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Which are the Cutest Puppies?

I've owned pets most of my life and volunteered many hours to help others. I've written on topics regarding their welfare for over 10 years.

You Decide Which are the Cutest Puppies!

Puppies have power. The power of cute. They can turn your worst day bright with just a wriggle and a few laps of the tongue.

On this page, we have dozens of cute puppy pictures. Be sure to vote for the cutest puppies at the end of the page.

#1 Spaniel Puppy

I'm guessing that this is an English Springer Spaniel puppy. He appears to be not quite big enough yet to get out of this enclosure so he's up on his hind legs peering out with pleading eyes to get to you.

These dogs were bred to work with hunters with the specific task of flushing out game and then retrieving it. When this puppy is grown, he should be a sweet, medium-sized dog.

#2 Excited Corgi

Our second contestant appears to be one very happy or excited Corgi puppy. The good news is some of this enthusiasm over the tiniest of things is contagious and what makes owning one of these ebullient little dogs so wonderful.

Most of us recognize a Corgi, with their long body, short legs, and big ears they hold on to their cuteness even in adulthood. They are actually a herding dog and, partially because they are smart, they can also be a little bit stubborn and very vocal.

If you love Corgi's you may want to vote for this little one below.

#3 Future Domestic Terrorist

Our third canine tot leaves nothing to the imagination as far as his potential for criminal offense. A puppy like this left alone for more than a few seconds is often associated with destruction. Luckily this time it's his toy, but never fear, underwear, socks, shoes, wallets, toilet paper, and other vulnerable household objects are common targets for their misdirected energy. They just can't seem to help themselves. Even before the lecture, they know they've made a grievous error and judgment day just arrived in the room. Whether it's planned or not, a face like this wields tremendous power over victims of their terror.

Would this face result in a pardon from you? If so, vote for this little guy as the cutest puppy.

#4 Charming Golden Retriever

While the puppy above is sometimes naughty, this one knows how to behave and charm the pants off of you. This little pup with the bow tie and the gift of a rose not only passed obedience training but he aced his deportment class. But he will grow up to be a large dog with an equally loving and happy attitude. These dogs were bred to retrieve game but make ideal pets as they are smart and eager to please.

Golden's are one of the most popular dogs in the US, maybe they also deserve a "cutest puppies" award too?

#5 Puppy in the Corner

I have no idea what this sweet puppy has done, but it appears he is in time out, being forced to sit in the corner to contemplate his unidentified sins.

Well, that or he is so exhausted he just had to find a place to rest his chin and nod off.

Either way, a puppy's back end is adorable and so this shot may get your vote in our contest.

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#6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

If one pup is cute, then two must be even more so. These are two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies and even here as they try to hone their attack skills we see their specialty is cute. These little guys are adorable now but even as adults keep a fairly small stature. They will have long silky fur and the same large, round adoring eyes. They make loving companions although they were bred as a sporting dog.

#7 Laughing Puppy

Happy is exactly what every pup is supposed to be and this one fits the bill. He's clearly having a good time outside, rolling around, and probably teasing his human.

I can't be certain of course, but this appears to perhaps be a Jack Russell Terrier. These dogs were bred for fox hunting and are active and intelligent. This one apparently gets a good laugh out of things.

#8 Long Haired Dachshund Puppy

Wow, what a great Christmas gift! This long-haired dachshund puppy will make a loving companion for someone. Dachshunds, in general, can be spunky, sometimes stubborn but very affectionate. They were bred for hunting, especially if it involved going down in a hole to flush out an animal such as a badger. Yes, these can be ferocious little dogs. However, in most homes, these little guys will go after your heart (and lap) with the same vigor and tenacity.

Some dachshund breeds come with a smooth short coat, others are wirehaired, and others are long-haired with a silky coat. Even as adults they are small dogs, with a long body, short legs, and broad chest.

#9 Puppy Gang

For some reason, these puppy pals remind me of the term "junkyard dogs". Now clearly these are not seasoned guard dogs, vicious mongrels, or whatever. They are far too cute, but they look like they are innocent babies trying to act the part perhaps.

I don't know their breed, or what mix of breeds they may be, all I know is their youth makes them totally lovable.

#10 Corgi Best Friends

Puppyhood is such a wonderful time. The pudgy bellies, the wriggling tails, the little whimpers, and endless calamities. The only thing cuter than a puppy is a puppy with another adorable youngster.

These two appear to be siblings and they both look fluffy and squeezable.

#11 Mastiff

There is nothing like some excess skin, feet you haven't yet grown into, and a bowed head to make a puppy look irresistible.

This adorable little bundle of cute however will grow into an exceptionally large and powerful dog. Mastiffs are known for their huge size, their calm demeanor, and their protectiveness of loved ones.

#12 Contemplative Golden Retriever

This pup is intent on something. He appears to be contemplating something new; which in the world of a few months old puppy, could be just about anything. This is another golden retriever so you can bet he can often be seen with a wriggling body, wagging tail, and ever-present smile.

#13 Beagle Puppy

This little guy has a face anyone would love. Those long floppy ears are so soft to the touch and they frame those soulful big brown eyes perfectly. Beagles are a popular breed because they are loving and they are adorable.

On the flip side, they bark and howl. It's not muted, it's loud. They do this when hunting and they do it when lonely. These dogs need companionship and if they don't get it you will know and so will your neighbors.

If you are a sucker for this little face like I am, vote for the Beagle down below.

#14 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Our next contestant for the cutest puppy is this Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. This little guy is chewing his heart out right now, content to lay at the water's edge but as he grows he will be an effective hunting dog (retrieving). However, he will only be a medium sized dog, one of the smallest retrievers. He will have a great deal of energy and will need a lot of activity to burn it off.

#15 Howling Pup

This singing youngster is another Mastiff. Of course, he could be just preparing to yawn or take a toy from his human, but it seems more likely he's finding his voice and learning to sing the song of his ancestors. Regardless, it's frankly adorable. He's a worthy contender for the cutest puppy.

#16 Yorkie Puppy

Uh oh. This tiny canine is suspiciously still, unnervingly quiet, and eerily serious. We know what that means. He's either ready for a nap or just waking up and ready to wreak havoc on the household. Either way that face, although disturbingly still, is precious in its diminutive size and wide-eyed countenance

Yorkshire Terriers, surprisingly for many of us, were bred for hunting. Primarily for small rodents. Even when grown adults, they are a small breed with a silky coat that must be groomed with some regularity.

#17 Puppy in Blooms

What is cuter than a fluffy puppy? Perhaps one lounging in a field of pretty blooms. This little guy appears to perhaps be an Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherds grow up to be a medium-sized dog. They are smart and energetic. They absolutely must have enough activity to be happy. These dogs can appear quite different as there are different coats they may have.

#18 Pouting Puppy

The sad look of a pouting puppy is almost more than any of us can bear. The lowered head, the sad eyes, and overall droopiness converge to overwhelm even the sternest puppy parent. This look is most common when the puppy has been reprimanded; whether for chewing on things that are off limits, having a bit of an "accident", or perhaps merely playing too rough. In the end, it's all forgiven with one flash of the dejected puppy face.

In this case, the pouting pooch appears to be a cocker spaniel and he/she would most likely cause you to collapse into a fit of cooing and comforting babble to make it better at all costs.

Cocker spaniels grow to be 20-30 pounds and have a lot of fur that requires grooming. Their coat can be a variety of colors.

#19 After-Bath Puppy

This sweet little pup is drying off after a bath. He is said to be a Maltese/Shihtzu mix. Both of these dog breeds are in the toy category (very small) but also very much a loving people dog. The Maltese are generally all white while the Shihtzu coat has color variation.

#20 Focused Puppy

This inquiring puppy is contestant #20. That intense gaze lets you know that what you're doing holds his undivided attention; now who else in the world holds you in such a position of importance? It's no wonder they're so bright, they're such diligent students!

This particular pup appears to be an English Bulldog. That means this pup will grow up to be a medium-sized dog with a short snout, drooping jowls, and a stout, muscular build.

#21 Little Bit of Puppy

The tiny size of this puppy alone makes anyone who sees him want to coo and cuddle. HIs breed is unknown, likely a mix. The best guess at this point is that he has at least some Chihuahua in him.

Chihuahuas top out at 6 pounds as an adult so this little guy is likely to stay quite small. These dogs don't seem to know they are small and they like to rule the roost if you don't train them well. They are loving and loyal though and popular for that reason.

#22 Snoozin' Pup

Like small children, a puppy can be at it's best in repose. Eyes closed, their ever moving limbs still, we imagine their dreams filled with the chase and other big adventures. They'll only be small for awhile, this is the time to treasure that puppy innocence.

#23 Little Miss Doxie

Here we have another dachshund. This one has a smooth coat rather than the long hair. That look, that pull-at-your-heartstrings gaze which only dachshunds and their close relatives have is on display here.

If those big brown eyes cause your heart to swell you can vote for her below.

#24 Curious Pit Bull

This sweet little guy is apparently some type of Pit Bull. She is the 24th candidate for the cutest puppy.

When puppies strike that inquisitive pose they go beyond adorable. There's something about a bewildered pooch that really brings a smile to your face. Whether waiting for your next move or contemplating the deeper meaning of a situation, some of the cutest puppies are those who have questions written all over their face.

#25 Relaxed Poodle

This little pup is at one with his bed, he flows out over the edge, gazing at you without a care in the world. This is said to be a standard poodle.

Poodles come in a variety of sizes; standard, miniature, and toy. The standard is the largest. These dogs are said to be among the most intelligent breeds. They have a very thick, curly coat that requires grooming in order to prevent matting.

You can vote for this poodle's sweet face below.

#26 Puplet

This little darling is so tiny she can't possibly be a puppy, she must fit some other classification that is even more diminutive...perhaps we will anoint her with a new term; "puplet".

In reality, I believe she is a Chihuahua puppy, so although she will certainly grow, she will always be one of the smallest dogs on the block.

#27 Beagle Triplets

These very young beagle triplets are next up for your consideration. Loose skin, stubby legs, and pudgy bellies can make any puppy look cute. Nothing is more "awww" inducing than that.

You can vote for the triplets below.

#28 Shocked Shepherd

"Oh, my gosh, what just happened?! It's cold!" This fluffy tot is an Australian Shepherd who just got slammed with a snowball for the first time. While he may be shocked now, soon he will undoubtedly be the one frolicking and throwing snow all over everyone else.

#29 Timid Pup

One of the cutest things about a puppy is their drive to learn and explore. Everything is fresh and undiscovered. Sometimes the whole process can be anxiety provoking, who knows what is safe and what isn't? But, like nearly all puppies, this little guy gets over his fear, walks right up, and sniffs the new thing. Mystery solved.

If you find a timid pup slowly discovering new things to be cute, you can vote for this guy below.

#30 Boxer Siblings

Here we have a white boxer and her fawn sibling. They are both adorable of course. It's important to know that white boxers are not albinos. If you look at their eyes or their skin and fur, you can see some of the colorations; they aren't pink.

If you want to vote for this white boxer with the Groucho Marx eyebrows and her sibling, they are #30 below.

#31 Peeking Pomeranian

There is really no end to the mischief-induced calamity that a puppy can find. This little guy was out to uncover the mysteries of the backyard when he came to the realization that there was a whole other world on the opposite side of the fence. So naturally, he stuck his head through. Too bad the camera caught him in this embarrassing predicament. Lucky for us though because it certainly amplifies his cute factor.

#32 Pomeranian Puff Ball

Ok, so this is what the previous puppy should look like if he was well behaved. This is another Pomeranian. These dogs have very thick, fluffy coats that can be one of a variety of colors. Amazingly, these dogs don't really require a great deal of grooming, a once a week brushing is sufficient. Even when fully grown they top out at about 7 pounds so they are in the "toy" group of dogs.

#33 Oozing Bernese Mountain Dog

This little guy embraces the idea of being happy where you are. When you are ready to stop playing and exploring, just flop, conform to the space you are in, and watch the world go by.

This puppy is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Yes, he will grow into a very large dog but he won't lose much of that cuteness or that zen-like state.

#34 Gazing Boston Terrier

This nominee is a Boston Terrier. These dogs are small, have a short tail, and black and white coloring. This one may slowly be burning a hole through our heart with that gaze. If you think he has the qualities to be the cutest puppy vote for him below.

#35 Wind-In-His-Ears

This sweet little pup just has the look of an adventurer, a pup who loves nothing more than to run like the wind. Then when I tell you that this is a Border Collie you will see that first impression might not be far off. Border Collies are very intelligent, hard-working, fast, and agile. They are a medium-sized herding dog and in some cases have been known to learn up to a thousand words.

#36 Nothing to Fear Bulldog

Bulldogs are known for their bravery, their tenacity, their strength and this little puppy embodies all of that. He marches straightforward despite the barrier of the photographer and he doesn't hesitate to take his rightful place as the center of attention. It's his yard and he has no problem asserting his ownership.

If you find overconfidence in such a small package adorable, this might be the canine you should elect to the post of cutest puppy.

#37 Red and White Setter

This young pup is identified as an Irish Setter, apparently a Red and White one.

These dogs are known to be very high spirited but are a bit smaller than their red-haired cousins. They are bred as a hunting dog which seeks out an animal and "points" to alert hunters to it.

He's a pretty pup who is likely very playful.

#38 Rottweiler Puppy

What do you think of when you think of a Rottweiler? Sturdy, muscular, and sometimes aggressive? Well, generally, if they are your dog that's not how you would describe them. Gentle, protective, calm, and loving are more descriptive for owners of the breed.

If you glance and this sweet Rottie you can see that softer side. When you aren't intimidated by the large size and muscular build, you can see that they are just a good dog. In fact, you might even be inclined to name this little one the cutest of them all.

#39 Casual Glance Over the Shoulder Corgi

I'm not sure what it is that makes this youngster so irresistible. Those ears that resemble satellite dishes? The big brown eyes? The body that's far too long for its height? Actually, I can't be sure, but I think it's that rearview again, the cute little Corgi hindquarters.

#40 Studious Jack Russell

You're telling him something, giving him a command, or uttering sweet words to let him know he's a good boy. But, being young and inexperienced, he's really not sure so he's thinking it through. He's watching your face. He's hasn't got it all figured out yet, but being the attentive puppy he is, he'll learn.

This attentive little Jack Russell is definitely a contender in our contest.

Vote for the Cutest Puppies

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