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Why Santa Pulls His Sleigh With Reindeer Not Horses

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.

I Don't Know Why He Chose Reindeer..

But I think I know why he did not choose Horses!


Reason 1

Reindeer are easy to take care of at the North Pole since they are used to that cold climate. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm pretty sure that there are not a lot of horses living in the North Pole.

Since horses aren't used to the cold climate, they would probably get crazy thick winter coats, and still, need to be blanketed. Which leads to two potential problems. The first being, the elves are notoriously always understaffed and don't have time to do all those blanket changes. Not to mention, the horses would have to be body clipped so they wouldn't sweat to death on the big night. Which leads to even bigger time investment in blanketing and cooling them off properly. After flying around the whole world in one night, and the elves packing all those gifts They would just be too exhausted to properly care for them after there hard nights work.

Reindeer probably get a special snack when they make it back to the north pole and then get turned out in the woods and go back to living the easy life until next Christmas season.

Which leads me to...


Reason Number 2

The likelihood of finding 8 matching horses that are broke enough to do nothing all year long and then behave on Christmas Eve for Santa to get the job done.

If he used horses can you imagine, how wild they would be after all that time off? You would have to start them in work at Easter time to be ready to work by Christmas Eve. Santa is old and not up to all that, and the elves are again, already overcommitted to getting the toys done for the next season.

Besides, they are inventors and toy carpenters, not horse trainers. Mrs. Claus would not risk Santa getting hurt and not being able to work on the big night, so she would never let him do the training. The cost of hiring a trainer, getting them to the North Pole, would just be too much. Plus, they would need a place to stay, there aren't a lot of hotels at the North Pole. Hiring a trainer would not be cost-effective. Not to mention, who would even be up to that challenge? Training horses to pull Santa's sleigh, that is a big responsibility. I mean, they would have to get it done. There is no other choice, canceling Christmas because the horses are acting up, tipping over the sleigh and spilling all the packages. What a nightmare. Reindeer are a much better choice.


Reason Number 3

Can you imagine the cost of feeding horses all they need and giving the feeding supplements they need to fly? They would need expensive feed, hay, and supplements all year round. How would Santa afford that?

He is too old to get a second job. The elves are too busy to run a carriage business, lesson program or camp business in the offseason. For one, the elves work all year long to prepare for the big day. They don't have free time!

Plus, the North Pole population doesn't have much of a market for recreational riding. The reindeer can go back to the huge pen in the woods and fend for themselves for the rest of the year. If he had eight horses pulling his sled, they would cost a fortune to keep all year long when they weren't working.

It's not like he could sell them and buy new ones for the next year... it takes years of training to get them to the point of being able to be ready to deliver on Christmas Eve. Not just any old reindeer could do it, so any old horse definitely couldn't.

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Reason Number 4

Reindeer are sturdy animals. Like really sturdy. They can easily fly around the world in one night, and they do it barefoot! They have good landing grip on the rooves, and it doesn't make much noise to wake the kids up.

Horses would need shoes, and the would have to be a special kind that keeps the snow from packing in. Santa does not have time to get snowballs out of horses feet on Christmas Eve. It's all he can do to get around the world in one night.


Reason Number 5

A sleigh with presents and eight horses would sound like a bomb dropping on the rooftops. All the kids would wake up, they would see Santa. That would be a huge hold up in delivering the packages. He doesn't have time to chat up the kids and take selfies with them.

By the time he did all that, his horses would have taken off and crashed onto the next roof over. Not good!

Reason Number 6

It would be hard enough to have eight horses well trained and ready to go for one day of the year. Let alone eight sound horses. It is hard enough to keep eight sturdy reindeer, Santa would literally have to bubble wrap the horses to make sure they didn't injure themselves in between Christmases!


Reason Number 7

Horses are too unpredictable, they get hurt, they act stupid, they break their equipment. When your whole business depends on one night, it would be a miracle if all the horses were well and ready to go on Christmas Eve.

Plus, horses dread hard work, with the elves luck, they wouldn't be able to catch the horses on Christmas Eve. How would they explain that to Santa?

Reindeer Are More Suited For The Job

Though horses are my favorite animal, I think it is a wise choice that the man in red uses reindeer instead! Christmas might have to be late, rescheduled or canceled, if Santa had eight horses pulling his sleigh! He just can't risk it. I think all the kids who are waiting for him to come tonight appreciate it!



Ellison Hartley (author) from Maryland, USA on December 24, 2018:

Thank you, corrected! lol, that is the product of my cut and paste method of building my articles...type them into grammarly and then paste them into article format. The Christmas Craziness got me in a rush I guess. Merry Christmas!

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on December 24, 2018:

Very cute and timely. Merry Christmas!

(Take another look at 2 and 3.)

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