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Bring Your Cats All They Desire

Cats are such loving creatures. They curl up in your lap at the end of a long day while you're sitting on the couch watching television or reading a book. They nibble on our fingers while we're grooming them and cuddle you when you sleep. These simple, affectionate things cause an automatic release of chemicals to your brain and allow you to ease into the evening after a long day at work. Cat owners know that every cat has a distinct personality. But there are certain things that all or most cats desire, and pet owners should know. To help you achieve this, we have discussed a few things you could or shouldn't do to bring your cats the happiness they desire.

Who doesn’t love treats?

Whether dogs or cats, all pets love treats. Cat treats can be purchased in a brick-and-mortar store, online, or even made at home. Many cats enjoy bite-sized pieces of cantaloupe, honeydew, or seedless watermelon. Melon is especially good because it's is high in vitamins A and C. Veggies can be a safe and healthy treat for cats. However, unlike humans, cats don't require veggies in their diet. It might be a good idea to cook the carrots before you give them to your cat to nosh on, as raw ones may be a choking hazard.

Spend Fun Time with Your Cats

Unlike dogs, cats find exercises like walking boring. So playing fun games might be an excellent way to create excitement for your cat and give them a good workout. This is where cat toys and human creativity meet.

Hide and Seek

Just hide a toy that interests your cat under a blanket, and watch your cat scavenge. They love this game so much.

Bubble Games

Cats have a never-waning interest in the ordinary. Blowing bubbles might seem like a schoolyard activity stuck in the past. Still, your cat will be so taken with the floating balls of mystery. Blow bubbles in front of your cat and watch your cat try to catch and pop the bubbles. Always use a non-toxic bubble solution.

Treasure Hunt

Cats love an exciting challenge, and food treasure hunts do the trick. Place treats at different spots in your home, and your cat will try to retrieve them. You can even set up obstacles for them to navigate. This kind of game keeps their minds sharp -and their stomachs full!

Care for Your Cat

Yes, cats are more independent than other pets, but owning one is still a significant commitment. Cats need a devoted owner to give them the good health and happiness that they desire.

Cat Houses

Most house cats prefer the indoors, which means you need a cat house or a litter box. A cat house is convenient, but it needs to be cleaned every day to avoid unpleasant odors. Pet stores offer some formulas that make it easy to scoop out waste in a cat house or litter box and control the smell.

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Consistent grooming prevents your house from turning into one giant hairball. Weekly cleaning is usually enough. You can find some easy-to-use cat grooming tools at most pet stores.

Scratch Pole

A scratch pole will provide your cat something to scratch or paw on other than your curtains, furniture, and just about anything else that takes their fancy. Trust us; a scratch pole will save you lots of money and frustration.

Good Diet

A nutritional diet reduces the chances of obesity and other serious health issues. Work with your vet to ensure your cat is getting a well-balanced diet. Avoid overfeeding, and keep food and water bowls far away from the cat house to prevent any risk of contamination.

ID Tag

Keep an ID tag on your cat's collar, and have them microchipped. This will allow shelters and veterinarians to quickly identify you as the owner should your cat get lost. A safe environment is something that all cats desire because cats are small and delicate animals. That's why they do well mainly living indoors. If your cat loves to roam free outside, constantly monitor its whereabouts, like other predatory animals, and maybe even traffic can threaten its safety.

Keep them Hydrated!

Cats, unlike other pets, do not have a strong urge to drink water when they are thirsty. Keeping them hydrated using food is very important. Many health issues can be avoided by simply adding a daily wet food meal to your cat's diet.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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