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Zebra, Is there a threat to a unique "Icon" striped design?‎



Lockdowns during the Corona period may have harmed humans, but the environment and ecosystems have been found to benefit. Cleaning of the atmosphere was observed in the blue of the river lake as the pollution decreased. Greenhouse gases were found to be declining. Animals and birds began to live their natural life, feeling restless. Now, once again, public life is going to be as usual. It is then that the primary responsibility of man is to preserve the biodiversity of the earth. Man is thinking from a business point of view, so he is running away from this responsibility.‎

‎This is why nature and animals are being suffered. One such incident has harmed the unique design and beauty of the animal, zebras. Zebras usually have stripes of different designs. But the area of their habitat shrinks. The group of zebras is forced to live in a group alone. This has made the newly born zebra calves, with long straps, round dots, unusual patterns, and golden-haired skin. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, scientists are carefully researching.


Biodiversity, which is found on earth. Sometimes this term is used concerning specific areas or ecosystems. All living organisms including plants, bacteria, animals, birds, aquatic, reptiles, and humans are included in biodiversity. ‎

‎Scientists at the National Geographic Society estimate that there are currently 86 million different species of organisms living on earth. Of these, only 12 million species have been identified and named by scientists. Have been successful in classifying it. The largest number of insects. Which simply means that "some other living beings are still living behind the scenes of mystery."‎

‎From generation to generation, living is characterized by certain characteristics. They also make physical changes following their environment. The long-term effect of physical change is called evolution. According to simple scientific understanding, if animals in the same group can have intercourse with each other and produce similar organisms, they are called the same species. Because of biological evolution, the organisms of the same species later, are converted to new species and are not formed between them. ‎

‎Some parts of the world, such as Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, South-Western America, and Madagascar, have the highest biodiversity. The place where there is very high biodiversity is known as the "hot spot" by scientists. Modernization, destruction of forests, and overuse of animal products are destroying biodiversity. Scientists estimate that in the next hundred years, 50% of the earth's biodiversity will be destroyed. This is a big concern.

What is the secret of the natural strip of zebra?‎

Why has the unique pattern of black and white color on the zebra's body developed in the form of a pattern belt? This question has been a problem for biologists for years. Scientists have been working hard for the past 150 years to solve the mystery of the patent of the natural strip of zebra. Scientists are presenting different assumptions about the zebra belt. According to one opinion, zebras have different shapes of stripes to protect themselves from predators. African lions, despite having straps for self-defense, prey more on the zebra. ‎

‎Scientists believe that different types of patents are found in males and females to give a unique identity to zebras during the breeding period. But it is not yet explained, with any scientific evidence. Some scientists believe that a belt has been set up to control the body temperature of the zebra. There is no proper evidence to prove this presumption. ‎

‎Lastly, scientists have given a preconceived prediction that, with microbes that cause various diseases, "horse fly/ horsefly, to keep away from the zebra, the unique pattern of black and white color, nature has created. Research on this issue is going on recently and there have been results that can be corrected. The question now is, if modern times, the natural habitat and ecosystem of the zebra are not properly maintained, will the modern cycle of evolution start running on the fast track for zebras? Scientists and the common man need to focus on this question.

Zebra: Unique "Icon"

‎With unique white and dark stripes on the body, the zebra has become a unique 'icon' of the animal world. But for the last few years, scientists have been observing that the zebra's body has been seeing a variety of dots, strange patterns, and golden-colored hues. This type of change is usually caused by genetic mutations, that is, the mutation slightly in the genes. Genetic mutations found in zebras are rare in other mammals. This makes scientists more curious to study genetic mutations in zebras. ‎

‎Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, have tested the DNA of about 150 common zebras in nine locations across Africa. The results were then compared with the results of DNA tests on as many as seven zebras with unusual dots, stripes, and golden fur.

‎The research revealed that a limited number of zebras were imprisoned in an isolated area, and a limited number of zebras had sexual relations. Finally, seven unique and rare-looking zebras with different patterns were found to be produced. ‎

‎If this situation continues, the absence of biodiversity will lead to genetic defects in the zebra. They will soon be victims of the disease. They will gradually lose their ability to have children. The existence of a common zebra with a unique pattern will end. The existence of the zebra is in danger in the future. They believe in scientists. Since 2002, the population of zebra zebras has been reduced by 25%. In the past, a group of isolated giraffes, with low height, were found to be produced. Similar isolated effects have now been observed on the zebra.‎


The issue of evolution has been in the limelight since the time of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. At the same time, there was a heated discussion about the various types of design patterns found on the animals' bodies. The strap on the zebra's body, scientists found, was a way to avoid an enemy, identifying the time between male and female, like natural air conditioning worn on the body. ‎

‎Now scientists have agreed that the zebra's belts are a good way to avoid the bite of the horse. Scientists at the University of Bristol in Britain performed unique experiments on zebras and horses. The horse was examined by wrapping a fabric designed for the zebra's body strap and examining the severity of the fly's injury. The purpose of wearing a zebra pattern dress was to ask whether the horse-bite and harassment fly stay away from the horse. ‎

‎Experiments showed that "zebras and horses fly in equal measure." But as they try to get closer, the zebra strap design leaves them in awe." Which part of the body should you sit on? The place cannot be fixed by the fly. Finally, they return to the body. This was similar to the horses in the zebra dress. The eyes of the horseflies act like a low-resolution camera. This makes them not easily recognize the difference between black and white stripes. ‎

‎When the horseflies get closer to the body of the zebra, they develop visual illusions in their brains. The zebra's straps seem to move. The straps appear to go in the wrong direction. The horse flies believe that she is "in an open area" which makes it unable to sit in a precise position on the zebra's body. They cannot bite. In short, to avoid disease-causing flies, the belt is a blessing for the zebra.‎