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How To Take Care of A Dog...the Right Way!


"How to Take Care of A Dog"...the RIGHT Way!

If you're sniffing out information on "how to take care of a dog," you've just barked up the RIGHT tree!

While a dog doesn't need as much care as a small child, she does need attention and regular care to keep her happy, healthy and well-balanced. What YOU get in return is a life-long, wildly loving relationship with your pet. And you want that don't you? (Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, right?)

Sooo... get ready to commit to these FIVE dog care basics ...


Commitment #1 - FEEDING

"How to Take Care of a Dog" with Mmmm-mmm Good Dog Nutrition

Providing good dog nutrition means you need to feed your dog regularly with enough healthy food for his (or her) breed type.

All dogs are different and have different nutritional needs. However, all dogs' diet should include a combination of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If it does, then your dog's needs for growth and tissue repair will be met.

Since dogs have different needs at various stages of their lives in terms of nutrition, just be prepared to feed your dog accordingly.

>>> A Dog Gift That Keeps On Giving . . . - Clean Fresh, Drinking Water


Commitment #2 - EXERCISE

"How to Take Care of a Dog" with a Dog Exercise Plan

In humans, the importance of exercise has been proven time and again. But what about our canine friends? Is it enough to just feed them properly and give them 'occasional' walks?

A dog needs plenty of exercise... and generally the bigger the dog, the more exercise he or she will need. If you are not prepared to exercise your dog on a daily basis then perhaps you should think about getting another kind of pet.

Not only is regular exercise good for your dog's health, but it also gives him the opportunity to be with you! After all, dogs crave company and like to be with their 'pack' as much as possible.

>>> Dog Exercise: How Much?

Studies (as well as experience) have shown that dogs who are getting adequate exercise are healthier and happier. They are also more social when they are in public places. When dogs are given regular exercise, they are more calm at home and are less restless when left alone.

However, just like feeding, choosing the right amount of exercise for your dog should depend on several factors: age, size, and type of breed.

  • Age: Puppies require daily exercise for proper muscle development. Their high energy levels need to be released in some form of constructive activity, and giving them their daily exercise is the best way to do it. Not being able to release their pent-up energy can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing or digging. On the other hand, a mature, aging dog needs less exercise because of their lower energy levels.
  • Size: Large dogs do not necessarily need more exercise than small dogs. In fact, many large breeds like the Mastiff or Great Dane would rather relax and sit on the porch all day than go out for a 2 mile run. Nevertheless, they also need their daily exercise, perhaps one or two 30 minute walks everyday. On the other hand, many types of small breeds such as the Jack Russell Terrier or Chihuahua still keep on going even after a three-mile walk.
  • Type Of Breed: Your dog's breed is also a big factor on the amount of exercise required. For instance, dogs that were originally bred to herd such as the Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, and German Shepherd need to be exercise daily. Another example of a breed that requires daily exercise are those that were originally bred to hunt (hunting dogs). Examples of these dogs are the Beagle, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and German Hunt Terrier. And finally,sled dogs such as the Siberian Husky, Samoyed, and Alaskan malamute share the same high level of energy as the herding dogs and hunting dogs and therefore, need to be exercised on a regular basis.

>>> A Fun Way To Keep Your Dog Mentally and Physically Active . . .


Commitment #3 - GROOMING

"How to Take Care of a Dog" with Regular Dog Grooming & Hygiene

The importance of dog grooming is not only for aesthetic purposes but also adds to your pet's holistic growth, both - physically and psychologically.

Daily or weekly hygiene routines just makes good 'health' sense and the time spent with your pet creates opportunity for bonding.

>>> Dog Grooming Checklist

When all is said and done, you may not have the time to carry out these tasks or feel confident enough to do them. That's okay - you can always hire a dog groomer... and that will leave you to find alternative ways to spend 'quality' time with your pooch ;-)

Here's the scoop on regular examinations of your pet:

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  • Coat: Look out for bumps, hot spots, inflammation, irritation, vegetative matter, and parasites like fleas and ticks in his coat. Get rid of fleas by using a fine-toothed comb while ticks can be tweezed off. Brushing doesn't only remove mats, it also takes away dead hair, thus eliminating animal odor. Tangles can also be very painful for your dog that may lead to skin inflammation. Grooming during shedding encourages growth of new coat, so brush especially after physical exercise.
  • Ears & Eyes: Your dog's ears and eyes must also be cleaned often and watched for diseases. For example, droop ears are inclined to infection which can lead to permanent hearing loss. A damp cotton cloth is used to remove mucus from your dog's eyes and a coarse rag is appropriate incleaning your pet's face.
  • Teeth: A dog's teeth are very important and care is required to keep them healthy. Dental hygiene is maintained by using dog toothpaste and toothbrush with soft bristles twice a week.
  • Paws & Nails: Examine your companion's pads - dirt, grime, pebbles, chemicals can get caught that can infect his paws. You may also need to clip your dog's nails on a regular basis. Nails should be trimmed every month, especially if your dog has a hard time walking.
  • Bathing: Different breeds require varying bath frequency. You can consult your Vet, an online source or a local pet grooming shop if you're not sure how many times you should bath your dog. When bathing your pet, make sure that you brush away dead hairs first to clear all the mats in his coat. Soak your pet in warm water. Apply a pet shampoo in small amounts. Target areas are the eyes, ears, rectum, toes and under the chin. Avoid getting soapy water in his eyes and ears. You also have an option to apply coat conditioner after bathing.


"How to Take Care of a Dog" with the Assistance of Dog Health Professionals

Once you've brought your dog home, be prepared to take him to the veterinarian for health check-ups and vaccinations on a regular basis.

How regularly should you take your dog to the veterinarian? What about vaccinations? What treatments are considered basic for good dog health?


It is recommended that you take your dog for an annual examination to the veterinary clinic. Your veterinarian can check your dog for illnesses you may not be aware of and assess his overall health. A heartworm blood test is suggested every year. Veterinarians will also check your dog for any worm infestations and will prescribe correct medication to eradicate any problem they may have with these parasites.

The veterinarian can also give you advice about external parasite control. New methods for flea and tick management are always coming out. Discuss the best options for your dog with the veterinarian.

Your dog should be vaccinated on a regular basis. Traditionally, vaccinations, given by your veterinarian, will begin when your puppy is about eight weeks old and continue over a scheduled period of time (within months and then annually). These vaccinations are meant to immunize against DHLPP (parvo virus, distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis and parainfluenza) as well as against rabies, Bortadella or Lyme diseases. Bottomline, discuss the need for these shots with your veterinarian to find out what is required in your area.

Spaying & Neutering. If you do not wish to breed your dog, basic veterinary care will involve getting your dog spayed or neutered. Female dogs are spayed and this involves removing the uterus and ovaries. Male dogs are neutered, which means having the testicles removed. These operations should take place at six months of age for both male and female dogs.

Dental Check-ups. Your veterinarian can also assess your dog for any dental problems. If you have not been cleaning your dog's teeth and plaque has built up, your dog may need a professional dental treatment by the veterinarian. This involves cleaning, scaling and polishing your dog's teeth. Dental care should be a standard part of your annual trip to the veterinary clinic.

The Ultimate Dog Health Guide . . . - A Must-Have For Your Book Shelf


Commitment #5 - TRAINING

"How to Take Care of a Dog" with Proper Dog Training

Your dog needs guidelines to be a 'socialized' dog and obedience lessons will help you set those guidelines for him.

Who should train your dog? Well, you of course! But you'll need to be trained to train your dog. That's what effective obedience training classes do - train the owner in the correct techniques to train their dogs.

There are many dog trainers around and you need to be aware of what you want from the sessions.

Trainers and/or training books and videos can be found online, through word of mouth, the yellow pages, recommendations from your veterinarian or the humane society.

How Dogs Think . . . - A Better Understanding of Your Dog's Behavior Does Wonders For Your Relationship . . . (With the Dog, That Is)

Great Online Dog Care Resources

  • The ASPCA
    A great resource for pet care info. . . The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1866 as the first humane organization in the Western Hemisphere. The Society was formed to alleviate the injustices animals faced at

© 2007 Dee Gallemore

Hope you've learned a thing or two about how to take care of a dog! - Let me know you stopped by . . .

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