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Funny Guinea Pig Photos & Cavy Memes - LOL Guinea Pigs (lolguineapigs)

LOL Guinea Pigs (or lolguineapigs) are a spinoff of LOL Cats (Laugh Out Loud Cats) – those famous photos of cats on the internet which have funny captions on them. You might remember lolcats as early as the 1990s, when they first started being shared on email and social media.

Often lolcats have slang in them, but the most interesting ones have an original message on the photo that everyone can relate to, usually anthropomorphic, which is the attribution of human characteristics to animals.

There are some lolguineapigs already out there, but the slang doesn’t suit many people, most of all guinea pig lovers. An example might be “See dis? Iz my paw. Nao u canz talk to it”.

As a guinea pig owner myself, these lolguineapigs are certainly not what I’d want to share with my friends, because they’re not cute or witty, and are lacking the adorable anthropomorphic personalities often bestowed upon pet piggies. In this hub, I’ve created some new, more suitable lolguineapigs for general public use.

Feel free to share and enjoy!


LOL Piggies

Lolguineapigs should not be confused with lolpiggies, though guinea pigs are often referred to as “piggies” by their owners.

If you perform a Google search for “lolpiggies”, you will find mostly pig and piglet images, with a few guinea pigs thrown in for good measure.

The Origin Of Lolcats

Lolcats are photos of cats with funny text captions on them. Originally the text captions were grammatically incorrect and were often a type of “lolspeak” or “kitty pidgin” slang, intended to be funny or witty, though occasionally interpreted as angry, violent or degrading.

They were designed for social media, sharing, forums and other applications, to make social conversation more visual and interesting. Many were used as email updates or status updates, allowing sharers to make visual statements about how they were feeling at a particular moment.

Eventually, lolcats started having proper English put on them and became more attractive to a mainstream audience, dropping the angry ghetto slang to promote wit, humour and office jokes.

Lolcats that don’t contain cats, but might have other animals in them are often called “lols” or "lolpics", but I feel that each genre of animals is entitled to be lolsomething, just like the cats. It would sure make them easier to identify as a species in a Google search!

At the time of writing, there are only a few searches you can make to find lolguineapigs in Google. They are “lolguineapigs”, "funny guinea pig photos", "funny cavy photos" and “lolcavies”. There are not many lolguineapigs on the internet yet, but I've been collecting some on my Pinterest board.


Did You Know?

The word “meme” was first introduced in 1976 by biologist Richard Dawkins, who formed the word from the Greek “mimema” (meaning “something imitated”). Dawkins described memes as social or cultural ideas which travel quickly from person to person.

Lolanimals & Memes

There are lots of other lolanimals on the web, including loldogs, lolrabbits, lolbears and even lolsloths. Since the lolcats became popular, the idea has transcended species, and now includes funny animal antics or weird animal photos with captions on them.

Just as a side note, lolpics are also known as memes, which are popular images, videos, text or other media that are copied and spread rapidly from person to person, often with anthropomorphic or genuine human characteristics, antics or messages.

There are thousands of other types of memes on the internet besides lol ones – an example might be selfies, where one person did it and it became popular and suddenly everyone was doing selfies.

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Memes spread best through social networks, blogs, forums, emails and websites. They may belong to different internet cultures and subcultures. Memes are a kind of DIY internet thing; you see something you like and put your own personal stamp on it and then share it with family and friends to create your own.

If you want to see hundreds of interesting lol memes, a Google image search of “memes” will bring up quite a lot to look at!

In this hub, I’ve tried to create cute and funny guinea pig memes that would be attractive to guinea pig owners. As mentioned before, we’re not really a ghetto slang type of group, because we’re into cuteness, cuddles and the joy of petting little furry animals.


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Memes In Evolution

Memetics is a discipline which provides a way to study evolution by cultural information transfer (eg memes). An idea or concept which belongs to one or more people can be transferred to the entire human race.

For example, a meme can be spread virally on the internet, causing tens of thousands of people to view it, absorb it and potentially share, copy or imitate it. The more popular a meme is, the quicker it is passed on to larger audiences, becoming a distinctive cultural icon, like lolcats.

If we were to trace the history of lolcats since they first appeared to what they are today, we can see many patterns in the imitations. For example, we can see that the lolcats that express human emotions in an interesting way that everyone can relate to, tend to be shared and duplicated faster than ones that don’t.

Thus the popular lolcats that are shared the most tend to reflect the desires of the majority and can be noted as being of cultural significance.

Memes are just one of many cultural concepts developing on the internet, but it is interesting to watch history in the making by looking at what is shared most!

Call me Mr Grumpy.

Call me Mr Grumpy.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my lolguineapigs. Feel free to use these on articles and websites, as long as the photo attribution (on the photo) remains intact. If you have an idea you’d like made into a lolguineapig, leave a comment here and if it’s a cracker, I will endeavour to make it up for you!


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© 2014 Suzanne Day


Julia on May 24, 2019:

I used to have a guinea pig... But these are making me smile, and have some memories. Thank YOU!!!!

GalaxyRat on June 22, 2017:

Loved this. :) I had a guniea pig. I have rats now, and in all the memes I find of rats are negative. Thanks for sharing these though.

David Branagan from Ireland on December 15, 2016:

Awww your article made me smile, and laugh! :) Such an original article. My sister would love this. She has loads of these little adorable critters.

Reynold Jay from Saginaw, Michigan on October 22, 2015:

You drew me into this one with that cute photo. I am a sucker for little critters. I would bet I would love one of these much more than cat.

Susie Lehto from Minnesota on July 03, 2015:

You must love these little critters, Suzanne. Those a cute memes and a funny hub. Very sweet!

Julie K Henderson on May 06, 2015:

I grew up with guinea pigs, and I've loved them ever since. Thank you for creating such a diverting hub. I especially liked the "Will work for carrots" and "Torturing cats since 1624." Voted up.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 26, 2015:

This was a great first hub to read and I have a big smile on my face now. How cute! The one about how celebrities get their hair ideas is so funny, but many of them made me laugh. I have taken care of some guinea pigs at a neighbor's home when they have gone on vacation. They really DO like their carrots! Up votes, pinning and sharing.

Alice CaliCavy on August 20, 2014:

Re: those who love guinea pigs abundantly. Never mind crazy cat ladies, perhaps crazy cavy ladies?

Loved the LOL Guinea Pigs. Pinned and shared. Keep them coming!

Tarrin Lupo from Peterborough NH on April 01, 2014:

Yes please. More of this.

Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on March 11, 2014:

I'd never heard of lol cats or lolguineapigs until reading this hub! The internet has definitely revolutionized our culture and way of thinking, even with relatively insignificant fads. Thanks for sharing!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 21, 2014:

There was my great laugh for the day. I have never owned a guinea pig...I think I've missed out on some great fun. :)

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on February 20, 2014:

LOL Guinea Pigs are so cute and your thorough research has taught me so much more about Guinea Pigs.

Beth Perry from Tennesee on February 19, 2014:

These are very funny!! Great job! I so much love the cute animal memes over the urban-nasty ones, and Grumpy Cat. She was funny in the beginning, but she's just a little too negative for my tastes now. I like the "up" feeling I get from your guinea pigs.

I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many memes I've generated and posted over the years. A few of them I started myself, and since you were kind enough to invite me over, I might return the favor and post a Hub to showcase my originals.

Voted up!

CraftytotheCore on February 19, 2014:

This is cute! My cousins had a guinea pig as a pet when I was a child. I never had one. But they are really cute.

Victoria Van Ness from Fountain, CO on February 19, 2014:

Very cute!! I really enjoyed this!

Writer Fox from the wadi near the little river on February 19, 2014:

I have not heard of LOL Guinea Pigs before. They are so cute! Voted up and Pinned.

oldiesmusic from United States on February 19, 2014:

Aaaaaww! I used to have a couple of guinea pigs back then. They bred really fast and had many cute babies. Thanks for sharing your guinea pig memes! :D

kerlund74 from Sweden on February 19, 2014:

So cute and funny:)

Brittany Rowland from Woodstock, GA on February 18, 2014:

Those were cute pics, I must say. And the information on memes was fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on February 18, 2014:

How cute!! My eldest had a couple of "piggies" shortly after she graduated high school. They were really cute, with sweet personalities, and definitely some mischief.

The Abbysinian one, (much like your top photo) was just "full of it," and fancied herself a barber, always trimming the "bangs" of the Peruvian one, so that she had more of a Mohawk look than an Old English Sheepdog look. LOL, indeed!

I thought this was a very clever Hub, and very nice of you to offer to share your adorable little friends!

Voted up, useful, interesting and funny.

Jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on February 18, 2014:

What adorable guinea pigs! I appreciate that your guinea pigs have something intelligent to say. I wish lolcats would take some grammar lessons from your lolguineapigs.

Suzanne Day (author) from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on February 18, 2014:

Piggie ladies? Or maybe piiiiiiiglovers? Feel free to make your own lols too!

FlourishAnyway from USA on February 18, 2014:

I love your unique niche. Pinning this! Very clever! If ladies who love cats too much are cat ladies, what are those who love guinea pigs abundantly? Just curious! I always enjoy a fellow animal enthusiast.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on February 18, 2014:

The Guinea Pig at the end was definitely fluffy. Guess he didn't want to be judged by his looks.

Brenda Thornlow from New York on February 18, 2014:

Very cute! Thank you for sharing!

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