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Wildlife Bird Parks: Bordeaux, France

To me, all life is precious; even garden pests, until they start munching too much veg. I find nothing is more wondrous than nature itself.

Parc Ornithologique

Parc Ornithologique

Birds in Their Natural Habitat

While on holiday in southern France I had a fun moment of filming a Pigeon having a little dance on the handrail of a footbridge over the pond at le lac du parc Bordelais (the park of Bordeaux), moments later a swan stretches its wings and ducks swim on the water. The video then switches to parc ornithologique du Teich (Ornithological Park), a bird park we visited a couple of days later at the Bassin D'Arcachon near Bordeaux where again a swan stretches its wings.

While at the Ornithological Park I also get the privilege of being able to film close-up footage of Storks nesting; and not long later a duck walks up close to the camera. The video also captures footage of other birds living and feeding in their natural wetlands habitat within the nature park.

This article gives an overview of these two parks in the Bordeaux Region and with the aid of video footage taken by me while on holiday gives you an insight into wildlife birds of France.

All photos and video clips in this article were taken by me while on holiday in southern France.

Le lac du Parc Bordelais

The Lake of the Park of Bordeaux

Du parc Bordelais (park of Bordeaux) is a very pleasant park situated away from the town centre in one of the nearby suburbs, and with an attractive (quite large man-made pond) in the centre, habited by swans and ducks, it's a great way to finish the day after your visit to the centre of the city walking around the famous Bordeaux shopping centre.

With Flask and picnic basket in hand it was a pleasant way for us to end the day in Bordeaux before making our way back to our holiday cottage.

Filmed By Me While On Holiday in Southern France

This video clip starts with a bird doing a funny dance followed by ducks and swans on le lac du parc Bordelais (The lake of the park of Bordeaux) and birds at Parc Ornithologique (Ornithological Bird Park), Southern France.

Parc Ornithologique

Ornithological Park

We enjoyed our visit to this wildlife natural wetlands habitat for birds and would highly recommend to anyone visiting the Bordeaux Region who loves birds and wildlife to make a point of spending a pleasant afternoon here.

Ornithological meaning Bird; the Park is located in Teich, Arcachon and is less than an hour's drive from Bordeaux in southern France. This is a wetlands wildlife park similar to Slimbridge in Gloucestershire, England. The habitat is well preserved and forms part of a natural environment supporting the best part of 300 different species of birds. The wetlands includes swamps, mud-flats, humid meadows and well established fish ponds and is in the flight path of a major migratory route used by these birds

For the public visiting the park, which has been open to visitors since 1972, it makes for a pleasant half day out. The public area of the park consists of a three mile round trip along a series of paths with hides and observation points located at regular intervals; or if you don't fancy taking the full route there is a shorter circuit around part of the park.

Typically on your walk around the park you are sure to encounter many birds including storks nesting in their tress, the usual ducks, swans and herons and maybe the Black-winged Stilt or the Common Stilt (Himantopus himantopus) and possibly the Little Egret (Egretta garzetta).

Ornithological Wildlife Wetlands Bird Park

In Southern France

A video I made when we visited the Ornithological Wildlife Wetlands Park at du, Teich in the Basin of Arcachon while on holiday in France, renting a holiday cottage for the week in the Basin of Arcachon, Southern France, near Bordeaux; so we didn’t have to go far to visit this most spectacular wildlife bird park.

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Nesting Storks at Parc Ornithologique

This great opportunity to see and film storks nesting at Parc Ornithologique was the highlight of our visit to Ornithological Park (Bird Park), as shown in this short video clip which I made at the time.

Bassin D'Arcachon

Basin of Arcachon Near Bordeaux

The Basin of Arcachon is an inland sea, a bay surrounding on three sides by land and is therefore protected from the ravages of the Atlantic sea, so the water is always calm and ideal for swimming.

Arcachon, where we rented a holiday cottage for the week, is the largest town in this basin, hence the name of the bay. Also standing on the shores of the bay is the famous Dune of Pyla, and the vantage point from where I took this photo at sunset. Dune du Pyla is a natural sand dune over 100 metres high which makes it the tallest sand dune in Europe. In the middle of this most beautiful bay, Basin of Arcashon, is 'Ile aux Oiseaux' (bird island); a nature reserve for birds and where a number of pile dwellings have been built for their habitation.

We did take a boat trip around the 'Ile aux Oiseaux' but we weren't too impressed because obviously the boat can't land on the bird island and from the water's around the island there isn't a great deal to see that I would call awe-inspiring.

Birds in France

As with Bordeaux, there are of course birds across the whole of France. There’s about 460 species, although there are no reliable estimates on the French bird population, it’s likely to be well in excess of the estimated 166 million in the UK.

Two species of water birds, once quite rare, that have made a dramatic come back in the last thirty years in the wetlands, lakes and rivers, of France is the grey heron and cormorants.

Birds in Britain

Although the bird population in the UK may not be as high as in France, there’s a greater number of species; in 2015 estimated at about 598.

The most famous British wildlife wetland, similar to parc ornithologique du Teich, but much larger, is Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. We only live an hour’s drive from Slimbridge, so it’s one bird wildlife park we enjoy visiting from time to time; below being a video of our last visit.

Slimbridge Wildlife Birds

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Arthur Russ

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