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5 Good Betta Fish Tanks: Aquarium Reviews & Tips

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Which are the Best Fish Tanks and Aquariums for Betta fish?

You've probably heard of betta (sometimes also spelled beta) fish before. They are beautiful fresh water fish that make fantastic, low maintenance pets. They are stunningly beautiful with their colorful and flowing fins, and they will live happily in a small space, with very few requirements for a contented life. They are becoming increasingly popular as pets, joining the goldfish as the 'go to' first fish.

Choosing the best betta fish tank for your needs can be a tricky thing. There are literally thousands of options out there, from full-sized aquariums to tiny, cramped bowls, and there is a great deal of misinformation as to what constitutes the ideal living space for these little pets. When choosing the ideal betta fish tank, size, water capacity, filters, plants and ease of cleaning and maintenance should all be factors in your choice.

This lens looks at five good betta fish aquariums for sale today. We'll talk about the requirements these fish have for care and well-being, and what you should look for in a betta fish aquarium in terms of features. I'll be looking at tanks found on Amazon, because what's the point in me reviewing something you can't get your hands on, right?

Care Requirements: Keeping a healthy betta fish in aquariums or tanks

Betta fish, while low maintenance, still have some requirements to keep healthy, happy and in good shape. These are some things to consider before you purchase a tank for your betta.

  1. Betta Food, Not Flakes:

    Betta fish don't eat flakes. They have their own special 'pellet' food, but also enjoy a bloodworm or freeze dried brine shrimp as a treat. Never overfeed them, just give them what they can eat in 5 minutes. Overeating can kill them!

  2. Keep It Clean:

    Even the best betta fish tanks can get murky pretty fast. If your tank or aquarium is unfiltered, clean it once a week. You'll also need to add special drops to remove chlorine from the water, which bettas hate. A filtered tank will keep itself pretty clean, eliminating the need for frequent water changes. Don't make sudden water changes. Try to keep the environment stable.

  3. Keep Temperature Level:

    Bettas generally hate sudden changes in their environment. Keep your betta fish tanks away from drafty areas, direct sunlight, heaters and radiators. The water temperature should be room temperature-ish, and should not change and fluctuate much throughout the day.

  4. Bettas Can Jump:

    Be careful, these fish can jump right out of that aquarium! It's rare but it does happen, so be sure to keep the top covered up.

Tetra: One of the best betta fish tanks / aquarium kits with lots of accessories

The Tetra Water Wonders Aquarium is a great starter kit for a single betta fish. It's quite small, carrying 1.5 gallons of water, so it won't take up copious amounts of desk space. It utilizes bio bags and a filtration system to keep that water sparkly clean, and it has an air pump for oxygenation too.

There's a storage compartment on the top of the tank for stashing extra food and supplies, and the tank has the obligatory LED lighting system too to keep the thing illuminated during darker moments. It's a really inexpensive fish tank for your betta, and a great place to start. Take a look!

KollerCraft: A fun little betta aquarium kit with LED lighting

The Aquarius AquaView 360 with LED lights is a really nice, fun and cheap betta fish aquarium for you to consider. It's got lots of space with 3 gallons of water, and the shifting LED lights are pretty neat and create a cool atmosphere.

It includes a full hood cover to keep your fish and the water safe, an under-gravel filtration system to clean and filter that water, an air pump to make sure the water is oxygenated nicely so your pet can breathe. The cylinder shape with no corners is nice for fish watching (they seem to like that more too), and it's about as low a price as you can find.

Most importantly, with 3 gallons of water, it's just about the ideal amount of space for a single betta to stretch its fins and be happy. Don't be surprised to find lots of 'bubble nests' in this one.

Fluval Chi: An attractive, modern aquarium for betta fish, among the best

The Fluval Chi Aquarium is a great option for anyone who wants to maintain a modern, Zen-like atmosphere while having a pet at the same time. The tank design is stunning! With an amazing view of the fish, almost everything you see is glass for an uninterrupted perspective.

The Fluval Chi has a built-in filtration system that fits in the top, which has 3 stages to ensure your pet enjoys very clean water. There are also LED lights to illuminate the tank at nighttime, and an optional plant basket for live or decorative plants. This tank is very attractive, simple and low maintenance, comes in 5 and 6.6 gallon varieties.

I'd say the 5 gallon is more than enough space for a happy and healthy betta to live in and enjoy. The openness and great design of this little product is what makes it one of the best betta fish tanks for sale these days.

Marineland Eclipse: A good, inexpensive betta fish tank for sale

It may be hard to see because their product photo is terrible (just the box? Why?), but the Marineland Eclipse is an acrylic aquarium system that has a lot going for it. First, the all-acrylic construction means that there are no seams to leak down the road. Also it is much lighter than glass, and therefore easier to carry and store.

It comes with a low profile hood which hides a built in filtration system and lights! That's right, you'll do much less cleaning with this awesome tank. They come in 3, 5 and 12 gallons; both the 3 and the 5 would be excellent for a happy little betta. Nothing will block your view of your new friend, and the maintenance is very low overall. Check out the Eclipse, it's an awesome and inexpensive choice for your first betta fish aquarium.

Baby BiOrb Kit: A simple, low maintenance betta fish tank with filters

I may have saved the best for last. The Baby BiOrb is a small, orb shaped fish tank that's ideal for a betta. It is a super attractive little aquarium for your betta to live in, and it's pretty inexpensive too, considering the features it has. It looks phenomenal in a modern home, and fits right in. If you keep it clean and put the right betta toys inside, it could be considered a piece of art!

With a full mechanical and biological filtration system, Halogen built-in light fixture, and durable Plexiglass construction, it's light, strong and built to last. With 4 gallons of water capacity, it also happens to contain more than enough water for your pet to have space and thrive.

Tons of water, attractive price and no corners makes this one of the best betta fish tanks money can buy (and not very much money at that).

Features to Look For:

So what options are available for betta fish tanks and aquariums, and what features are available? Technically these fish don't need much for their environment. They can live in a small amount of water, less than 2 litres (although having at least 1 gallon is highly recommended). The more features your tank has, the happier your fish will be and the less work you'll have to worry about!

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  1. Filters

    All good betta aquarium tanks have filters. These filtration systems sift the water, keeping it cleaner, fresher, free of algae and bacteria, and more oxygenated. They aren't perfect, you'll still need to do the occasional clean, but a good filter will cut down on the amount of cleaning drastically.

  2. Plants:

    Bettas are used to living amongst floating plants, it's part of their natural environment. A good water based plant will keep your fish nice and happy, providing a play and rest area and a bit of shelter if they need it. Plus, most betta fish aquarium plants look pretty nice too, so it's worth your time.

  3. Betta 'Toys':

    Keep your fish from getting bored! Many aquariums will come with little toys for the betta fish to hide in, explore, hang out inside, or build a bubble nest on. (A bubble nest is normal, and a sign that your fish is a happy camper).

  4. Heaters and Temperature Controls:

    For the most part a heater is unnecessary, unless you think your tank water is likely to drop below 65 degrees fahrenheit. If you live in a colder climate or just in a cooler home, you might want to use a built in aquarium heater to keep the water temperature constant and comfortable.

Other Accessories: Make your betta aquarium a good home

Here are a few things you might want along with your tank. The water conditioner is a must have, since bettas require it to be happy and healthy in their water.

Also, remember that betta fish don't eat normal fish flakes, they need special pellets. Regular flakes will make them sick!

You may also want to get a bubbler or a betta hammock or floating nesting area for your fish to rest in. It's up to you, but do what you can to make sure your fish is happy, healthy and stimulated.

Are you a fan of betta fish as pets?

Angie on June 24, 2016:

"5 gallons is more than enough space"

5 gallons for me is the MINIMUM amount of water I'd give my betta. Personally, I feel like 5-10 gallons are for them, my current mustard gas/mix betta is swimming through his 6.5 gallon tank and still I'm thinking "it's too small"

It's just a personal thing, but I don't like how everyone just assumes oh hey, it's a small fish that doesn't need a filter, I'll just give it a BOWL to live in. How would you feel if someone gave you a 8 ft X 8 ft room and told you, "go live there for the rest of your life"

Im sure you wouldn't be happy either

anonymous on July 14, 2013:

I like bettas they are fun to look at and they live long so woo hoo

anonymous on April 04, 2013:

My Ferdi LOVES his betta leaf. Put it 3/4 of an inch away from the surface as directed, just enough room to lay on top without exposing to air. Mine was $2-and-change at PetSupermarket.

anonymous on March 02, 2013:

Great selection of tanks here, linked to this lens on my best fish tanks lens.

Resident-Nerd on February 25, 2013:

I have had many fish through the years but my current favorite is the bettas. I just recently decided to dismantle my larger tank and go to a smaller betta only tank for now. So yes i am a big fan of the betta fish, they make great pets.

Linda Hoxie from Idaho on February 22, 2013:

These tanks are a lot nicer than the tiny little cups they have them in at the fish store. Well done!

listprofits on January 20, 2013:

Bettas have always been a favourite fish, they're easy to keep and breeding them fun for my son to see. Glad to see a lens about appropriate tanks for them. Hate to see them sold as fih in a jar items. Thanks

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