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Discover Elephant Tattoos with Pride and Dignity

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Elephant Tattoos are the Royalty among designs. The imagination and variety of designs and ideas always fascinates me. I particularly like that some pictures have elements of other items or bold colors in them.

The elephant has a powerful meaning ans stands for many strong traits.

Photo by augrust

Pink Elephant Design


Deanna Wardin @ Tattoo Boogaloo

This pink elephant is a great design and the pink is quite a strong pink making it great for either a man or a woman. The elephant itself is a strong image yet it is also and upbeat one.

While this elephant stands alone and needs no props often they have blankets or balls or something to give them a bit of color.

Unlike the tiger or panther the elephant does not have the advantage of power through movement in the image as they are not speed animals and although in real life they can read speeds of 25 miles per hour they can only do so for a short time. There presences comes from their sheer bulk with only a little added movement.

A Grey Elephant Stick on Tattoo

A simple design of a grey elephant for fun.

Elephant of Flowers Tattoo


Photo bysmiely

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Elephants have strong symbolism as you would expect from an elephant it is Royalty and power. Also it stands for pride and dignity which represents elephants perfectly.

Surprisingly though I see nothing about wisdom or memory perhaps that is because they didn't know about that in the past.

This design with the elephant designed with flowers inside could combine the meaning for both elephant and flowers. It may be that the creator just liked the design and as the meanings of flowers depends on what they are I am not going to state the flowers symbols.

Video of Ideas for Your Own Elephant Tattoo

This short video houses quite a range of different designs and styles of elephants. There is everything from a simple outline to a very bold and colorful one.

Three Headed Elephant Tattoo


Photo by augrust

This 3 headed elephant is a tattoo created at the Dejavu Tattoo Studio Chiangmai in Thailand.

The three headed elephant is Airavata who white and carried the god Inra (a hindu god). For the full description go to the Aiavata page.

Mom & Baby Elephant


Photo byJMB1977

This simple design is quite sweet and shows a traditional scene that you would see in any elephant group. The baby holding onto moms tail showing family ties. The design isn't one of the strongest I have seen however it is very endearing.

Temporary Stick on Tattoos of Elephants

Some great ideas for short term tattoos.

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