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How to Keep Cats Off Counters

My Cat From Hell

I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and we both have cats. Lately we have been having a problem with both cats jumping on the counters, tables and my dresser.

It is really annoying when cats jump on countertops because they are constantly knocking things over and creating a huge mess. But more importantly, I don't want their dirty paws on the counters where I prepare food.

My one cat even jumps up on the refrigerator. So we desperately went searching for ways to keep cats off counters.

What Are Your House Rules?

What we tried to keep our cats off of the counters...

On this page, I have a list of all the things we tried to get our cats to stop jumping on the kitchen counters. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the page, where I will share with you what the solution was.


Duct Tape to Keep Cat of Countertops


Solution #1 To Getting Cats Off Counters

I was thinking about what cats hate and remembered that once my cat, Pebbles stepped on a piece of tape and she hated it. I mean she was jumping around trying to get the tape off. She hated it.

So I got this idea to make the counter tops sticky so once they jumped up, they would hate it and jump right back down. Eventually they will learn that the counters are not fun.

It sounded like a good idea to me...

So my boyfriend look duck tape and laid it all over the counters and tabletops facing upwards. And although it looked a bit silly, it did work really well to keep the cats off of the counter top. I also liked the idea that I didn't have to babysit while I was at work.

But the downside was that I couldn't use my counter space myself. I was constantly getting stuck on the tape, which was a real pain.

I knew we needed to find a more permanent solution.

So I went out to my love pet store and online to see if there were some better options to keep cats off counters and tables.

Sss Cat Trainer

The SSS Cat Trainer is simply a spray bottle of air. There is nothing in it that can hurt your cat.

The way it works is by a motion sensor. When your cat jumps on the counter, the SSSCat Cat Training Bottle goes off and sprays air. This ends up startling the cat so he/she will stop returning to the area.

The thing I love best about this product is that it works even if I'm not at home. I can go to work, and be confident that the cat is not on the counter.

SSSCAT Cat Training Aid

Watch SSSCat In Action

Too Scary!

I don't know, the thought of scaring my cats just didn't work for me. It just seemed cruel. So I went about my search and decided to see if there was anything else to try.

But in the mean time, my boyfriend kept patiently placing the duct tape on the counters before we went to bed or before we went to work. And we also had tape on most of the counters when we were home, but we would remove a small section so I would have a space to prepare dinner.

Advise from Jackson Galaxy - My Cat From Hell

Jackson Galaxy is a cat expert and he has some great advise. Duh! I wish I would have thought about this myself.

He says that since cats like to climb and be up high so they can get a better vantage point a good idea is to add a cat tree condo.

How To Keep Cats off Tables and Counters another thought

Advantage of a Cat Tree Condo

Here are a few advantages of a Cat tree Condo...

  • A Cat Tree Condo gives cats a place to climb which is part of their natural instinct.
  • A Cat Tree works as a scratching post.
  • A Cat Condo gives the cat their own domain which is important.
  • A Cat Tree helps keep cats off of counter-tops.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a great value for the money. It is a natural color and is huge. It would be great for multiple cats as there are many different places for cat to sit. There are also many nooks and places to pay with toys. Plus it works as a huge scratching post.

This cat tree is sure to be much more interesting than your counter tops.

Cat Tree Condo

My Cat Tree


I decided to buy a Cat Tree Condo

I after watching the above video, I decided to trust Jackson and see if adding a Cat Tree Condo to our household would make a difference.

Our cats loved it!

Shadow, our male cat, loves it the cat tree the most. We have it by the window and he likes to look outside while sitting there.

Pebbles, our girl cat, just enjoyed being up high so she likes the top shelf. This is where she likes to take a nap. She is especially happy if she can catch some sun rays.

And I did noticed that because the cats were detracted by the condo, they were not trying as hard to climb on the kitchen counters less often.

It seems the the Cat Tree Condo may be the solution we were looking for.

Got Cats?

It Was A Combination!

Now 9 months later, I don't have any problems with my cats climbing on the counter tops in our kitchen or the kitchen table.

We found that by doing a combination of adding a cat condo as well as using the duct tape on counters worked. Within a few weeks we were able to remove the tape completely. But of course we kept the cat condo because Pebbles and Shadow love it so much.

What about you? Have you found a solution? Please leave a comment below.

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