darling dog as well. She is so good and trained, no matter what, but I'm glad the diapers helped. Hope the thunderstorms aren't too bad out there. Your postscript about Kiberly-Clarke made me laugh so hard. Stay safe, and may God protect you, Puppy Girl and all your loved ones.

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on June 10, 2014:

How very appropriate that this hub appeared in my feed again today. It's been storming here for days, and my Puppy Girl hates to go outdoors in terrible weather. (So do I.) Even with a large umbrella, we both get wet, and the thunder frightens her. But she kept 'telling' me she wanted to go outside to potty this morning, so I attached her harness and leash, then led her to a large pee pad I'd laid on the back porch. Nothing doing! She will hold it until she's miserable before she will 'go' on what she considers a floor, even if it's got a pad covering it. It's probably even more confusing to her since she went blind. So we went back and forth several times with no results, but I wouldn't take her outside in the storm.

After the third failure, I brought her into the washroom, put on a diaper and said, "Okay--potty in your diaper." She immediately squatted, did the deeds and waited for me to change her diaper, wash and dry her, and then put on a clean diaper. So easy. But she is still programmed from puppyhood to want to do it outdoors. So we had to go through that charade of going to the back porch (but not out the storm door) three times before she was ready to use the diaper for its intended purpose. By the time she finally relieved herself, I was holding back laughter.

She is scheduled for surgery June 24 (enucleation of both eyes to prevent corneal pain from chronic KCS), and the vet and vet techs know she wears diapers. She's to stay in the hospital for monitoring for two nights following the surgery, so I'll be packing her diaper bag!

If anyone had told me nine years ago that the sweet little furball puppy I welcomed into my life would be wearing Huggies at this stage, I would have been skeptical, but now realize the necessity and am truly thankful for Pull-ups and Slip-ons (because of the elastic waistbands and leg openings).


P.S. I wonder if Kimberly-Clarke, makers of Huggies, would like my testimonial of using their products for a sometimes incontinent dog?

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on June 10, 2014:

Baby Diapers Online, thank you for your very kind words. Good luck with your search for the perfect diapers for your pets.

Baby Diapers Online on June 10, 2014:

This article was great in suggesting new brands and

styles to try out.

, I thought this article was suppose

to help those of us who have never used diapers,

Thank you so much for this comprehensive list!

I have read many reviews and done a ton of research

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I am loving all of the inside ,

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 22, 2014:

Writer Fox, thank you for reading the article, even if you never heard of diapers for pets. Yes, I hope others will benefit from reading this piece. The use of diapers has helped me a lot in managing my dogs:)

Writer Fox from the wadi near the little river on May 22, 2014:

I've never heard of using diapers for pets. This could be useful for many people.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 21, 2014:

JayeWisdom, how interesting to know that there are more animals in diapers than we realize. I think that gorilla you are referring to -- they made a movie about that. The woman taught her monkeys and the gorilla to dress up, they had beds in their cages, they ate with good manners, etc. So you are right, diapers for animals is probably a thriving business, indeed. The idea of diapers for exotic animals also makes sense. Regarding the answer you gave about the question of diaper rash, like you, it was never a problem with my dogs, but it is an interesting question. It may depend on the pet.

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on May 21, 2014:

I love reading the comments for this hub. Grand, there are actually many types of very small primates sold as exotic pets that wear diapers until (or if) they are potty-trained. I'm not talking about chimps, because they can be dangerous at maturity, but small monkeys such as marmosets, spider monkeys and squirrel monkeys. Some are easier to potty train than others, but I think they're sold wearing diapers! So it's already a big business. Of course, anyone who can afford to pay thousands of dollars for a tiny monkey, its license (about $1,000), vet bills from a special exotic pet vet, cage to keep it safe when not supervised, etc. won't balk at the cost of diapers!

I remember reading a book (true story) about a baby gorilla that was raised by a society woman in the '20s or '30s, and the photos showed an adorable baby primate crawling around on the floor wearing a diaper and baby t-shirt. Of course, once the gorilla reached puberty, he had to be kept in a strong enclosure, but she loved that gorilla as much as she loved any human, and from the way the story read, he obviously loved her in return because they'd bonded when he was an infant. Fascinating!


Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 21, 2014:

Writer Janis, thank you for stopping by. Who knows? This may be the start of an important movement. Diapers for bulls, elephants, racoons, much business potential here. not. hahahahah

Janis from California on May 21, 2014:

I never knew there were diapers available for so many animals.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 18, 2014:

Wonderful, Alexadry! Glad to be of help. Hope you will keep us informed about life with your chicken in your house, or even write a hub about it. I want to have a pet chicken but a still worried that my dogs might hurt it.

Adrienne Farricelli on May 17, 2014:

When I had chickens, I was wondering if they could wear diapers so I could keep them inside with me. You hub answered the question for me!

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 15, 2014:

Yes Jaye Wisdom, I'm following you right now and just read one of your articles. I didn't read the dog article since you already talked about it, but will one of these days to get a more detailed idea of her experience:)

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on May 15, 2014:

This answer is for Anita (about the potential for diaper rash). My dog has never gotten it because I've never left a wet or soiled diaper on her for more than a minute before changing, washing and thoroughly drying her. I think the lighter Huggies pull-ups are much less likely to be hot or chafing in the summer, so I'm very glad I tried them. She wears them during the daytime, then I put one of the slip-ons on her for overnight.

Baby powder with cornstarch (not talc) would probably keep even a long-haired dog more comfy in a diaper. I'm not sure. That's a question for a vet!

By the way, I've written several hubs about my dog's various illnesses, as well her experience (and mine) when she went blind.


Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 15, 2014:

Thank you, Ms. Dora. It's always wonderful to hear from you:)

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 15, 2014:

Mona, you have the process down, pat. Other pet owners can learn from you. I enjoyed the read. Congratulations again on being published.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 15, 2014:

Billy Buc, that is a real compliment, coming from you!

Anita Saran, lol! No, they don't get diaper rash. However, I'm sorry about your Llhasa/Cocker/Mongrel. How wonderful that you stood by your pet in its old age.

Jaye Wisdom, your long comment was first, but I think as other comments come in, it goes down the line. Your comment has been the star comment, it seems, as others write about what you said as well. You have touched many, many hearts with your beautiful, long story about your nine-year-old dog.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on May 15, 2014:

How very interesting. We have three dogs, and one in particular really should have diapers. Thank you for the information. A very well-written article that is valuable for any dog owner.

Anita Saran from Bangalore, India on May 15, 2014:

Absolutely amazing JayeWisdom! I had no idea. I'm glad you treat your pets like they're human. They deserve that special attention. I had an 18-19 year old Lhasa Apso bred with Cocker Spaniel and a bit of Mongrel who was arthritic in her old age but would still manage to drag herself from her bed when she wanted to pee or poo. Of course, I cleaned her up everyday, but there were those rare times when I wasn't there with her having gone out of the house. My only question about diapers is - do they get diaper rash?

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (author) from Philippines on May 14, 2014:

JayeWisdom, your story really touched my heart. Your dog sounds wonderful, wise, accepting and strong -- things we all can learn from animals, especially after they have grown old and become ill. How lucky she is to have you there for her. The way you describe how she would lift her legs to put on her huggies is so visual and must have been an exceptional bonding experience. Thank you for sharing such a touching story. I hope you write a hub about it. I'd love to read of this story in greater detail.

Nell Rose, yes, people often would laugh when I'd take my dogs out, all dressed and in diapers but I preferred it to accidents. Indoors, it is really lots more convenient.

FlourishAnyway, it's true, cats are naturally clean, I'm told. I had an outdoor cat once, so I haven't actually experienced how they are indoors. But this outdoor cat was pretty wonderful.

HeidiThorne, yes, when the dogs get frustrated they bite the diapers to pieces. It's easier when they are puppies as they can be trained. You may have to watch your dog and when you see her biting, say "NO" and just be relentless. Eventually she will get the message.

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on May 14, 2014:

I wrote a long comment and posted it a while ago. I think mine was the first comment. Did it get lost or was it not accepted?

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on May 14, 2014:

Our older golden girl has bladder issues that come and go. But, you're right, it would be very difficult to train her to wear one of these and I'd likely find it all over the house. Good discussion of a problem lots of pet owners face!

FlourishAnyway from USA on May 14, 2014:

I have cats so no one needs diapers (knock on wood) but your photos are adorable and I have never considered that pets actually wear diapers. Interesting topic here!

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on May 14, 2014:

I read this, nodding my head and saying, "yes" to many things that coincided with my own experience. My nine-year-old dog has been in diapers for a year, since she went blind, got confused and stopped going to the back door and barking to go outside. Another thing happened almost immediately. She got HGE, a colitis-type gastric disease that landed her in the hospital, and she had to wear diapers for about a week afterward.

This time of her life was not her first introduction to diapers. That occurred when she had frequently infected anal glands that had to be surgically removed when she was about three years old. While her surgical wound was healing, the vet prescribed stool softeners. Diapers were a MUST.

I've never used expensive dog diapers. My dog has a short cropped tail, so I don't even cut a hole, but get a diaper size that will accommodate her tail in back and even let her move it around normally. I began using Huggies Little Movers, size four, but had to add extra tape to keep them on. Too much trouble, and they were very bulky.

After she adjusted to blindess, she reverted to her outdoor potty routine MOST of the time. If she's just awakened from a nap, she may try to find me, and she may not, depending on her level of alertness, so she still wears the diapers. But now she wears Huggies slip-ons at night and Huggies pull-ups (not as thick or bulky, but will hold whatever occurs until a change.) Both of these can be peeled off, but she usually just steps out carefully. In fact, she's so accustomed to them that when I put them on, she first lifts her left back leg to be placed in an opening, then lifts the other leg for a repeat. I tell her she's Mama's smart girl!

I suppose she's never fought the diapers because she remembered wearing them after anal gland surgery. The first couple of times I had to actually tell her, "It's okay to poop in the diaper...go ahead." Then she would. Years later she'd be comfortable wearing a diaper. When I take her to the vet's, all the female techs crowd around her 'oohing and ahhing' about her 'Little Mermaid'-decorated pull-ups.

I praise her when she alerts me for an outdoor potty run (which is most of the time) and don't scold her for any lapses, but simply clean her up. It's actually very easy to do--the cleanup, and I'd much rather change a diaper than clean up an area rug or hardwood floors. So...this is for life. Since we're two senior citizens--my dog and I--growing older together, that's okay. I only hope I never need Depends! (But if I do, I'll try to be as accepting of them as my dog is of her diapers/pull-ups.)

Voted Up, Useful, Funny and Interesting


Nell Rose from England on May 14, 2014:

Hi, well this is a first for me! lol! I have never heard of pets with diapers before! But yes they can be so useful, especially if the dog is incontinent and has to spend a lot of time indoors, fascinating read, nell

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