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the 6 best dog breeds


Newfoundland dog

In spite of being a dog with a large size, they are very calm dogs and can easily adapt to a family environment. They are very good and affectionate with children, they are a loyal breed and easy to train.

This dog is ideal for a single person or for a family, although it is necessary to consider their size and the amount of money we have for their sustainability and that being large dogs they need a lot of food.


Golden Retrievers

It is a dog with a gentle temperament, it is friendly, calm, intelligent and affectionate. They are playful and very docile when it comes to being with a child and tend to be very careful with their owners as well as get along well with other pets.

They are easy to train and are also very obedient, which has made them very popular as support animals, they do not bark often and are good as guard animals.


Dog Beagles

They are animals that get along well with other pets and with children are cheerful dogs, it is very common to see them at airports as search dogs as they are highly intelligent and good at tracking, plus their friendly appearance allows them to be close to people.

Beagles are good dogs that can live free in the wild, but don't count on them to guard your house because all they can do is bark or wag their tail at an intruder.

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German Shepherd Dog

They are animals that get along well with children and other pets, although they can be hesitant of strangers due to their guarding instinct, they are an easy breed to train although they are very restless, if these animals have a bad upbringing they can develop aggressiveness or an instinct of overprotection.

They are large, powerful and have a great guarding instinct that is why they are ideal as service dogs, rescue dogs or as a police element.


Labrador Retriever Dog

They are excellent as family dogs, they usually get along well with other dogs and children, they are strong dogs and require special care, they are energetic and can adapt to any environment. The chewing of these animals can become a problem but with good training can be avoided.

In addition, because of their service character, they are used as guide dogs for blind people and as companion dogs for autistic people.


Corgi Dog

This dog is incredibly energetic and intelligent, they are incredible for those people who are looking for a faithful, active and guardian companion, they have a very special temperament so they require patience and dedication but they are great companions for play, friendship and life.

In general they require the same care as any other dog, they are sociable although at the beginning they can be shy and jealous.


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