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Do You Tip Cat Groomers?

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Unlike, when it comes to eating out and tipping the waiter who has served you food or even the taxi driver for giving you some additional insights and advice on a new city you have just arrived at.

It's not immediately obvious if you should be going right ahead and tipping your cat groomer. Now, if you want a quick general overview, it tends to be that when it comes to tipping cat groomers, it isn't 'expected' per se, however, it is very much 'appreciated'.

When to Tip Your Cat Groomer?

Now, we know it is not the custom 'done thing', tipping you cat groomer. However, there are times where it might warrant it, especially if you feel they have done a good job and gone the extra mile, and your cat seems pretty happy with the service too. Let's break down some instances where a tip might well be warranted.

Was the Appointment Last Minute?

If you have just sprung on an appointment at the very last minute, that could cause the cat groomer some additional hassle, whether it's with their boss or they need to shuffle some things around to make an opening for you. Then this could very well warrant a tip to help them out and show them that you appreciate that they took the extra steps in place to make sure you got the appointment for as fast as they could.

Is Your Cat Particularly Dirty?

As you know, cats are cats, and cats can be downright dirty. Whether they have dove into feces or have picked up they shouldn't have. If the job is a fair bit messier than it would usually be and in turn takes longer, plus just isn't all that pleasant. This can be a fair indicator that you should be giving a tip. A good question to ask yourself is whether you, yourself would want to be doing that job? If the answer is no, then chances are they deserve a nice tip.

Is Your Cat Behaving?

Even the nicest of cats can sometimes not be very well behaved. If they are scratching and hissing at the groomer who is trying to take care of them and generally making life a lot harder than usual, then again this makes the job particularly difficult. If you like the cat groomer and want to make sure they keep coming to see your cat, then keeping them sweet with a good tip to compensate for your badly behaved cat, could definitely be a good strategy to employ.

Is Your Cat Older and Needs Special Care?

It might even not be the case that your cat is older but does require some extra special attention as they are a bit vulnerable. This means that the cat groomer has to be a bit more careful with your cat, which can slow the job down, but by tipping them for it, it encourages them to make sure that they are taking that extra step for your cat who is needed.

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How Much Should You Tip the Cat Groomer?

There is no hard and fast line here. A rule of thumb generally dictates around 10 to 20 percent. Again, it can depend on the service that they have had performed, so if it is only something small, a larger percentage could be warranted. Likewise, if it is a full grooming service then a 10% tip that could be rounded up, should be very much appreciated!

So when it comes to actual dollar amounts it should vary from anything ranging between $5 to $25. Again, more potentially, if you feel like they have done a really good job and you're happy with the service and you're wanting them to come back again and make sure they keep up their performance. If they have done several cats for you, again it could be done on a grooming per cat basis.

Make sure to ask them how they would like it, whether it's cash or even a Venmo just so you can be sure that they aren't breaking any rules, especially if they are employed with regards to any policies about receiving tips. Better to be on the safe side.

Of course, remember it works the other way too. If you don't feel like you have gotten a good enough level of service, or even if they didn't go above and beyond, sending you reports, giving you reassurances that the cat is being well cared for (if it is a cat sitting arrangement), as stated there is no need to go ahead and tip. It's totally up to you, and there's certainly no pressure to do so, and there certainly shouldn't be from the cat groomer themselves.

Alternatives to Tipping

Tipping actually doesn't always have to be monetary, it can be gifting of some kind. You could offer a whole range of different goodies. Listen out to what the groomer likes when you liase with them, whether it is a good bottle of wine, they have a favourite perfume and so on. This can give you some good ideas, to show your extra level of appreciation.

It might even be something really simple such as offering them lunch and a hot beverage. If you have done some baking and offered them a slice of your cake, even the small things really matter. Plus, just giving them some verbal affirmation with a "Thank You" and a job well done, will make sure that the cat groomer knows they have done a good job for you and one that you're happy with. This is what a lot of cat groomers (who are often cat lovers themselves) is all they really need.

It's essentially as the saying goes, it's the thought that counts and is appreciated.

Do You Offer Tips?

So with all that said, we would love to hear more about you. Do you regularly tip your cat groomer for the love and care they provide your feline friend? If so, how much and if not, why not? We are really interested to hear your experiences and whether you have any interesting stories about cat grooming in general and if you have any advice for others as well.

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