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World Coati Day

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Photo by michel1276 on Flickr

Photo by michel1276 on Flickr

World Coati Day

The 3rd December has been designated as World Coati Day.

The Coati Nasua nasua is a medium sized carnivore from South and Central America and even into Texas in the USA. It is a popular species and is commonly seen in zoos.

They are sometimes kept as pets, something to which they are not suited.

It is an extremely adaptable species ranging from tropical forests to high mountain ranges where it will feed on small vertebrates, insects and eggs.

The Coati is an excellent climber and are known to swim well.

As a species they are of least concern.

Coati Subspecies

South American Coati Nasua nasua

White Nosed Coati Nasua n. narica

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Cozumel Island Coati Nasua n. nelsoni

Wedel's Coati Nasua n. wedeli

There is some argument around the taxonomy of the Coati. Whether the Mountain Coati can be included in the above is still being debated. The White Nosed Coati is more often known as the Coatimundi.

Photo by Rebecca Bowater on Flickr

Photo by Rebecca Bowater on Flickr

Coatis in Cumbria

Over the past 20+ years there have been numerous reported sightings of Coatis in Cumbria, UK.

Having actually captured two of these animals I can definitely confirm that they do exist. As to origins this is down to debate.

I know for a fact that the Coati enclosure in South Lakes Safari was far from satisfactory. Several animals would escape from the enclosure on a daily basis. They could be chased back in but left alone they would make their own way back at feeding times.

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