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Best Litter Box For Odor Control & Smells

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Help Eliminate Cat Litter Box Odor

Cats by nature keep very clean. I wish the same could be said for their litter box, but sadly they can create a strong odor which will permeate through the house. There are ways to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, and we will discuss those in this article.

If you wish to get rid of cat urine smell in your house then please read this article However, this article is all about the prevention of odors that can come from a cat litter tray or a box.

The absolute best way to avoid cat urine smells is to regularly clean the litter box. A fact that many cat and kitten owners don't know is that around 10-15% of cats will stop using their litters, and not go back to them. The main reason for this is quite simply a dirty box or tray.

If you have even been to a public lavatory that is dirty, would you ever want to go back? Cats are no different in that regard, and they do not relish the thought of going to a litter that is dirty or carries a strong odor. I would agree with many owners that cleaning something like this every day is both a pain to do and pretty expensive.

For those who do though, they never have a problem with a smell or strong odor in the house.

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Little Robot Litter Box

Little Robot Litter Box

Do Different Types of Litter Boxes Really Make A Difference?

It is really interesting that when you read reviews on boxes, that you start to see terms such as "self cleaning," "automatic," and other such terms. That would tell you that some owners are looking for something that will make the task of cleaning a litter much easier, and more regular. Let's face it, there are very few of us, if any, that are fond of cleaning cat poop.

Many of the boxes that I reviewed are actually quite similar, and what was noticeable was the way in which manufacturers made various claims, and also tried to influence the way we shop and save. As you may be aware there is plenty of competition for these products from companies like Petco, Amazon and others like Pet Smart or Pet's Corner. You are certainly not spoiled for choice.

The big question though which many of them fail to answer is do any of these actually help either eliminate or at least reduce the smell that will come from a cat litter? That is what I was particularly interested in, so let's have a look.

No 1 Mistake When Buying A Cat Litter Box

So many cat owners buy a covered box in the belief that it will help reduce smells. It certainly does help contain the odor but you may end up with a bigger problem. Generally speaking, cats really do not like these boxes at all. As I said they do trap the odors, and simply because of that scent, cats may then avoid going into them altogether.

I would say though that if these boxes are cleaned every day, and your cat is happy enough to go in to it, then having a covered one will certainly work very well. If you do go for one of these, just check for the first few days and make sure your cat is actually using it, and has not decided to move his business to one of your plant pots.

I just thought it was very important to point this fear that some cats may have of an enclosed space. It does not seem to bother that many of our felines, but it does for some of them, so always worth checking.

The Larger The Better

I also found during my extensive research that vets and animal experts strongly advise that bigger is better. Their strong recommendation is that, the litter box should be twice as long as the cat, and its width should be as wide as the cat is in length. Let's say your cat was 16" in length, then an ideal box would be 32" long by 16" wide. That is what the experts state and recommend and I am not going to argue with them.

Self Cleaning Boxes

Yes these work great especially if you are away for lengthy periods of time. However, like the covered types, some cats who are a tad nervous, and even larger cats, simply will not like these. We shall look at these in detail later, but for now, I just wanted to let you know that they do exist.

Best Litter Box for Odor 2016 - The Omega Litter Box

Top 3 Self Cleaning Litter Boxes For Cats - Do They Work and How Do They Work?

The principle is simple enough. If you put a lid on something, then it will help contain any smells. In addition to that, if you can break up and cover up clumps of wet litter, then again these will really help to keep down the smell of urine and poo.

How Does It Work?

Again it is simple and easy. To clean this you roll the top to the floor and then return it to its former position. A mechanism inside pushes the waste down into the waste tray, which you can quickly remove, and the cat has fresh litter.

  • Advantages
  • No more scoops
  • You do not need to throw away unused litter
  • No filters required
  • No Liners required
  • All of those help save you money
  • Greatly reduces smells
  • Quick and convenient
  • Helps control dust
  • Disadvantages
  • The box is big so not perfect for small spaces
  • Some said it was more work than they thought
  • Some said it was quicker just to remove the waste using a scoop

The Little Robot Version

This one costs a LOT of money, but most buyers have said their investment was a good one. I wanted to give it a special mention here as I was shocked by a price of around $350. Yes you did read that correctly!!!

However, here is a typical review from a buyer at Amazon:

"Best Automatic litter box yet! - I have owned many different automatic litter boxes, of them all this one is the best and it works great."

There are many others like it and in total over 350 reviews on this product. Personally I could never justify this type of spend. It is fully automatic and a number of people with sight difficulties also seemed to buy this product.

Did You Know

1.2 million tons of cat poop are created each year in the USA

Can Cat Litter Be Harmful or Even Dangerous?

Ladies who are pregnant, or suspect that they might be, should avoid changing cat litter. This is especially true if the cat concerned goes out doors. It is a proven medical fact, that according to the Centers for Disease Control, that cats who go outside, and especially those that hunt, hold a higher risk of catching something called Toxoplasmosis. A fancy word I know, but this is a parasite, that is in turn passed through the faeces.

Dr Fuller Torrey, an Executive Director for the Stanley Medical Research Institute has published a detailed paper on the dangers of cat poop. He confirmed that a cat's faeces can contain what are called Toxoplasmosis gondii and these can also cause brain infections in individuals for people who have Aids, or others with various types of an immune deficiency. This is serious stuff indeed, and again shows the importance of regular cleaning of a litter box. It also in my opinion shows the importance of making this task as "hands-off" as possible.

We all know that this faeces ends up in the litter box, and when someone cleans the box, or changes the litter, they are then exposed to this risk. You can greatly reduce this risk, by washing your hands after changing a litter tray, or emptying and changing a box.

For those ladies who are pregnant, they should allow someone else to do this task. It is also strongly recommended that they also wear rubber gloves, if they are unable to find someone to do this task. The litter itself holds no actual harm, but the poo does.

In the same report they estimate there are around 120 million cats in the USA, and they create around 1.2 million TONS of cat poop a year. Of this around 1% is infected with Toxoplasmosis. if your cat is kept indoors, this should not really be a problem for you at all.

2 Seconds of Your Time Please


What Is The Perfect Location For Your Litter Box?

Avoid enclosed areas such as closets, small hall ways or cupboards. It needs to be somewhere that is very well ventilated. Never leave the litter anywhere near where your cat feeds.

Cats as we know are strange creatures. In a similar way to humans they like their privacy when doing their business. So in the ideal world somewhere that there is little noise and not much foot fall is ideal. I know that is not always possible, but if you can find a place like this, it is a good environment for your kitten or cat.

Just remember this, that if your cat gets startled in any way when they are in the box, the chances of them returning to the "scene of the crime" are greatly reduced.

The experts also say that you should in the perfect world have two boxes placed in different areas of your home. Personally I don't do this as my home just isn't that big.

Pet House & Litter

Why Not Have Some Nice Furniture & A Cat Box All In One? - Will They Help With Bad Smells?

These pieces of furniture, with a cat box litter built into them, appear to be all of the rage right now. When I was searching for my own litter box, I found these by accident. If you know me, then you will know that I will always dive into the research to find out those answers.

The advice from almost all buyers of this cat furniture, was that should you get one of these, make sure to use a covered cat litter. Some buyers had used a tray and I am afraid to say, that both the pee, spray and poo ended up on the floor of the cabinet. That was then rather an unpleasant situation to have to clean up. The base of these are not waterproof, so will bubble and swell over time.

Quite a number of people will still prefer to set an open litter tray in these. That is fine as long as you regularly clean it out and wipe it clean. This type of furniture will most certainly contain smells, but will nonetheless require regular cleaning.

As I mentioned earlier, as the furniture will help contain and trap the smells, due to restricted circulation, this may also put your cat off from using their litter. Regular daily cleaning will help remove that problem and you have something that looks very attractive, hiding a rather unsightly litter tray or box.

Cat Litter Deodorizer Explained

Now one thing that can certainly help is to put some cat deodorizer into your cat litter. This is available in a whole range of brands and in a whole range of sizes. It is also not that expensive and it works really well.

Something like a 30 ounce packet will cost less than $4 and will help keep down any unwanted odors and smells.

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