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Why rabbits make great pets


Lets face it. Everyone loves bunnies. Even you big tough guys who pretend they aren't taken by the cuteness, we know you are. They are adorable, they are fluffy, they hop around, they do that cute little bunny nose thing, but on top of all that they are also just great pets. They make great companions and if you get a rabbit you might just get one of the best little buddies you could ever imagine. They make great pets for a variety of reasons and I'll give you a few reasons why here.

Can be litter box trained

Okay so be honest, how many of you find it a bit of a hassle to clean out a cage? Well you can certainly add me to that list. It's just an unpleasant job that takes too long. Not to say that is isn't worth it for our little furry friends, but I much prefer the convinience of being able to empty out a litter box, put new litter in, and be on my way. Luckily rabbits are quite smart and can be taught to go in a litter box for all their bathroom needs. You won't be able to teach them this is 5 minutes but they learn fairly quickly and it saves you a lot of trouble and time.


They can free roam

Now you may have been thinking, isn't a litter box gonna take up a lot of space in a cage? Well fortunately rabbits don't need a cage if you're okay with them running the house. As long as you keep you're home free of small objects and keep wires out of reach, your bunny will be just as happy running around your house as he would be in his cage, probably even happier! They are also quite interesting to watch as they hop around your house just studying everything in sight. It is unexeplainably satisfying seeing your little friend hop around in his own cute little fashion. Not only that, that gives you more time to interact with him. You may have some company while watching tv or making a snack. There will never be a dull moment with your little fluffball roaming around your house


Rabbits are social animals

Rabbits love attention and interaction, so they are gonna be a little quicker to come around than a lot of animals. They aren't gonna be completely used to you the day you bring them home, but after a few weeks you will have a friend that will want to play and interact with you any chance they get. They are great companions for just about anyone at any age, just make sure younger children aren't too rough and you will have a great family pet. They also get along with other pets in the family, however you have to be careful because other pets may often see your rabbit as prey. But regardless of this rabbits have been seen getting along with dogs, cats, and other small mammals

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Rabbits live fairly long

Rabbits are prone to some health problems, however semi-regular vet visits and careful attention to your rabbits needs and you should have a fluffy little companion from anywhere around 8-10 years or possibly even more and they will make every second of that 10 years an amazing experience for you. They are great companions and both of you will have amazing moments together



Eiddwen from Wales on March 19, 2013:

A wonderfuly interesting hub with great pics added.I vote up and look forward to many more.


Rebecca from USA on March 19, 2013:

This makes me want to get my step son a bunny.

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