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Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

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HGlick has rescued and placed stray cats for over 20 years and has personally fostered more than ten during that time

Why Do Cats Love Boxes

When you see your furry friend meowing and purring like he is in heaven inside of your discarded shoebox, the question should not be "Why do cats like boxes"? but rather "Why do cats love boxes"?

In addition to feeling safe, cats really love boxes because it gives them a secure place to indulge themselves. One of the most obvious reasons your cat likes to play in the box is that it offers endless hours of fun.

After studying hundreds of cats, most of the cases point to the narrow and closed area of the box but there are still many reasons why they are drawn to this very box. One thing is for sure: if it is a closed room, your cat will love it for itself. From the comfort and security, he enjoys in the enclosed spaces to the fact that there is no payment required for his time in a box.

It is especially entertaining to watch your cat running, hiding in an unsightly box, and playing in it, especially if you have more than one cat. A fun alternative for those who don't want to leave it in the house is a cat litter tunnel, where cats love to run inside and hide.

The author's cats Radar and Gray-bee love their box on a bed


Of course, there are natural reasons why cats prefer the enclosure of a box, but there are also physiological reasons why they prefer an enclosure like this. Cats run a little cooler than humans, and that may be why they seek small covered spaces like boxes to create a nest for extra warmth. Some cats love to play in boxes because they can take their warmth away from the wind and the fans. There are also some cats that prefer a warmer environment, just like dogs and even humans.

Cats are quirky creatures, and cardboard boxes provide them with a little personal shelter that gives them a sense of security. If you have ever wondered if your pet cat is the only member of the cat family that loves a box, check out the video below of big cats that also like boxes.

Big Cats Like Boxes Too

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The box gives your cat the feeling of being safe, happy, and engaged, and it is a great place to rest and watch you. If you are like me, you agree that this applies to you, but what about your other cats? Are they watching their brothers or sisters as well?

Cats that do not feel safe are cats that spend a lot of time hiding in places that are unsafe, which is not what you want them to be. Make sure your cat starts using the cat flap of a litterbox as a protective place before it becomes used to sleeping in it.

Why do cats like boxes, REALLY, you say. The most popular original theory is that cats are drawn to boxes because they provide predators with safety and shelter while chasing their prey. Cats believe that boxes provide security for the passage of predators as they can hide in a box and the predators can only approach within their line of sight.

To truly understand this, we must remember that today's domestic cats had impressive hunters as ancestors. I set out to see if I could get a cat to love its owner as much as it loves an empty Amazon box, and I found myself 'Why's he so in love with the concept of a box?


Although it seems that cats only like the complete obfuscation that a box offers, they also like to spend their time in boxes of all sizes and even in representations of boxes. If you're not sure if this love of boxing is really instinctive behavior, take a look at the big wildcats in zoos. The reason they hide the box is that the hiding behavior is very common in cats, even in those who are not shy or frightened. It's the ability to hide and pounce to catch their prey, which is another reason why boxing is so attractive.

We don't know yet, and cats are hard to study, so we spoke to 10 experts, from veterinarians to animal behavioral scientists, to find out why cats love boxing.

One attraction of boxes is not too confusing: cats are great at finding boxes - like rooms, so why not have your own box for your kitten? The next question you might have is what kind of box your cat likes, and why do cats do the things they do.?

For the same reasons that your cat loves a box, he will love walking into a closet or hiding in your washer or dryer. So you'd better become aware of this quirky behavior of your cat before you accidentally lock him up or turn on the washing machine. My advice is always to do a headcount before leaving the house or doing your wash.

Cougar "Messi" having fun with his box

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