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Bonding with your Rescue Dog

Does the idea of having a dog paw at your heart? Have you considered adopting a rescue dog? It is easy to open up your home as well as your heart to a rescue shelter dog. There are so many rescue dogs in need at shelters and with rescue groups around the world. All the dogs want is their "forever home." BONDING WITH YOUR RESCUE DOG: Decoding and Influencing Dog Behavior is written for you and anyone else who has a heart for rescue dogs.

Puppies are not the only solution when you want a dog

Most people want to adopt a puppy, but there are so many dogs in need who still have so much to give. They are one, two, three years old and more. These dogs need your love and attention, too. Many senior dogs are suddenly left abandoned when their owner dies. Don't forget them.

Consider all your options, then decide. Whether you're in the first moments of considering a rescue dog adoption or have already given your heart to that one special dog, BONDING WITH YOUR RESCUE DOG: Decoding and Influencing Dog Behavior will help you enter into and develop that special relationship between a dog and his or her human family.

What do you do when you bring your dog home? How should you act? What's most important? These questions and more are answered within the pages of this book. Do you wonder whether you should use a crate? What about teaching your dog to go potty outside? Don't worry. You'll gain a better understanding of the how and why of these issues and more.

Additional training guide included

You will also have the ability to download the bonus guide. GOOD MANNERS TRAINING, a 27-page guide full of additional training tips, additional resources, and recommended dog-friendly items to help make your rescue dog adoption a success.

After living with my current pack of seven dogs for quite a number of years, I decided to share what I've learned and discovered along the way from my dogs, my own experiences, and the teaching from other dog experts and trainers. I hope your life with your dog will be as beautiful and joyous as mine has been with all my dogs over the years.

- How to approach your rescue dog

- Learn the personalities and types of shelter/rescue dogs may have

- What to expect when you bring your rescue dog home

- How to make the transition from a shelter or rescue dog to a family dog

- What to do during the first 24 hours you two are together

- How to take the pain out of housebreaking your new dog

- Why it's a good idea to help your rescue dog adapt to a crate

- Identify and deal with negative behaviors

- 27-page FREE training book

- Much, much more

a life with dogs and dog rescue adoption

a life with dogs and dog rescue adoption

Vikk Simmons loves dogs and has lived with them all her life. She's gathered together a variety of information she's learned from living with dogs, reading about them, and handling them, Over the years she's gained great insight from professional dog trainers who have helped her with her own dogs. Within these pages, you'll discover many of the things she's learned along the way. She remains a huge advocate of rescue dog adoption and would love for everyone to help in any way they could. You'll find her blogging about her life with her crazy pack of dogs a her blog A Life with Dogs. Come see us at 

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