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Easy-to-use dog harnesses for arthritis sufferers

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Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products


Walking your dog shouldn't be a pain!

All too often, for people with arthritis, it can be. And rather than enduring that pain multiple times each day, some people who suffer with arthritis, especially in their hands, leave their dogs' harnesses on all day. Which can result in chafing and "hot spots" for the dogs - or chewed-up harnesses!

Our shop, Golly Gear specializes in finding solutions for people with dogs. Which is why we carry harness options that don't have the hard-to-use "pinch buckles."


Rolled Microfiber Step-in Harness

The all-in-one Microfiber Harness and Leash Set features slide-closures, of the same soft microfiber material, that ensure a perfect fit every time.

We particularly like rolled fabric for dogs with soft fur too minimize matting, and for dogs with sensitive skin or minimal fur. Available in three sizes and four colors: Black, Pink, Green, and Purple.


The EasyGo Harness & Leash Set

The EasyGo Harness and Leash Set by Dogo truly is easy - for both you and your dog! Just slip it over your dog's head, put each front paw through an "armhole" and slide the easy-open clamp down the lead for a perfect fit, every time. Soft and comfortable, the EasyGo is a favorite for everyone!


Wrap-n-Go Harness has no buckles at all!

Hook-and-loop closures (better known by the trademarked name "Velcro") is used to secure the Wrap-N-Go Harness.

Open the harness completely, both the neck and tummy bands, place it on your dog's back and smooth it closed. Easy and secure - this is the harness we particularly recommend for dogs who are "escape artists."


EZ Harness & Leash Set

A slider secures the harness of this all-in-one EZ Harness and Leash Set.

Both the harness and the leash handle are lined with plush fabric for maximum comfort for you and your dog.

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Choke-Free harness could be ideal for all!

The Choke Free Shoulder Collar just might be the answer for both you and your dog!

The harness secures with hook-and-loop closure, with the D-ring for the leash coming up through a slit in the top layer for extra security. No choking for your dog (it circles the dog's shoulders, not his neck) and no buckles to cause you pain.


H-Style Harness

There's a reason certain products are considered classics - they work, they're practical, affordable, and familiar. The H-Style Harness is among them. This timeless harness closes with a regular, metal buckle, is made of leather, is easy to put on and take off, and requires no explanations. It just works.

Both dogs and people can suffer from arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and both humans and dogs can suffer from this painful disease. The cushioning cartilage within the joints can, over time, "wear out" and cause bone-on-bone rubbing and, commonly, pain.

While there is no cure available for either people or dogs, there are medications that can ease the pain of arthritis. Many people also take, and give their dogs, the supplement glucosamine with chondroitin hoping to delay the onset or progression of the disease. It can take time for any effects of these supplements to become apparent, if at all. There have been conflicting reports about the efficacy of glucosamine.

For arthritic dogs, the most important considerations are pain relief and continued function. As arthritis sufferers know for themselves, it may be painful to "get moving" - but not moving can worsen the long-term effects of arthritis. This disease brings to the forefront the true meaning of "use it or lose it." If you (and your dog) stop using the affected joints, function may be lost entirely and is difficult, if not impossible, to regain without surgical intervention.

It may be tempting to sit comfortably on the couch and watch television - and your dog will probably happily stay by your side. It's better for both of you to get up, put on that harness, hook up that leash, grab your keys and head out for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Both of you will feel better for it.

Another great idea for arthritis sufferers

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Has arthritis changed your life?

Hope (author) from Skokie, Illinois on December 10, 2016:

Ellen -

The Wrap-N-Go Harness (no clasps at all!) is a good choice for you! There are very few harnesses that are "no escape," but this one is our absolute favorite! It's also perfect for arthritis sufferers, because it has only hook-and-loop closures (industrial strength!). I realize that hook-and-loop may be an issue for your Sheltie and all his fur, but it may be worth trying. You can see it here:

ellen Armstrong on December 09, 2016:

I need a no escape harness with a metal clasp.

I have arthritis in my hand and cannot open the large plastic clasp. My dog is a 40 lb sheltie

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