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Barn Kittens


Come Meet the Barn Kitties

A few times during the year, we get barn kitties!! They are so cute and cuddly when they are little! This one is Bubbles.

She's a beautiful white cat with blue eyes.

A lot of people seem to think that since the barn cats are feral, they don't have to take care of them but that's not true. They need some of the same care as a house cat would.

Barn kitties have a rough life. There's cars and wild animals that they have to watch out for. If they make it to six months old, they usually do okay but before that, every day might be their last.

Bubbles In the Wintertime



I hardly even recognized Bubbles when I saw him the other day. He has really grown! He also has a super thick coat of fur to keep him warm during the cold winter months. Since these cats live outside in the frigid weather, they rely on their fur to keep them alive. Without it, they would freeze to death.



Dusty's real name is Stormy. Both names fit him but I always think of Dusty when I see him. I love his blue eyes with his gray coat. He's so beautiful!

Dusty resting in a helmet


Update on Dusty

Little Dusty ended up being the last of the little tiny kitties to survive barn life (the older kitties are all okay.) Since no one wanted to leave him outside by himself, the barn owners took him inside so he would be safe until they found him a home.

He was just so adorable that they ended up keeping him. They took him for a vet check - it turns out he's a SHE!! Her name is now Tinkerbell and she lives happily in the house. She's the first and only of all the kitties to get the pleasure of living inside the house. She's a pretty special little kitty. Her eyes aren't quite as blue as they were. They are kind of turning gray now. She had all of her shots and the vet said she's very healthy.



This cat is really Ike but he looks more like a Spike to me so that's what I call him. A lot of times, the kittens have gooey eyes and noses. They usually clear up after the first few months. They also usually have pretty bad ear mites.

Spike in the feed dish


Tinkerbell and Spike Playing At the Barn - Fun Times at the Barn!

I love watching the little kitties playing around in the barn. They are so adorable when they're teeny tiny! I wish they stayed this way forever but they grow up.



This kitty got his name Charcoal because he looked like he was all dirty with black on his ears. It looked like he had been rolling around in coal! He's my all time favorite barn cat. He's around a year old now and is the friendliest fella. I would love to take this one home.

Coal In The Wintertime



Coal has lots of padding to keep him warm through the winter! He's always been one of the bigger cats and he's really filling out now too!

Update on Coal: Out of all the cats and kittens, this is the one that I deeply regret not taking home with me. I wanted him from day one and I should have listened to my heart. Poor Coal was hit by a car. I will always remember him and treasure his kitten pictures. He was a very special cat.

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