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Why Do Dogs Chases Car And Bikers at Night

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You must have often observed that dogs chase cars and bikers at night while they do not do so during the day. Perhaps your dog also does this and you are worried that he may injure himself by coming in front of high speed vehicles. This can also be a risk for the driving, driver, he can be panic and lose his control and cause an accident.

Sometimes dogs lose their focus while chasing a car or bike and get injured by other vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to stop this behavior of dogs, it is also necessary to train them at an early age. But the question will come in your mind,

  • Why do dogs chase a speeding car or bike?
  • Why do dogs chase cars or bikes, mostly at night?
  • And, how to stop dogs from chasing car or bike?
Why do dogs chase a speeding car or bike?

Why do dogs chase a speeding car or bike?

Why do dogs chase a speeding car or bike at night?

Why do dog chase moving objects

Chasing a speeding car or bike, or chasing a fast moving object, is an instinctive behavior of dogs. This is the natural behavior of dogs, which they have inherited from their ancestors, the wolves. Dogs are descendants of Carnivores like Wolves, Coyotes, Jackals, and many of their characteristics are similar to their ancestors.

In fact, Dogs chases all moving objects that make noise, not just cars or bikes.

Chasing habit of dogs

Chasing habit of dogs

1. Inherited Character

In wild wolves are jackal need athletic endurance to chase their prey down. And to keep themselves fit, they play chase and catching each other in their spare time, dogs have inherited this instinct.

Dogs find it a sport to chase fast moving objects and they love it. You must have seen dogs chasing each other and running a game of catch. If you go to the park and walk with your pet dog, your dog will be wandering around you. But if you start jogging while walking, then your dog also starts running and catching you. It is their innate habit to chase a fast moving object.


2. Adopted as a Game

Sometimes we don't pay attention, and while playing, our dog learns to chase people. Dogs are an active, energetic and playful pets, they need a lot of running and exercise. And when they don't get sufficient exercise, to burn their energy playing, they turn to chase moving objects as a game.

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See how your dog can learn chasing, and you can't even imagine your dog is learning to chase

  • Take your dog to the park, and release your dog's leash. Your pet will be wandering around you and playing together, but usually won't chase others.
  • Start jogging or running, your dog will start chasing you. Do this activity regularly for two-three days.
  • And the next day if you will not play with your dog, he will repeatedly demand you to play.
  • If your dog won't get his demand fulfill then he can start chasing other joggers in the park, which is a game for your dog.

3. Territorial Eccentricity

The territorial behavior is another inherited character that dogs had got from wolves. They are also territorials like other carnivores like wolves, coyote and jackals. In the day time they have not been much active because of a lot of noise, traffic and disturbance. But at night they feel they had taken control on to their territory and when they see any new object encroaching their territory they bark and chase that.

4. Annoyed by Noise And Disturbance


Dogs are highly sensitive to noise, in day time they use to sleep under the cars or at some hidden place to avoid noise from vehicle, horn and sirens but at night they became more active. You can observe some specific high pitch sounds can trigger howls of dogs, the sound which the feel irritated like siren, violin and some others they will start howl.

At night when usually it became silent they became more proactive and any noise creates more pitched and irritation to them. When they see any car or bike making noise they chase them and after some chases that became a habit and a game for them.


Why dogs chases car and bikers at night only?

You may think, if chasing a fast moving object is their behavior, then why they do not chase at day time?

  • It is not that dogs behave like this only at night, but at night they feel they had taken control on to their territory and they became more territorial.
  • At night the sound of speeding vehicles becomes louder while during the day it is suppressed by other noises, and dogs get it more annoying at night.

Dog howl on violin sound

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