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Dogs That Make The Best Family Pets

Best Family Dogs

Best Family Dogs

Best Family Dogs

Best Family Dog: Overview

If you are looking for a good family pet, the list of dogs that make the best family pets will obviously come in handy to help you make the right choice. As you carefully read about these dog breeds, you will realize that the best family pets are mostly dog breeds that get along with kids. Researching for the best family dog to adopt can be confusing especially when your knowledge about dog breeds is not good. I would recommend that you take time to understand breed characteristic of each of these dog breeds for you to make the most appropriate choice for a dog that is ideal as a family pet.

Good Family Dogs: Ownership Challenges

Bringing a dog home, can also come with its own challenges. While a good family dog is trendy, you need to ensure that you have all the measures in place, to make your best friend comfortable when living in your house. You probably have read about the prerequisites of dog ownership, that every new pet owner should have before adopting a dog. The nature of your family will be a great factor in determining the kind of dog you will choose as an ideal family pet. Usually, majority people with children will prefer dogs that are good with children. Most of these dog breeds are always classified as the best hypoallergenic dog breeds. When I owned my first dog, I had just left college and I thought having a dog was important for a Vet Rookie working every day with dogs. Initially the ownership was a challenge but I got used to my dog after awhile, today I think I cannot live without a pet. One of the most important things I have learned about dog ownership, is that dogs need to be understood especially when they completely new to our lives. Occasional behavior problems may be nuisance but with proper training, dogs make the best companions pets for the entire family.

  • Dogs that are Good with Kids and Don't Shed
    Children are vulnerable to allergic reactions and worse some kids are predisposed to asthma. When selecting a pet for these kids you should consider a choice of a dog that are good with children and don’t shed. Both the temperament of the dog and the

Best Dogs for Family

Best Dog Breeds for Families

Best Dog Breeds for Families

Good Family Dogs: Characteristics

Enough said about the challenges of owning a pet, now let’s review some of the dog breeds that make the best family pets and what are the general good breed characteristics that all these good family dogs share in common.

Hypoallergenic Breeds Make Good Family Pets

Dog breeds that make the best family pets are highly classified as those breeds that shed the least. Dog shedding can be a serious challenge for new pet owners and particularly those people who are allergy prone. Maybe you should list this as one of your first preferences when making the choice on the right dog for you. There are many dog breeds that do not shed and make good family pets.

Dogs that are Easy to Train make the Best Family Pets

If you have not lived with dogs before, the first time you own one, you will get irritated from time to time from bad dog behavior problems. You should select a dog breed that will be easy to train and adapt easily to your family. Nothing is so annoying than a dog that will not be trained easily no matter how cute the dog looks!

Good Family Dogs should be Non Aggressive

It can be so embarrassing, if your dog is aggressive towards visitors, strangers or even inanimate objects in the house. Dog Aggression is one problem that needs to be carefully addressed. Choosing the right dog breed will also be the best step of preventing this problem in the future. You should consider knowing the dog breed history as pertains to dog aggressive behaviors. Generally, dogs that are aggressive towards children should be the worst family pets. You need to ensure your children safety when they are with the dog.

Dogs good with Children best as Family Pets

Majority of new pet or dog owners are likely to be young parents. Parenthood is comes with its own challenges. As a parent you should not keep worrying about the dangers of your children interacting with the pet. While there are a number of diseases that are zoonotic, having a good family pet is inevitable for a parent with young children. One of the most common problems associated with dogs is allergy caused by dog hair or dander. Dog allergies can be cured or prevented by choosing dogs that have low dander and are not known to shed a lot. Besides zoonosis, the other common challenge associated with dogs and children is dog behavior problems. The worst behavior problems that can be controlled is dog aggression towards children.

Good Family Dogs should be of Good Health

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Nothing is nerve breaking like the thought of losing a lovely family pet. While many people round the world suffer loss of their pets each passing day, the choice of a good dog breed that has least health genetic problems can be the best thing. You should always go for good dogs that are mixed bred to eliminate bad genetic problems. I personally think that mixed breeds are the best choice for a family pet. The challenges of owning a dog that is predisposed to high health risks may range from high veterinary costs to high pet insurance premiums

Non Barking dogs Make Good Family Pets

Dogs that do not bark also make good family pets. A good number of people prefer to own these dog breeds since they find dog barking to be so annoying. You should consider this when making a choice or learn how to stop your dog from barking if you have one that barks so much. It is a serious concern to some people and it is a behavior that can be stopped with proper behavior training.

Dogs that have Low Exercise Demand Make Good Family Pets

If you have a busy lifestyle, you should consider adopting a dog that has low exercise demand. Many hyperactive dogs will require that you walk them now and then. If you have plenty of time you should not mind walking your dog at least once or even twice a day. It is therefore important; you consider the exercise demands for your dog while choosing the best pet for your family.

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List of Dogs that Make the Best Family Pets

Labrador Retriever
Golden Retriever
Boston Terrier
German Shepherd
Bichon Frise
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel.
Rough Collie.
Border Terrier.

  • Top 10 Non shedding Dogs
    Top 10 non shedding dogs are the most sought after dogs for adoption as family pets. If you are looking for non shedding dog breeds for adoption, you probably have previously suffered dog hair allergy. Hypersensitivity to dog hair is the sole reason


katyzzz from Sydney, Australia on June 26, 2012:

Great hub on one of my favourite animals - dogs

Joe Njenga (author) from Nairobi Kenya on May 23, 2012:


English Pointer is definitely a Good Family dog....thanks for your comment


Brenda Kyle from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA on May 23, 2012:

Love the article and video, truly shows what a calm pet a Retriever is with his desire to please.I think Greyhounds are wonderful, very family friendly too. I think people should be careful of any terrier bread when bringing a new baby into the house. Better to do a little more research before making that final decision.

DaisyChain from France on May 22, 2012:

All good advice. Our English pointer would make a good family pet for a family with children over 5, but she needs plenty of exercise. (Think she might treat babies as 'food'!)

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