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African Love Bird: Characteristics and Temperamental

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African lovebirds are famous lovebirds that are the best pets that anyone could have. African lovebirds are stout bundle that has great colour combinations with mind-blowing contrasting features.

These lovebirds are very interactive and social in nature. They like playing around and their noise symbolizes contentment. It is better to have the lovebirds in pair and they are better as pair as well as being alone. These birds might fight with each other hence they should not live in colonies.

Let us know some major things and characteristics of the lovebirds.

A complete description of lovebirds

African lovebirds are very small and stout in size. They are 5 to 7 inches in length and are in different colors. Their average life expectancy is 15 years. These birds have short and rounded tails. They are dimorphic and the males have a grey mask. Their feet are very light coloured and their bill is light coloured. The female is green on the other hand. When you compare the body size to beak then you will find it is smaller than that.

Origin of African lovebirds

There are nine species in lovebirds and out of those; eight species are of African origin. These African lovebirds originated from Madagascar and Africa. It was in the middle of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, that these lovebirds have been noticed. Since that time, these birds have been captivated by man’s reality as well as imagination.

Special characteristics

Let us know about some major characteristics of these African lovebirds.

  1. African lovebirds are socially active and noisy birds.
  2. These birds are very aggressive as compared to other lovebirds.
  3. These sweet creatures are very playful by nature and hence very active in nature. Whether you keep it in captivity or in cages, they try to be very interactive.
  4. For these small birds, you need to be very careful of their cages. They tend to be in open cages that have much space.
  5. These lovebirds need attention as well as care. When they do not get proper care or attention from your side, they might get to have some behavioral changes in them.
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It is seen that these socially active birds are very witty. It is their witty nature that they either love to be alone or only with their perfect partners. They need to choose their own partners to whom they are attracted. Else, they may damage their partner. These birds might fly away hence; these birds should be kept in constant look.

Having African lovebirds as pet

African lovebirds have a great personality and their diverse and attractive color attracts everyone. Hence, everyone thinks of keeping these African lovebirds as their own pet. They may be like a clown who loves playing all the time. They have a playful nature.

Many people feel lonely and they have lovebirds as their pets because that keeps away any kind of loneliness. These birds keep on flying and love hanging from toys and ropes. They love to be in pairs.

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