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Goldie and Me. Life with a Golden Retriever.


Goldie And Me. A Golden Retriever World.

Here we celebrate the memories of our wonderful golden retriever boy dog Goldie and the joys of owning, or being owned by a retriever! He was our little man in a golden suit with a true heart of pure gold and we were privileged to share our lives with our Goldie for ten and a half years. Losing Our Goldie to cancer was the most difficult heartbreak but we feel blessed to have known our lovely retriever.

I also hope to make a little money for some dog charities for rescue dogs who were not as loved as our golden retriever. There are increasing numbers of dogs in rescue shelters and they all need food, care, bedding etc. Money made from sales from this page will go towards helping those dogs who find themselves in shelters through no fault of their own. Thank you from my heart.

Here is a photo of our handsome Golden retriever boy; resting on the patio after a long day in the countryside.

My Tribute To Gorgeous Golden Retriever Goldie

Losing Goldie to cancer was very difficult. I have been looking for a place to share this wonderful Golden retrievers memory and to record his life for some time and I feel that this may be a good place to do it.

This has been harder to write than I thought, it only scratches the surface of his lovely life. Grieving for our Golden retriever and writing this has been emotional. It has brought tears to my eyes and laughter, good memories and painful thoughts.

If Goldie was here he would be presenting me with his dog lead right now and saying get off the computer and lets go for a walk!!

Golden Retriever Love At First Sight

Finding Our Retriever Boy.

We were looking for a puppy, a puppy bitch around 8 weeks old. We got a lively manic 6 month old dog! How? Well my husband saw an ad in a local paper that said 6 month old dog for sale. We werent having much luck tracking down a puppy so thought well it wont hurt to look....

As we knocked at the door we saw two flashes of gold run up to greet us, mom was first, a beautiful serene face happily waving tail and as we sat down a gracious paw was offered.

Goldie was next close behind, long legged and with a stick for a tail, yet to develop the beautiful banner of maturity. Happy lolopping gait and an excited carefree expression...

By the time we had a cup of tea I was totally head over heels in love! By the time he had worn himself out with excitement and curled up in a ball with his mom I knew he was the one.

(Here he is with his favourite nylabone and his red ring tug toy)

Young Golden Retriever Goldie With Bone

Young Golden Retriever Goldie With Bone

Young Golden Retriever Goldie With Bone

A Few Of Golden retriever Goldies Favourite Things - Goldie loved these things in life!

What is Life without a few of your favourite things :)

Being a retriever one of his most fave things was retrieving and by that I mean absolutely anything in Goldies eyes could be retrieved ! After all is was a retriever !!

  • Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Socks
  • Cuddly toys,especially a big white rabbit!
  • Snow
  • Digging!
  • Gardening, well he thought it was anyway (see digging!)
  • Carrying in the shopping(ahhh)
  • Retrieving(well yes ...)
  • Food



    OK You get my point !!!

  • Going on holiday with us
  • Car travel
  • Walks, walks and more walks!!
  • Running wildly
  • Watching birds and chasing (but never catching) Rabbits!
  • The beach:The bigger and sandier the better! Another great place to show off his excellent digging skills :)
  • Sleeping: Any time, Anyplace,Anywhere......

Golden Retrievers For Dummies

Golden Retriever Goldie...Does He Dig?

Our Digging Dog!

I recall asking this question as I saw him racing around their garden thinking we would need to dog proof ours a bit better.

The breeder clearly thought this was something I was concerned about and said nooo he doesnt dig. At that point her little girl tugged on her moms sleeve and said " yes he does , mommy he does dig" She said " No he doesnt" The little girl looked wide eyed and said .."but mommy he dug right there this morning!!!"

We often alluded to that story every time our non digging dog proudly "helped me " in the garden digging furiously often with a style all his own which was when he got very excited to use both front paws at the same time!!

He dug in the garden, at the beach, on holiday...

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If you are seriously considering a Golden retriever you really need to know what sort of dog they are. You need to assess if you and you r family and your home are a good match for this breed.

Think about the amount of walking, the inevitable dog hair that gets everywhere, the muddy paws and trail of debris, the necessary training and the grooming of that beautiful coat! They don't all like digging as much as Goldie did but when you are bring a wonderful, loveable, live feeling dog in to your home you take it all.


Houserules For Our New Golden Retriever Dog!

Rules for dogs in the house

Yes well we did try!

Houserule no 1.

No dogs upstairs and certainly NOT in the bedroom.

This lasted one day. We did as his breeder told us and left him in the kitchen the first night, she said he was used to this and there should be no problem. We tucked him up with a clock and toys around him in a big comfy basket , lots of blankets, kissed him good night and went to bed.

All was quiet for 10 minutes and we thought "oh that was easy". Then it began, the pitiful crying and whining. We resisted for a little while then went down , he was overjoyed to see us and had a big happy face on him. We settled him and went back to bed. We did this 5 times that night and exhausted finally gave in and took him upstairs with us..just for tonight.

Well it was a done deal. Goldie slept in our room every night after that. He was happy there and slept soundly every night.

Rule no 2. He will not be fed titbits

My dad was the culprit here. Funny we noticed how Goldie would always follow him around after dinner...then we spotted it, just a little of the leftovers for our Goldie for "being such a good boy" Ah well....

Rule no 3. Dogs paws would be wiped before he came in to the house...

Yeah right!! Not a chance, it only happened if we could catch him in time, so once in a blue moon.

We kinda gave up on rules after that....

He was a good boy though and knew all his basic training and retriving skills.