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Miniature Dachshund Costume - Wiener Dog Hotdog!

Dress your wiener dog appropriately!

It's overdone, but oh so appropriate. Get this hot dog costume for your special wiener dog friend.

Don't expect a miracle or an absolutely perfectly fitting costume- you'll need to make some adjustments throughout the night, and you won't want to leave this on forever, but if you have a quick engagement to attend or a photo op, this is a hilariously (albeit cliched) awesome costume for your miniature dachshund.

I remember the first time I saw a pic of this particular mini dachshund costume on the internet. I'm not a super sentimental guy, but I'm pretty sure "awwww" came out of my mouth unconsciously. My next reaction was to chuckle, and I think those are going to be the two reactions you're likely to get from this campy costume for wiener dogs.


A rewarding experience

If you've stumbled upon this article and are considering adding a miniature (or full sized) Dachshund dog to your household, please consider adopting a senior Dachshund. These guys are largely already potty trained and well disciplined, so you get to skip over some of the most frustrating parts of raising a dog, right into the awesome cuddle buddy phase that I love the most. Dachshund Rescue of North America has photos of the dogs you may want to consider adopting, and if adoption is too much of a commitment for you right now, but you have experience with these awesome tiny dogs, consider becoming a foster.

Either way, I hope you have a good chuckle at this wiener dog costume, and if I've helped you find a costume for your little friend, I'm happy to have done so! Our dogs are like family to us, and they deserve to be spoiled absolutely rotten.



Me with Hallie, our last wiener dog


Quick history of Dachshunds

It is well known that the Dachshund as a breed originated in Germany, and that the dogs were first bred to hunt and chase after badgers. Most historians of the breed can agree with that much, at least. What most historians can't necessarily agree on is the date of origin. Some suppose that the 18th century fits the bill, as there are references in print from that time to the Dachs Krieger (literally "badger warrior). However, there is speculation that the breeding may go as far back as the 15th century.

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There is even some speculation that the earliest roots of the Dachshund as a breed go all the way back to ancient Egypt. You can see engravings with hunting dogs with suspiciously short legs and long bodies. There are mummified wiener dogs in burial urns, too. Whatever the origins, the breed is currently one of the ten most popular in the world, so there are an awful lot of them out there, many of whom need rescuing, fostering, and adopting.


My personal history with Dachshunds

I grew up in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina. One of the neighbors across the street from us had a wiener dog named "Kaiser", and I barely got to know Kaiser before they moved on. Still, he left an indelible impression on me that would sit on the back burner for nearly three decades.

I started dating Alley in 2010, and Alley had just adopted Hallie, who took some time to win my heart over. Gradually, though, she did, and we were really happy together for four awesome years. Hallie was a senior, 10 years old when Alley adopted her, and so making it another four years was somewhat up in the air, perhaps even a little unexpected. It was tough saying goodbye to Hallie, and in retrospect, it was predictable to a degree.

We've just adopted a new tiny wiener named Molly. Molly is incredibly sweet. She was dropped off directly at a woman's house named Wanda by a woman who posted her (and her "brother") as "free to a good home" on Craigslist. Craigslist in an extremely dangerous place for a dog to end up, as some dogs may end up as "bait dogs" or worse, so we're really glad to have helped facilitate Molly's rescue and adoption.

We've been heavily involved with fostering rescued Dachshunds for the last couple of years, too. Fostering helps to ensure that a "forever home" (or "Furever Home") is found for these guys, and a very necessary component in saving their little lives. Additionally, helping with transport is a key step that we've participated in.

You may want to read up on helping your senior Dachshund get through life if you are considering fostering or adopting (and goof for you, if you are!). I've also written about how to keep your dog from biting everything in sight, and making your own healthy dog treats at home, in case you're interested.


Andrew Smith (author) from Richmond, VA on October 10, 2014:

Geekdom, it's an all time classic, almost irresistible, and always ridiculous!

Geekdom on October 09, 2014:

I have always loved these dogs in the hotdog costume. I am also a sucker for the classics!

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