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What is an Aardwolf?


Also known as the earthwolf or manhaar, the hyena-like animal called the aardwolf inhabits the dry, sandy plains and bush country of southern and eastern Africa.

It usually lives in the abandoned burrow of some other animal, sleeping during the day and coming out at night to feed on termites, insects and sometimes even carrion.

The aardwolf is yellowish grey with a black-striped body and is a member of the Protelidae family. It is about 70 cm long with a 30 cm bushy, black-tipped tail. It has a pointed snout, large ears and a long, bristly mane which it raises when it wants to appear fierce.

Although similar to a true hyena, the aardwolf has five toes, instead of four, on its front feet. Because its jaws are very weak and it cannot run very fast, it relies on dodging or doubling back on its tracks if being chased.

When cornered, its only defense is a foul-smelling scent which it sprays from some glands at the base of the tail.

One litter of 2-4 young is born each year in around December.

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