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Why Is Lion Called the King of Beasts, Not Any Other Animal?

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Before looking for the answer to the question why the lion is the king of the beasts, something should be said about the criteria of superiority. Exactly what characteristics make an animal the seat of superiority? Indeed, the criteria for excellence vary from context to context and from individual to individual. So there will be different opinions on this question. So here we will proceed with all the possible answers. I will reveal the reason behind the lion becoming the king of beast.

Many will put intelligence first in the criterion of excellence. Advanced intelligence will undoubtedly put any animal ahead in the race for excellence. But the lion is not the smartest beast of all the beasts. Many forest animals including chimpanzees, monkeys, tigers, jackals are smarter than lions. So if intelligence was the criterion of excellence, then surely the lion would have fallen behind in the race to become the king. Considering the size of the brain, elephants, not lions, have the largest brains among forest animals.

Body size is of course very important in influencing forest animals. But the jungle is home to animals bigger than lions. The lion's physical size does not contribute significantly to overpowering the giant elephant to become the king of beasts. Moreover, while a male lion weighs an average of 190 kg, an Asian elephant weighs an average of 4,000 kg. African elephants weigh more on average. About 6,000 kg. So neither physical size nor weight fails to argue in favor of the lion's superiority.

African elephant

African elephant

Now let's get to the strength. Is the lion the strongest animal in the forest? Rhinoceros, elephants, gorillas and tigers - these animals are definitely stronger than lions. Where a lion can bite 650 pounds per square inch, a tiger can bite 1,050 pounds per square inch. A tiger can catch prey up to 5 times its own weight. Lions on the other hand can catch prey up to twice their body weight.

The world's largest buffalo species is the Gora, which is found in the Indian subcontinent. Each cow weighs around 1000 kg. These buffaloes are the preferred prey of the Royal Bengal Tiger. So tiger is stronger than lion in terms of strength. So the tiger will be slightly ahead.

Fights between tigers and lions were also organized. In the early 19th century, the king of Baroda in India organized a fighting between tigers and lions. He even bet 37 thousand rupees for the lion in this war. But the lion lost the battle. As a result, the king lost a huge amount of money.

Let's give some comparative information about tiger and lion. A tiger's legs are shorter than a lion's, so the lower center of gravity allows the tiger to crouch down to avoid attacks and maintain better balance. Tigers can also jump and attack at great heights. But the lion is not as capable of standing on two legs as the tiger. Tiger's brain size is also bigger than lion's. About 16 percent larger than a lion.

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Let me give you an interesting information. Although the lion is called the king of the forest, the lion does not live in the forest at all. They live in the savanna region of the Sahara desert in Africa. Lion basically refers to the African lion. However, some lions are found outside of Africa.

A tiger can bite 1,050 pounds per square inch on its prey

A tiger can bite 1,050 pounds per square inch on its prey

The thing that puts the lion in the best position to become king is its appearance. The saffron extending up to the lion's waist repeatedly conveys its royal majesty. Undoubtedly, the saffron extending down to the waist makes the lion look more royal than any animal in the jungle. Also, there is a royal movement in the movement of the lion. A lion's fearless gaze and movement is undoubtedly a royal trait. Also, their roars set them apart from any other animal in the forest. The roar of each lion can be heard from a distance of about 8 km. Lions let others know their boundaries by roaring. Therefore, the royal roar has played a very important role in the lion becoming the king of beasts.

But apart from these, the biggest contribution to lions becoming the king of beast is their family system. They are very social animals. They are quite different from other cat breeds. They live in groups. Each group of lions is called a pride. A pride consists of about 30 lions. Of which 3-4 male lions, 10-15 female lions and rest lion cubs. The size of each pride depends on the availability of food, water and prey. If there is more prey and water, the group size is larger, if less, the group size has to be kept small.

Just as a king has a fixed kingdom, so a pride has a fixed area or territory. This territory extends to about 100 square miles. The male lions of the pride work to protect this territory. Male lions act to prevent another group of lions from entering their territory. Male lion cubs have to leave their father's territory after a certain period of time to establish their new boundaries by invading a new territory.

Lion pride

Lion pride

Kings are closely associated with luxury. This is also evident in Lion's Pride. Usually the female members of the group do the hunting. However, the first right belongs to the male lion, the leader of the pride. So after the hunt, the male lion finishes his meal first, then the female lions divide the rest among themselves.

Such an unequal distribution pattern is not seen in tigers. Tigers generally do not hunt in groups, and even if they do, they have equal rights to food. So this custom of lion family definitely supports the monarchy.

The presence of lion as a royal symbol has been noticeable since ancient times

The presence of lion as a royal symbol has been noticeable since ancient times

This royal family system is not seen in any other animal in the world. A king's attire and dynasties are strongly reflected in the lion, so perhaps since ancient times, kings and queens have placed an abundance of lions on their royal flags. In areas such as the Indian subcontinent, where tigers are more readily available and popular than lions, the presence of lions is more prominent than tigers on the royal flags of kings. Maybe that's why the lion's name has come from ancient times as the 'king of beasts'.

One thing before ending, there is no king among lions like Mufasa or Simba from 'The Lion King'. All male lions in a pride enjoy equal rights. There is no classification of king-subjects among themselves.

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