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Why a Collie can be considered the ideal family-friendly dog

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Why a Collie can be considered the ideal family-friendly dog

A big part of being a responsible dog owner is to make sure that the dog breed that you select matches your lifestyle and family situation. In this blog, we are going over a couple of reasons why a Collie can be considered an ideal family dog.

Collie’s are considered one of the more popular big breeds of dogs specially made famous due to the movie Lassie, and they have been valued over the years for being exceptional herding and guard dogs. The breed originated from the Scottish Highlands and has also been kept as a pet by Queen Victoria and other members of the British Royal Family. There are many reasons to bring home a Collie today and mentioned below are some of the top reasons

Collies are exceptional family dogs as they are known to have a calm and playful nature, also as they were bred to be working dogs they have a high level of energy and can be considered as the ideal playmate for the whole family who would love to go on walks, but also goof around with the kids.

  • Collies are known for their intelligence and how easily they learn and respond to training, and because of their gentle nature, they can also be easily trained by young children and young adults. They are also considered one of the easier breeds to housebreak.
  • Compared to other large and thick-coated dogs like Golden Retriever or German Shepherds, Collies are much easier to groom since their fur coats are long and flowing that need to be brushed just once a week. Compared to other dog breeds with thick or curly hair that also shed, Collies' grooming needs are surprisingly low.
  • Collies are a breed that is considered to have a high level of emotional intelligence, compared to other dog breeds, and can understand and adapt according to the general mood and atmosphere of the individual and household.
  • Collies have a natural attention-seeking and submissive personality, this is a big plus, especially for families looking to get a big dog for the family as they are usually less willing to go against the rules set for them and are thus easier to Manage.

Interesting Facts of the Collie

  • Life Expectancy is 14- 16 Years
  • Nature and temperament: Intelligent, loyal, energetic, alert, and athletic.
  • Best Owner Types: Active individuals or large families with a lot of playmates to play with and adventure time.
  • Rough Collies are about 22 to 25 inches tall and females like in most of the canine family are usually a bit smaller than the males.


Collies are high-energy family dogs. They are easily trainable and enjoy advanced training in active sports and agility. They are great companions for families with older children who are ready and willing to contribute to dog owning responsibilities.


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