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Comfortable alternatives to the dreaded e- collar cone for dogs!

Find a comfy way to help your dog leave their ouches alone!

There is nothing worse than an ouch!

And to make it worse when you leave the vet's office they often give you one of those dreaded plastic Elizabethan collars to wear to leave your ouch alone, making your dog feel even more uncomfortable.

But there are some pawsome alternatives on the market, and those that you can make from reused materials, that will help your dog heal up nicely and be comfortable at the same time.

So let's get started!

Great alternatives to the dreaded (E) collar!

These alternative collars for dogs are so much more comfortable than that dreaded plastic cone! They are soft, lightweight, and will help your dog be more happy while they heal up!

  • Soft-E Fabric Elizabethan Collar Size

    The Soft-E Smart Collar is a humane method of preventing animals from aggravating a wound or injury. These cone-shaped collars are made from a SOFT, comfortable material which is lightweight, non-allergenic, non-toxic and water resistant and yet is strong enough to resist biting and clawing.

  • All Four Paws Black Comfy Cone The Comfy Cone is made out of nylon fabric laminated onto 1/2 inch foam which is soft and yielding while being very sturdy and protective. We've also included elastic loops to thread through the pet's own collar to keep the e-collar secure in place and keeping it from being pulled off or falling off of your pet.
  • ProCollar Premium Inflatable Protective Collar

    The ProCollar has an inflatable inner bladder made of a plastic vinyl that is inflated through a two-way air valve much like a beach ball. Once inflated, the size and thickness of the ProCollar function as a soft deterrent.

  • BiteNot Collar

    The BiteNot Collars are an excellent alternative to the traditional Elizabethan collar. It provides unimpeded peripheral vision and allows them to eat, drink, sleep and play while protecting back, rump, base of tail, flanks, chest, abdomen, and genitals (even feet in small breeds).

  • BooBooLoon Inflatable Protective Pet Recovery Collar

    The comfy BooBooLoon inflatable collar forms a soft, flexible cushion around your pet's neck to comfortably restrict dogs and cats from harming most post surgical wounds, injuries and irritating skin disorders. This easy to use and comfy recovery collar provides protection, comfort and allows your pet to eat, drink, sleep and move normally.

  • EZ Soft E-Collars

    EZ Soft E-Collars are great for both cats and small dogs. Unique collar drawstring enables the owner to tighten or loosen, as necessary. EZ Soft collars are great for injuries, rashes and post surgery. The flexible collar won't knock things over or make noise when bumped against furniture and doorways. Pets rest more easily as the pliable fabric lets them lay their head comfortably in any position. Available in two sizes.

A great DIY alternative to the e-collar you can make at home!

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Amanda Price on April 12, 2015:

Be warned, these inflatable collars are more comfortable for sure but there is a reason that all vets don't use them and that it is that they are less effective in stopping dogs from licking their wounds. My dog was able to get to his wounds quite easily with the inflatable collar. The collar was perfectly fitted and inflated properly. In most instances, it is a matter of what's most important at the time, your dog's happiness or your dog's health.

martingallagher on February 27, 2014:

Wonderful alternatives. This gives me some great ideas to gift my sister for her dog.

acreativethinker on November 03, 2013:

These alternatives are so much better. I wish I had known about them, when

my dog needed one. Thanks for sharing. Take care :)

Renaissance Woman from Colorado on September 25, 2013:

I wish I had known about these comfortable alternatives the last few times I had to struggle with keeping the old traditional style E-collar on a pup. These look great. When I recently fostered a shelter puppy after eye surgery, Frieda hated her collar with a passion. I felt terrible being in the position of serving as "enforcer." Next time I'm using one of the collars you have featured. Thanks so much!

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Amy Trumpeter from Oxford on September 11, 2013:

I like the inflatable one - didn't know you could get these!

tonihayes on August 30, 2013:

What great ideas - my little dog hated wearing hers and I wish I'd known some of these ideas then.

shelle93 on July 14, 2013:

These are really good ideas. I thought the cone was the only thing that could be used. Thank you for the information.

lamontcranston on May 09, 2013:

This provides a wonderful humane alternative to the plastic cone. Good job.

JRsFavoriteFinds on April 26, 2013:

Our dog just recently came home from surgery with the dreaded plastic cone. We purchased the inflatable collar you mention above. Worked great and he was so much more comfortable!

mistaben on April 26, 2013:

Loving lens with good information on alternative collars for dogs. Thanks.

BarbsSpot on April 24, 2013:

@Lensmaster...Congrats for your Purple Star for this Lens, which gives some great alternatives to that wretched plastic trap!

miaponzo on April 16, 2013:

I have had cats that had to wear this before! I love those inflatable ones!!!

Cynthia Haltom from Diamondhead on April 11, 2013:

I bought toddler t-shirts for my dog when he had surgery. Is also worked well for a substitute collar, I just slipped the leash down from the collar to the bottom of the shirt and looped back to the neck while bunching up the shirt. He couldn't wear a collar because the surgery was on his neck and his leg.

gene-0 lm on March 14, 2013:

I keep thinking about "The cone of shame" Great job

Johann The Dog (author) from Northeast Georgia on February 23, 2013:

@anonymous: Tiny pup!!! You could try making your own, I think that would probably work well! Here's a link:

anonymous on February 22, 2013:

These are wonderful! But you see, i have a smaller dog.... a toy poodle to be exact. So i was wondering if you have any ideas about making a smaller one. I hate seeing him in that dreadful cone. Any thing will help! Thanks

HannahnMe LM on February 20, 2013:

Hannah of "HannahnMe" (notice who gets top billing)! had to wear the plastic collar after being spayed & tumor removal.. She hated, I hated and we changed it the next day. My vet was kind enough to give us the Soft E Collar. Hannah likes it so much that she will lower her head for me to put it on. She really likes wearing it. I highly recommend it.

suepogson on February 16, 2013:

I didn't know about these alternatives - thanks

sue826 lm on February 14, 2013:

They use those awful cones in our shelter - and the kennels are already cramped and uncomfortable. I'll have to ask about using these - I never heard of them before.

anonymous on February 11, 2013:

I have 5 dogs but I have had up to 7 before. So, I have lost count of the number of times one of my dogs has had to use a plastic cone. I have never tried any of the comfortable ones you mentioned...I will have to remember them the next time one of my dogs needs one. Thanks!

AugieDoggy on January 17, 2013:

I've tried most of these! The inflatable collar seems to have been the most liked, but it popped after a few days. No one is saying how that happened ;-)

Rose Jones on January 15, 2013:

These products are all new to me, and I am a dog fanatic. Just shows there is always something new under the sun. Pinned to my dog board and also "products I love," digged and blessed.

Margot_C on January 15, 2013:

Thanks for sharing these ideas. We've used the cardboard collar and our neighbor has an inflatable one. They are much easier for the dog to deal with than the plastic ones. Thanks for sharing.

knitstricken on December 29, 2012:

These are great ideas for alternatives to the dreaded e-collar. Woof!

rallo-smith on July 26, 2012:

Great alternatives.

Beverly Lemley from Raleigh, NC on July 15, 2012:

So nice to hear about these alternatives. I dread having to deal with it; it can't be comfortable! Thank you for loving the pets so much! B : )

marlene3 on March 16, 2012:

nice lens and great info. keep up the good work. Marlene

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