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Cutest Bunny Contest

I've owned pets most of my life and volunteered many hours to help others. I've written on topics regarding their welfare for over 10 years.

Love Cute Bunnies? There are Lots of Them Here!

Some people have dogs, some have cats, and others have birds. However, for those of us who just want a pure bundle of love, we have a bunny. Whether sprawling on the floor, tucked up in a ball, or hopping about, bunnies are undeniably adorable.

For those who love them, I made this page for you to simply enjoy. Learn a few interesting facts about them, then please take the time to vote in my Cute Bunnies contest!

A Word About Those Teeth, Ears, and Nose

Rabbits are loved for those big ears, long teeth, and the little nose that never stops moving. But like most mammals, these same traits serve an important purpose.

Similar to dogs, rabbits have a keen sense of smell which is part of the reason you see their noses wiggling around so much. It allows them to identify other rabbits, find a mate, identify if an item is something he wants to consume as food, and become aware of a predator in time to get away.

Of course they also have great hearing. Those large ears not only help them hear, but they can help them to release body heat when they get too hot. (Pavia, 20)

And, what about their teeth? Well, those oversized front teeth allow it to nibble on vegetables and growing plants quickly. Their teeth actually never stop growing and in order to keep them from getting too long, they actually need to nibble on things to grind them down. Similar to humans, their front teeth are used to bite things off and their back teeth are used to chew. (Pavia, 17)

A Rabbit's Diet

Rabbits are of course herbivores, they eat only plant matter. They love to graze on grass but they do need variety and plenty of fiber to stay healthy and thrive.

Many domesticated rabbits consume a diet of pellets primarily. Grass hay-based pellets are generally the best choice. These can provide the nutrients and fiber needed. Fresh greens like arugula, broccoli, carrot tops, clover, parsley, dark leaf lettuce such as romaine, and others can also be good (Pavia,101). Fresh greens however are not recommended for young rabbits under the age of six months (Schmidt, 63).

Fruits, in limited quantities, are often used as treats; apple slices, cantaloupe, peaches, strawberries, and more are some examples. Other high carbohydrate foods however should be avoided completely; beans, breads, cereals, chocolate, corn, nuts, and so forth can cause problems such as unhealthy weight gain and digestive problems (Pavia, 103).

About That Rabbit Coat

A rabbit's coat is prized. Throughout history these animals have been hunted for sport, for meat, and for their soft coat. Like a cat, rabbits spend a fair amount of time grooming that beautiful coat.

Domesticated bunnies are generally classified by four coat types.

  • Normal, which is a two layer coat about 1" long
  • Angora, which is a longer fur that gives the rabbit a fluffier look
  • Rex, which is a shorter coat than the Angora but is very velvety.
  • Satin, which has a finer, more transparent hair which gives it luster

Of course the coloring and pattern of the coat varies among the 45+ breeds. (Schmidt, 28)

How Big Is That Bunny?

Most rabbits are no larger than the average full grown house cat. But, not all of them, some are much smaller, and some are a bit larger. Rabbits are categorized into one of 5 size groups. Pavia defined these as:

  • Dwarf, for bunnies 2 to 3 pounds
  • Small, for those 4-5 pounds
  • Medium, for rabbits from 6-7 pounds
  • Large, for those 8-9 pounds
  • Giants, for any over 9 pounds

A Few More Interesting Facts

Like deer, rabbits can be called "bucks" which are male or "does" which are female. However, their babies are referred to as "kits" (like kittens).

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As discussed above, a good diet is important, but so is exercise because without it, a bunny can develop problems such as osteoporosis (weak bones) just like people. Therefore it is important to play with a rabbit daily and to assure that the cage or hutch it lives in gives it enough space to move around (Pavia, 18).

Rabbits who live indoors can be trained to use a litterbox, just like a cat. But unfortunately, they tend to live a shorter life, with an average lifespan of roughly 7-10 years. Just like with dogs though, the larger the breed of rabbit, the shorter their life expectancy.

Some of the More Famous Rabbit Breeds

As stated previously there a large variety of purebred rabbits, but there are also many mixed breed rabbits. Among the purebred population some of these stand out as far as popularity or their distinctive look:

  • Netherland Dwarfs: These little guys (as well as the Britannia Petite breed) are notable primarily for their diminutive size. Generally they weigh in under 2 1/2 pounds (Schmidt, 33, 45).
  • Flemish Giant: On the other side of the coin, this rabbit can weigh more than 14 pounds (Pavia, 39).
  • Lops: There are a variety of Lop breeds, but most of us know one when we see it. They have extraordinarily large ears that are typically hanging down rather than standing up.
  • Giant Angora: Both this rabbit and the French Angora have the long tufts of fur on their ear tips, making for a rather unique looking animal (Schmidt 30, 31).

Contestant #1

Our first contestant is a soft honey colored youngster who is just a handful of adorableness. Like most cute bunnies his fur looks caress-worthy and you know his tiny little nose would tickle your chin as you snuggle.


Contestant #2

Our second nominee is a more serious bunny. He's clearly completely consumed by foraging for the perfect bit of salad at this point. You could scoop him up before he even knows you are there.


Contestant #3

The only thing that's possibly better than a bunny, is two. Here are two of the little fluffballs munching on a snack. They are contestant #3.


Contestant #4

Contestant #4 is an example of how precious it is to see animals looking kind of like people. Something about this little guy leaning over to get to his paw/palm reminds us of someone eating a messy taco or hotdog.

Contestant #5

Okay, I'll have to admit it, sometimes a rather forlorn looking rabbit can be the cutest. Sure part of the look is his floppy ears, but that tiny frown does nothing to disguise his low countenance. Contestant #5 doesn't look like he's having the best of days...maybe some love would help.


Contestant(s) #6

Just a warning about these somewhat scruffy looking youngsters, they are addictive. I'm pretty sure too much of them and you could slip into a adorable induced coma. Together, they represent contestant #6.


Contestant #7

Oh dear, our rabbit in the field is roaming free. I believe he has a song written about him "hopping down the bunny trail". He looks like no pet, he looks like a wild rabbit that we're just so lucky to have stumbled upon. No doubt about it, contestant #7 shows us that natural is cute too.


Contestant(s) #8

He's confident, he's free, he's not a rabbit to be underestimated...but contestant #8 is still outrageously cute. Bunnies forage on hay, grass, and clover, but they like their fruit too. Hopefully he won't eat the seed though as that's bad news for rabbits.


Contestant #9

This little guy is a dwarf Lion Head rabbit. It's clear he wants to win the contest, he's set up a studio appointment and hired a professional for the shoot! Reality is, he would be cute regardless.

Contestant #10

Contestant #10 is so precious! What is she thinking? I know what I'm thinking, she's so squeezable I may not be able to restrain myself.


Contestant(s) #11

Caught in a minute of undeniable sweetness, this kit (yes, baby rabbits are called kittens too) is giving us the eye. She's contestant #11 and is a very worthy contender.

Contestant(s) #12

I think there is a conversation going on here. Why is it that a tiny rabbit is cute no matter what he's doing? Anyway, this is contestant #12 for your consideration.

Contestant #13

Let's see, what makes this bunny so adorable? The massive feet. No? Maybe the floppy ears. No? Ok, it's the the big brown eyes and the entire package that bowl you over.

Contestant #14

Oh, no. please tell me this bunny is not distressed. Hopefully he's just cleaning his face or perhaps, just face palming? Either way, he's still hopelessly adorable.


Contestant #15

Maybe this is what rabbits do while we're not around. Maybe they hop just for our benefit? Anyway, clearly there are a lot of cute bunnies standing around on two legs, or haunches, or whatever. #15 is our final contestant for the cutest bunny.

Cast Your Vote! - Cute Bunnies May Be Born, But You Can Elect Them Too


Audrey Pavia. Rabbits For Dummies. Indianapolis, Indiana. Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2003. Book,

Horst Schmidt. Rabbits Today: A Complete Authoritative Guide. Neptune, N.J. ©yearBOOKS, Inc. 1996. Book

© 2009 Ruth Coffee

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'Houdidi' was the smallest of our magic bunnies, and he won his name because even though he was the tinniest, he was the only bunny to always escape from the cage! :)


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* * * Blessed By A SquidAngel * * *

For an adorable lens full of the cutest bunny pictures!

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