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Jungle Coloring Pages

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Jungle Coloring Pages

On this page you will find a collection of jungle coloring pages for kids. There are jungle scenes, rainforest animals (such as tapirs, hippos, chimpanzees, poison dart frogs, toucans, and many more), rainforest plants, and even jungle theme fonts. You will not find any lions here however. I know they're called the "king of the jungle", but they don't actually live in the rain forest.

I am including some of my own line art pictures which you could use as rainforest coloring pages. Most of these have been created based on photos from Morguefile and clipart from wpclipart.

You may also be interested in another habitat, my desert coloring pages.


Capybara coloring pages

Capybara coloring pages

My own capybara lineart - click to enlarge

The capybara lives in Central and South America in rain forests or open country near swamps, lakes, or rivers.It ranges in color from light brown, to reddish brown, to gray-brown with yellowish brown on its belly. It is the world's largest rodent, which means it has pair of constantly growing incisor teeth. It is designed perfectly for living in and around water, with partly webbed feet for walking on muddy ground and its eyes, ears, and nostrils on the top of its head so that it can remain almost completely submerged for long periods of time.


Chimpanzee Coloring Pages

Chimpanzee Coloring Pages

my own line art - click picture for larger image

The chimpanzee lives in Africa. Its coat is mainly black with a pink or brown face. It is known to use simple tools, such as twigs, rocks, and leaves, to extract get termites out of their nest, to make a sponge to soak up water, or to crack open nuts.


Elephant Coloring Pages

Elephant Coloring Pages

My own elephant line art - click to enlarge.

There are two types of elephants living in Africa and Asia (called the Indian elephant). They are grayish-black or grayish-brown. The African elephant is slightly bigger than the Indian elephant and has bigger ears. The African elephant has a bit of a dip in its back whereas the Indian elephant has a bit of a rounded back.


Gorilla coloring page

Gorilla coloring page

My own line art - click to enlage

The gorilla lives in central Africa. It is black to brownish-gray with the males developing a broad silvery-white saddle as they get older. They are then called silverbacks, for obvious reasons. The gorilla is actually a peaceful vegetarian, but most of its disputes are settled by shows of aggression and beating its chest.


Hippo Coloring Pages

Hippo Coloring Pages

My own line art - click to enlarge

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The hippopotamus lives in Africa. It is grayish-brown to coppery-brown to blueish-black with a pinkish belly. Hippos spend most of their day resting in large groups in the water. They can remain almost totally submerged because their eyes, ears, and nostrils are on the top of their heads. The male hippos are territorial and very aggressive.


Jaguar Coloring Pages

Jaguar Coloring Pages

My own jaguar lineart - click to enlarge

The jaguar is found in the marshlands and tropical forests of Central and South America. They are yellowish-brown with black spots, although some can be completely black. They are fierce predators, and will even attack caimans (similar to crocodiles).


Leopard Coloring Pages

Leopard Coloring Pages

The leopard comes from Africa and southern Asia. It has a pale brown coat with black spots. It often ambushes its prey by leaping on it from the lower branches of a tree. Leopards are very strong predators and can drag large carcasses into trees so they can feed on it undisturbed.




Lots of monkey pictures - a huge list of all types of monkeys, including howler monkeys, spider monkeys and proboscis monkeys.


Okapi Coloring Pages

Okapi Coloring Pages

My okapi lineart - click to enlarge.

The okapi is found in the dense jungle of west central Africa. Its coat is dark reddish-brown to black with black and white stripes on its rear and legs and white markings on its face. The male has hornlike structures on his head, like giraffes, called ossicones.


tapir coloring pages

tapir coloring pages

My tapir lineart - click to enlarge

The tapir comes from Asia and Central and South America. The Malayan tapir's coat is black with a big white section in the middle. Other species of tapir have reddish-brown, gray, or almost black coats. Young tapirs are all dark reddish-brown with cream spots and stripes running along the body and legs for camouflage. Tapirs love swimming in rivers or sinking to the bottom. They also enjoy wallowing in the mud to cool down and keep off the insects.


Tiger Coloring Pages

Tiger Coloring Pages

My own tiger lineart

Visit this tiger article for a long list of cartoon and realistic tiger coloring pages. You will also find saber tooth tigers there.


Macaw Coloring Page

Macaw Coloring Page

My macaw lineart - click to enlarge

The macaw is a brightly colored bird with a large beak and long tail. They usually have a bare, light colored around their eyes. They cover a wide area in search of their food which includes nuts, fruit, seeds, leaves, and flowers. They are intelligent and have impressive learning abilities, allowing them to mimic human sounds.


Toucan Coloring Pages

Toucan Coloring Pages

My toucan lineart - click to enlarge

The toucan has a large serrated beak which enables it to reach fruit, its main diet, on small branches which wouldn't be able to support its weight, then grasp and tear the fruit. They have two toes pointing backwards and two toes pointing forwards on their feet. Toucans make their nests in hollow trees and in holes made by other animals, such as woodpeckers.

Alligators, Crocodiles, and Caimans

crocodile alligator coloring pages

crocodile alligator coloring pages

My alligator / crocodile lineart - click to enlarge

Alligators, crocodiles, and caimans belong to a group called crocodilians. Most of them live in freshwater rivers, lakes, and lagoons. It hunts its prey by stealth, having only its eyes and nostrils above the water, moving into striking range of its victim without being seen. They like to lie in wait in the water for mammals who come to drink or to cross.


chameleon coloring pages

chameleon coloring pages

My chameleon lineart - click to enlarge and draw your own pattern on its skin

The chameleon can change the color and pattern of their skin. They mainly do this to regulate their temperature or to communicate with other chameleons. When they want to warm up, their skin gets darker so that it can absorb more sun. They have a prehensile tail for gripping branches. Each eye can swivel independently so they can look in different directions at the same time.

Tree Boas

Tree Boa Coloring Pages

Tree Boa Coloring Pages

My boa lineart - click to enlarge

The tree boa is often green, allowing it to blend with the leaves in the trees, making it harder for any predatory birds to see it. It holds onto a branch with its strong, prehensile tail and lunges out and down to capture small birds and mammals.


Piranha Coloring Pages

Piranha Coloring Pages

Poison Dart Frogs - (Poison Arrow Frog)

Poison Dart Frog Coloring Pages

Poison Dart Frog Coloring Pages

Tree Frogs

Tree Frog Coloring Pages

Tree Frog Coloring Pages



Butterfly Coloring Pages There are many colorful butterflies and moths living in the jungle. Here are dozens of beautiful butterflies to color. You could also make your own pretty designs on their wings.


Bromeliad Coloring Pages

Bromeliad Coloring Pages


Orchid Coloring Pages

Orchid Coloring Pages

Water Lilies

Amazonian  water lily

Amazonian water lily

Jungle Theme Pictures

Jungle theme coloring pages

Jungle theme coloring pages

Jungle Fonts and Borders

jungle fonts and borders

jungle fonts and borders

Jungle title page (using jungle rock font) - click to enlarge

(Download the Jungle Rock font here for more letters.)

(Another tree font you could use in your jungle pictures)

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This are great coloring pages for small kids like mine.

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Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on January 16, 2011:

Great for kids and older kids. Very good resource.

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Jeanette (author) from Australia on November 25, 2010:

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nice tips for kids who learns to draw

anonymous on November 23, 2010:

Great site. Suggestions: Jungle theme border to go around the page when children have a lot of writing and want to liven it up.

anonymous on November 23, 2010:

Great site. Suggestions: Jungle theme border to go around the page when children have a lot of writing and want to liven it up.

leasefunders on November 11, 2010:

wow, awesome and fun to color designs.

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carinsuranceq on September 17, 2010:

Wow!!! what a colorful lens..I just loved it.

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