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Best Clippers For Poodle Grooming

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well groomed poodle

well groomed poodle

My Favorite Clippers for Trimming Poodle Coats!

As a long time pet owner I've been grooming my standard poodles at home for around 9 years now. Some of you may wonder why I'd go through all the trouble instead of paying a professional. Well first and foremost I'm a thrifty girl, and I save a LOT of money each year by doing this myself at home. I never loved the idea of leaving my precious pets at the groomers for hours. Another thing is, I can get exactly the look I want her to have, which was not always the case prior to doing it myself.

So which clippers are going to work best for a poodle coat? There are really just two major brands, Andis and Oster, that are up to this task. I'll talk about my favorite offerings from these brands to help you decide, and only recommend the same clippers I've used successfully on my own dogs.

Andis Brand Clippers Are My Top Choice

Andis clippers work like a charm and are highly rated for a reason!

The Andis ProClip AG2 is my go-to set of poodle clippers that I use for most clients. I've pretty much love and have settled on these for me, but of course you may decide to try another and see what works best for you. Whichever set or brand you choose, you should really look at the 2 speed models as they offer extra "oomph" in those tougher to cut areas. The one downside I should mention here is these clipper models tend to heat up FAST. So if you're planning to do multiple dogs with these clippers will want to pick up a cooling spray to help with that.

Make Sure to Begin With A Bath!

standard poodle groomed

standard poodle groomed

Don't Skip The Prep Work!

When it comes to poodles, due to the way their coats are the prep work you do before cutting is just as important as the actual hair cutting. It will help a great deal to give your poodle a good bath first, and dry them really well before you even turn on those grooming clippers.

Poodle coats are more difficult to get through than most other dogs coats. If you don't do all of the prep work you will likely run into problems with blade clogging and hair pulling which is not very pleasant for your pooch. Even the best clippers on Earth can clog up if you neglect to clean the fur first - so don't skip it! Think of it as pampering your doggie, the same way you might enjoy a nice shampoo before you get a haircut at the salon.

Home Grooming Supplies Checklist

Some Challenges to Expect

While it is the most economical way, grooming at home for the average person may present challenges. You can have the best clippers on the planet, but still run into certain issues...therefore a full guide is really recommended. Expect a full grooming to take at the very least three hours to complete... It will get faster as you do it more and gain experience. You should have your whole day clear basically as you will need time for the prep work, actual cutting time, and any unexpected issues that can crop up.


A simple checklist is as follows:

* A Good Quality Set of Electric Pet Clippers

* Sharpened, New, or at Least Newly Oiled Blades for Your Clippers

* Extra Oil for the Clippers To Prevent Overheating

* Quality Scissors Designed to Cut Pet Fur

* Doggie Shampoo and Doggie Conditioner (I'd prefer Organic)

Clipper Usage Tips from Andis Team - When there's a good product the passion shows!

Andis is a great company and one of the leaders in the clipper industry. They are always putting out various helpful videos about topics related to their clippers. I feel like they really are the biggest and best brand out there, and they truly stand by their products.

I'm not saying Oster or other brands are bad, not at all, those other clippers do work rather well. It's the way Andis goes the extra mile to put out demonstrations and helpful information to the public that sets them over the top making them a true authority in the field. This video is one example of that.

More Helpful Tips For Grooming Poodles - Things I've noticed over the years

miniature poodle groomed

miniature poodle groomed

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Benefits of Two Speed Clippers

The reason I prefer my two speed clippers is that they give me the option of using the higher speed for those harder to get through areas. I recommend using the lower setting most of the time while you groom. If you run into a tricky spot then you can try the next speed.

Always keep checking to make sure the clipper blades don't clog up with fur! This is so important. If the blades are clogged up when you go to cut it's going to pull the poor dogs coat, that's very painful and will most likely make them less cooperative.

Proper maintenance is super important to get the most out of your clippers. Oil the blades as instructed in the manual as often as the manufacturer recommends. If you do that you should be able to use the same clippers and blades for a long time, probably years, without needing to resharpen or replace the blades.

This isn't a quick and easy thing to do! Grooming a poodle can take a few hours depending on your experience level - and your dogs cooperation level. It's okay to take breaks if you or your dog seems to need one. If it's your dog you can even do it over a day or two span if that seems easier (and if you don't mind them looking funny for a day) though I always try to get it all done in one afternoon myself.

Image from Wikimedia Commons, author Pleple2000

Oster Brand Clippers - My Next Best Choice

Oster is another quality brand many people like to use

I used Oster clippers for a couple of years before I got the Andis clippers. These are pretty decent clippers I'd recommend too. I didn't really have much trouble using them, and they were a little cheaper than Andis, but once I started using Andis at school I had to get some of those for myself. One thing I have noticed that is nice about these is they seem to run cooler than Andis, so there is a chance you won't need to apply any cooling sprays for these.

If you want to go with Oster brand here are the models I'd recommend.

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WoWFace (author) on May 30, 2014:

@barbberrie: Hi Barb, it looks like the longest blades are around 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inches. I haven't come across any attachment blades that are longer than that, if anyone reading this does I'd like to know about them. I would say you will probably need to use a good pair of scissors to keep the hair that long. Clippers are better suited for uniform cuts of shorter hair.

barbberrie on May 30, 2014:

I have 2 Goldendoodles and would like to know what is a good clipper that will take a long blade. I would like to leave my boys at least 2inches long and don't know which clippers can accommodate a longer blade if there is such a thing. thanks, Barb

ann-dunn-7549 on April 19, 2014:

My clipper is an Oster Volt and the trimmer is a Whal Arco SE. The Volt takes a standard A-5 blade and (joy) has no cord but plenty of power. Face, feet and tail go to the Whal and the rest to the Volt.

I prefer Whal blades but I would like to try Geib when I collect the pennies to buy one. The trimmer does not even get warm let alone hot so its nice when working close to the skin. I have two Poodles both cream and save a ton on grooming costs. Both the dogs and myself stay cool and comfortable thru ought the grooming process.

debbie-taylor on April 07, 2014:

This is exactly the informatiom I needed to know, as I am preparing to buy new clippers. Thanks for informative page.

Spooman on November 03, 2013:

I have A 10 month old spoo shave been self gromming since we got her at 6 weeks started with Oster and changed to Andis. This is my first Spoo and am learning as I go. Thanks for the info

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