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Worst Dog Breeds To Have As Pets

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Dogs are widely and euphemistically considered man's best friend. But in some instances the relationship between dogs and owners, as well as people in general, can become risky and yes even dangerous. Dogs can have a pleasing disposition as adults if they are raised in a loving, caring environment and receive plenty of attention, discipline and are engaged in lot of social interaction. This applies to dogs or pets as well as with people. The fact that there are breeds that exist that tend to be more aggressive and territorial than others, is testimony to dogs' incredible genetic history.

Many large and aggressive breeds were originally bred to be tough working animals. The strength that allowed them to guard herds and families also made it so that they could fend off dangerous predators such as bears and lions. This instinctual willingness to defend its owner's property and pack make them desirable today as guard dogs for modern families and are widely accepted as such. There are drawbacks to having such large and territorial dogs around however. These breeds can become overly aggressive at times especially when dealing with strangers. The dog breeds I have listed below are some of the world's most powerful and aggressively deadly breeds.

9) Great Dane

Great Danes make tremendous family pets. When raised and socialized properly they can also be good around people and children. However if this breed is not raised nicely they can become hyper-aggressive and dangerous given the wrong situation. Since this breed is quite territorial and also powerfully built they must be given lots of exercise and kept in a yard with a high fence. Danes tend to become cranky when they get older so attention and understanding must be given to them as they age.

8) Boxer

Boxer's make great pets but can be overly aggressive around strangers to the point where they must be kept on a leash to prevent attacks on people. Within the breed is some bulldog lineage and because of this the dogs are known to be tenacious defenders and protectors of both family and property. This aggressive tendency can get a boxer into trouble or worse. So with owning a boxer comes great responsibility. This should include proper obedience training and lots of attention when around people.

7) Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan malamutes are energetic, cold weather dogs that love to work and play hard. The breed has an abundance of energy throughout the day so lots of exercise is an absolute requirement. If the animal is not given proper training or exercise then disastrous things can occur including a lot of property damage as well as aggression towards other people that are not considered apart of the pack.

6) Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs have a long and rich lineage that dates back to Roman times. Bred to be both a draught animal as well as a guard dog, bullmastiffs make great protectors of home and property. Their immense power and strength is matched by a indomitable will and steely courage in the face of danger. Bred partly to be war dogs bullmastiffs will threaten and terrorize any stranger who may be perceived as a threat to the pack. So proper training and socialization is definitely required to own one of these beasts.

5) Dobermann Pinscher

The dobermann pinscher is a very popular breed and has many advocates, enthusiasts and owners. The breed is active minded, alert and has a great capacity to protect family and property from unwanted intruders when necessary. Bred in Germany as a working dog originally, the dog made its way to the battlefield in wars since its introduction and also became apart of local police departments because of its keen intelligence and fantastic physical abilities. Once again, like people, dobermann's require lots of love and attention when be raised with a special emphasis on training and obedience if they are to be apart of families without causing a lot of trouble.

4) Akita

Akita's were bred in Japan initially and quickly rose in popularity both in Japan and around the world. Known for its vicious temperament when confronted with what it perceives to be a threat the dog is capable of inflicting massive damage on strangers. Because of its ferocious demeanor Akita's are not recommended to have as pets especially when the famiily has small children. Like all dogs akita's must be raised conscientiously and with great care in order for them to become decent pets. Akita's are appropriately very territorial and will defend the owner and his property effectively without much vigor.

3) German Shepherd Dog

The GSD or German sheperd dog is an incredibly popular dog breed with enthuisasts all over the world. Known for its high activity level and keen intelligence the GSD makes a great military and K9 unit dog. Essentially a herding animal the german sheperd can successfully accomplish many tasks with proper training. The gsd has served numerous purposes in its illustrious history. During WWII german sheperds acted as war dogs and saw actual combat. Widely used in K9 units gsd's have a knack for such things as drug sniffing and bomb detecting. To say that gsd's make terrific family pets would be an understatement. They can be warm but beware of a jealous trait they possess. Especially when around small children.

2) Rottweiler

Bred in the town of Rottweil in Germany, the Rottweiler is known for its its tremendous physical strength and domineering demeanor. The breed combines intelligence with great courage and yes, aggressiveness in certain situations. As a working breed the Rottweiler requires adequate amounts of work along with regular exercise to be at his happiest. The Rotty, as he is commly called, has been used throughout its existence as a draught animal, war dog and police dog as well as the family pet. The dog does need early training in order to socialize and behave properly as adults. Fiercely protective the rottweiler will take on any intruders or threats to the pack in which he belongs. Care must be taken around children as rottweiler's can play rather roughly.

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1) Pit Bull

The pit bull has a reputation of being hyper-aggressive and very dangerous at times. Bred to fight essentially, these dogs are known to break apart bones of opponents in the pits of battle. Despite this natural ferocity pit bulls can actually be great house pets if their aggressive tendencies are curbed by lots of activiities and exercise. When raised around people the breed is loyal and determine to protect his pack members. But when raised to be overly aggressive and to fight the dog will transform into a biting, gnawing machine when provoked. This is why I have the pit bull listed as the worst dog to have as a pet. Even in the best arrangement and situation pit bulls whill attack even children if it perceives them to be some kind of threat. Own this breed at your own risk.

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Joy on June 10, 2020:

So pit bull is not a breed...its a colloquialism for a collection of four breeds that are descendants of the English bull dog. My "pit bull" (an American Pit Bull Terrier) is so chidllike that he gets bullied by the chihuahua next door. I alao know my dog is probabamy a lot more equipped to protect my family. Speaking of chihuahuas ive been attecked by one of those and a few rat terriers....interesting they didnt make the cut. I think most of the dogs on your list arent aggressive breeds but I'll agree that they may pose a threat because they are more muscular and powerful than other breeds which may warrent a higher degree of responsibility but to say theyre the worst pets is almost on the same level as racism.

Also what does whill mean?

intr0 on April 15, 2020:

As Rebekah stated - "I have met people with so many of these breeds and they are not the 'worst' breed to own as pets lots of these dogs make brilliant pets. Why isn't the dogs who nip at your ankles if you don't pay it attention or the dog that just yaps for no reason? I know this is a matter of opinion but I am sick of these breeds being labelled as bad pets because of a few morons. It is about training and the dog itself and how it is brought up." Smaller breeds are the worst offenders for biting children and for being aggressive. Why? Because people who have them don't think they need a proper upbringing. They think that since their dog is small it's ok never to train it. They think it's ok that their dog constantly tries to and succeeds at biting people and other dogs. They think a "sorry" will solve the issues when dealing with them because their dog must be harmless since it's small. And most of them do constantly "bark" - yap is definitely the word since it's such a high pitched ear ringing noise.

Rebekah Cyphus from Seaton on December 17, 2018:

I have met people with so many of these breeds and they are not the 'worst' breed to own as pets lots of these dogs make brilliant pets. Why isn't the dogs who nip at your ankles if you don't pay it attention or the dog that just yaps for no reason? I know this is a matter of opinion but I am sick of these breeds being labelled as bad pets because of a few morons. It is about training and the dog itself and how it is brought up.

Samm on December 01, 2018:

Im surprised that none of these are smaller breeds which are more likely to make terrible pets than any of these breeds even with proper training.

Mela on November 30, 2018:

There is no such breed "pit bull". Articles like this feed into people's stereotypes and does not educate at all.

Gingerjonathan35 on October 01, 2018:

help me my dane has been in heat she is on day 14 and I have had a Male with her since day 10 and she is still spotting on day 14 the Male trys to mate with her but she growls and snaps back could she not be ready yet n

Golden goddess on September 27, 2018:

I will only say this once people so listen up!!!!!! All dogs can be dangerous no matter what breed they are!!!! It’s the people that RAISES THEM that are the PROBLEM!!!!!! 99% of the time! If you have a nasty human then the dog they have will most likely be nasty as well.

The Logician from then to now on on September 27, 2018:

I love pit bulls, I had two who were direct descendants from one of the best known fighting dogs ever and I raised 4 children with these pitbulls. Loved my kids and they loved them! They can be, are, the most intelligent and loving of dogs. But It’s been a hundred years since they were called nanny dogs.

Again as I mentioned earlier it’s all in the breeding. The “recent” scar has been created by bad breeding and owners and the media sensationalizing incidents resulting from bad breeding and bad owners.

Sadly, because of the media stigmatization alone I wouldn’t own another pit bull for fear of being sued. Soley because of the media people are afraid of pitbulls and the type of people who fight them or make them vicious.

But if you already own one you know doesn't have a mean bone in its body (I think of the one Caesar Milan uses on the dog whisperer) I envy you because that dog you have is a pet beyond compare!

Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on September 22, 2018:

check out my website and subscribe to my blog if you'd like!

Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on September 22, 2018:

Oh they are most definitely loud! Luckily living on a farm that isn't much of an issue as I don't have close neighbors to complain and I quite like the sound of hound song !

Jeff Morales (author) from San Antonio on September 21, 2018:

This is true. Blood hounds are known to possess a wicked mean streak, part of the time at least. It isn't a wonder to know that these dogs are not very popular as house pets. One must also consider that hounds in general tend to be on the loud side.

Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on September 21, 2018:

That is a great point as well. All of my dogs are rescues so I didn't think to mention it but I totally agree. I have two bloodhounds, a Doberman, and a mixed breed little tiny dog. I was surprised that bloodhounds weren't on the list of worst breeds to own. I love them, but they aren't for everyone

The Logician from then to now on on September 21, 2018:

I agree with ellison.

The only thing I would suggest is maybe emphasizing the importance of knowing the breeders of a particular dog you are looking at and why they are breeding that breed, are they experienced and reputable and what the behavioral history of the dogs parents and ancestors is.

In trying to breed desirable traits in a dog a breeder may unwantingly breed in an undesirable disposition acquired by some pups so if you want a dog in these 9 breeds it is a must to know about the breeding of that dog. Good breeders will not breed dogs with bad dispositions or allow dogs with bad dispositions to be sold.

Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on September 21, 2018:

I really like how, while being honest about breed traits, you still mentioned the good qualities and that it really depends a lot on how they are raised and trained.

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